How to Realize Life beyond the Mind in you?

life beyond mind

This post was most recently updated on April 25th, 2018

Life initiates with the source in you. From the source comes the spirit or the soul. Along with the spirit enters the mind in the body. The spirit serves the functions of the body to produce the necessary life energy so that life can be experienced.

So, it’s the source, spirit, mind, life energy, and body. If you realize the spirit in the body, you realize life beyond mind. 

When you only live at the surface reality of your mind, the spirit follows the nature of the mind and adjusts itself accordingly in you. It works through the mind and body, but as you are only engaged yourself at the level of mind, you never realize life beyond the mind.

You have the spirit and the source in you, that can be realized beyond mind. It’s only the spirit and source that opens the door of wisdom for you.

The absolute truth of life is only realized by realizing the source in you.

The nature of the mind keeps the rotation of the spirit in the body. When you consciously bring your attention to yourself and direct your mind inward, you allow your spirit to move back to its source.

The realization of spirit and source is possible beyond the emptiness of the mind.

Before you realize the absolute truth in you, it’s necessary for you to connect with your mind. The inflow and outflow of breath is happening in you all the time. But very few knows that its the spirit that allows the movement of breath in you.

If you can simply remain attentive of the inflow and outflow of your breath, you can realize the spirit in the body.

The nature of the mind is sufficient enough to keep you engaged with the circle of past, present and future. Your mind constantly dwell in the past and the future and miss the present moment. These circle of past and future forms a circle in you and you go on rotating the circle of life, missing the truth of life every moment.

The view of life is absolutely different with the source. With the source, you see and experience the absolute truth of life. No puzzle of life remains unsolved with the realization of a source.

The queries of the mind never cease to exist unless you realize the source in you. The mind can go on questioning on every topic unless it experiences the source of life. It’s only with the realization of the source, all the queries of the mind stops.

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Neither body nor mind remains in control when you live at the surface reality of the mind. When you live with the identity of the mind, you only understand life at the level of mind, which is not the absolute truth.

No matter what you perceive in the outside world or within you, is only remain visible in your mind. While the absolute truth of life remains beyond the mind.

You have to rise above the surface reality of the mind and take your mind inward so that you can experience the life beyond your present self.

The identity of the mind is the biggest illusion of life. When you hold the identity in your mind, your life along with the past and future only revolves around your identity of the mind.

You just cannot perceive life beyond the identity of the mind. The truth of the present moment is not visible with the identity of one’s mind.

The identity that you develop with different experiences and impressions of life also remains in the mind. The present life that is happening every moment, has nothing to do with the identity of the mind.

But when it comes to your perception, you only see the present life, out of the identity that you have developed into your mind.

This separates you from the truth of the moment, and you go on developing and nourishing the identity of your mind.

More you perceive life from the identity of the mind, more you move away from the natural process of life.

Try to see in this moment, what is your center point in your mind, around which your life revolves?

Is it the identity of your mind or the source?

Unless you realize the source of life in you, it’s natural that your life only revolves around the identity of your mind.

When you are open to realize the truth beyond the mind, you try to drop the individual perspective of the mind and remain open to life.

You don’t consider your individual perspective to be an absolute truth, but you try to observe the natural movement of life.

On the path of spirituality or on the path of absolute truth, you become an observer of life. The mind can only look into the truth of the moment, as an observer. With the individual perspective, it doesn’t see what is present in the moment, rather it relates to its own impressions and experiences that it holds in his mind.

The person evolves within the emptiness of the mind. It’s not your thinking or imagination that adds wisdom to life, but it’s your art of seeing into the present moment. The present moment has all that you need to go through life. But still the mind looks for the solutions in the past. In the past, you don’t receive the solution, but you simply repeat the same process of life.

You receive the solution while looking in the present moment.

Your daily life has to come from the source and should move towards the source. No matter at what phase of life you are in now, if you are coming closer to yourself, you are growing and evolving with life, and for some reason, if you think outside accomplishment is the true measure of success, than unfortunately you may face the biggest disappointment of your life.

Nobody can really satisfy himself in the outside world. The outside world is just for your inner expression. The expressions gets formed inside and expressed in the outside world in multiple forms. If the outside expression becomes the point of your success, than you lose the contact with the space from where the expression originates.

Always look for the source of the things rather remaining engaged in the final product. The source as well as the process of life can only be realized within. Sooner or later, if you are the seeker of life you have to turn inward.

It’s only through the inner path you realize your true purpose of life. The path and the destination becomes one with the inner journey. At the peak, you figure out that the birth and death is the same thing. Day and night are one and the same. All the opposite meets at the peak.

Life is not separate at any point, but it’s only the individual perception that separates life from the whole. When you realize the whole in you, your individuality doesn’t die, but it merges into the whole.

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