How to Practice Mindful Living?


Meditation is to reach to the place in you from where you start fresh as a child. You don’t carry any thoughts or impressions of the past but look at life with absolutely fresh perspective.

Meditation takes you to the place of pure awareness, from where every time you come to life, you start fresh. The real magic of it can only be realized in experience, and not mere in words.

When you experience the no-mind, your mind becomes fresh, your heart feels good and pure energy flows through your body. The role of meditation is to take you beyond the mind. The process of mindful living begins from the no-mind state.

The process of mindful living is all about your presence in the moment. Your presence in the moment becomes primary and everything else becomes secondary. No matter what you do with your life, you need presence. Unless your mind is present in the moment, you cannot do justice to the task.

What happens in Mindful living and what happens when you live in the mind?

With the mindful living, you connect with the natural process of life. You connect to the moment. Your daily actions don’t repeat itself, although you do the same thing every day. With the mindful living, you add your creative expression to the task.

With the mindful living, the life comes down to this moment.

With the mind, you can be anywhere, while reading this blog. It doesn’t matter what is happening in this moment, but for the mind, whats important is, to think about the past and the future.

The mind wants to solve all the worlds problem in this moment. The mindful living allows you to drop the garbage from your mind.

Meditation is a wonderful tool to enhance the practice of mindful living. In meditation, you remain present, but in a passive way. You simply remain present in the moment without action. When you can stay active, with the presence in the moment, you develop a mindful way of living.

To act in a meditative state is a mindful living. Only act in a meditative state, and if you start to feel your energy slipping down, take time out for yourself, and fill yourself up, to bring your presence back to the moment.

Meditation opens you up for the fresh experiences of life. Meditation brings you closer to the truth. All the knowledge and wisdom of life comes out of meditation. Mindful living has to be the way of life. Meditation is the way, from where the path of life begins.

The knowledge and information don’t lead to the meditation or experience’s of life, but its the other way round.

Meditation leads to pure awareness, where you see the world with utmost clarity. The pure awareness field is nothing but the space of the mind, where no experiences or impressions gets registered.

All the creativity and innovation comes out of mind. Life comes out of mind and the mind can only be understood, with meditation. The nature of the mind cannot be understood, when it’s operating at its full pace.

The mind is just like a machine. A better version than any kind of machine, of the world. All the world’s machine comes out of mind. But the machine cannot be understood, when it’s running. The machine has to stop before you understand the technical details of it.

You run the machine and run it at a different speed, to understand it better. When you try to understand the machine, you look into every aspect of the machine. The same process has to be followed with the mind. When you are into the process of life, the mind is running like a machine.

When you slow down yourself and sit in silence, you can look at your life, the way it has been shaped up.

With meditation, the quality of your thoughts and emotions improves, and this helps you to see your life’s situation, with better perception.

As your awareness grows in the moment, you don’t get caught up in the activities of the mind, either of the past or the future. With meditation, all the illusory balloons of the mind shed away and you experience life with absolute clarity.

The mindful living is to drop the things that don’t serve you at the moment. You bring your mind to the moment. You connect your mind with the present moment. When your mind is present in the moment, all that matters to you is the moment.

With life, everything that matters to you is that which is hold by your mind. If your mind slips in the past, the past becomes important and if the mind slips in the future, the future becomes important, but if you connect your mind to this moment, it becomes easier to focus on the present moment, rather slipping into the past or the future.

The biggest illusion of life is the past and the future. Its the past and the future that keeps you in the illusive reality. The mind can be trained to remain in the present moment.

Life follows a circle of twenty-four hours. Any changes that you wish to see with your life, can be done with this twenty-four hours of the day. Each day is a miniature of your entire life. Look at the twenty-four hours of the day you can see your entire life in it.

You cannot blame others for anything that happens to you, in your life. You are responsible for every single event that comes to you.

With meditation, you understand the process of life.

When you understand that life takes place first, inside and then it comes out in the physical form. Then you don’t follow life that is happening outside, but you try to connect more inward, rather than outside world. You make the inner space the center point of your life.

The mindful living takes you beyond the surface reality of the mind and connects you with the true self. The mindful living is a moment by moment process. You live each moment at a time. The most important thing about the daily mindful living is, that the action part is not important, but what important is your actual presence at the time of action.

Your inner presence knows how to arrange and arrange things inside, and manifest it in a right order in the physical reality.

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