How to Overcome Major problems of the Mind?


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Stress, anxiety, depression, over-thinking, headache, fear, insecurity, lack of confidence, faith in oneself, chaos, negative thinking and much more are the problems of the mind.

Why do the problems in the mind occur in the first place?

The only reason for the mind to create problems is because we are lesser or unaware of our mind. We have no understanding of our mind.

We don’t even know, either we can or we cannot direct our mind out of our will.

We allow the life to happen on its own. If we experience happiness, we enjoy happiness and if we get sad, then we don’t have any choice but to experience sadness.

We never bother to look into the life and figure out the real truth behind it.

Yes, we can overcome any problem that exists in our mind. The mind is not such a big thing to understand. All it requires is little changes with life that not only help us to understand our mind and our life better but also helps us to free from all the problems of our mind.

With life when we see the outside world, what matters the most for an individual is his perspective towards life. His life not only depends on his perspective, but everything he creates in his life also comes out of his individual perspective.

The only problem arises when you are unaware of your perspective that, you try to control others life according to your perspective. That is a different point altogether that how much you can be successful in doing that or not.

The point here is when we perceive life from our perspective, it’s good to have an individual perspective, but then it’s not the right thing to drive anyone else’s life according to our perspective.

The major problem of the mind arises when you think about others in your mind. No matter either good or bad if your mind is habituated in thinking about others, no matter what, sooner or later your mind will get into a trouble.

Our mind is available to us to think about ourselves. When we constantly think about what others think and do in their life, we take our mind away from the possibilities that are available for us at this moment.

When our interest remains in knowing what is going on in others life, we divert our mind in thinking about others and thus lose the track from our own life.

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Your mind will only create problem for you if you direct your mind to others.

You have to learn to figure out the ways to keep the attention of your mind on yourself. See what you want out of life and go after it.

When your mind thinks about others, no sooner your thinking comes into an action and you start interfering in the life of others. The process starts with the mind. It’s hard to move the world according to the way we think and feel inside us.

Everyone carries its own perspective and its own desires for life and would like to follow its own.

If you want to force others to follow your perspective of life, it’s not that you take the freedom of others, but it becomes impossible for you to sustain your freedom too.

We can only maintain peace with our mind when we are able to keep our mind focused on our lives. The time our mind begin to focus on others, slowly the chaos begins to enter in our mind.

You can grow, evolve and expand with your individual perspective. If anyone in your circle needs your help, you can serve them with what you have and move on your path of life.

It’s not necessary for you to think about others and take control of the life of others. Each one has been given the wisdom of his own, and if somebody needs your help, they will certainly come to you.

People only approach to those, whose life seems sorted out both in the outside as well as the inner world. If your life itself is full of mess, what can you give to others?

The only service we can do in this world is serving ourselves to the level where we absolutely become independent in life.

If you ever wish to achieve anything with your life, it’s very important to focus on our deeds, rather than the deeds of others.

When you bring your mind entirely on yourself, you drop major problems of your mind. Life is never a problem when you want to think about yourself and figure out what you want to do with your life.

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The problems with life only arise, when your thinking includes any second person. It’s only when your thoughts are dependent on others, you miss to have clarity with your life.

Individual thinking is very important to grow and succeed with life not only at the spiritual level but also at personal or professional level.

When you know how to think for yourself and succeed in life, you can also think about others and help them to move forward with their life.

Before you become the light for others, you have to become light for yourself.

Majority people think that they can do good to others, but that’s the false belief carried by everyone. You just cannot help anyone, except yourself. It’s only by helping yourself and growing at a level, where others are inspired by your life and try to grow in their lives, you truly help others.

When your mind thinks too many thoughts, then it’s only because you allow your mind to think about every person who exists in your life.

Your mind has been given to you to think about yourself. If you go on thinking about everyone else, except yourself, your mind is obvious to do over-thinking that will lead to stress, headache or later into depression.

You have to figure out the techniques to keep your mind to yourself. You have to stay aware of your mind. You cannot allow your mind to think about anything else except your life.

Only then you can direct your mind in the direction of your choice. In your mind, only one life should revolve all the time and i.e. your life.

The process of life grows and evolves at the level of mind. You grow when you bring the attention of your mind from the outside world to yourself and from the individual self, you transcend your mind to the higher self.

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