How to Open yourself to Life?

How to Open yourself to Life

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Open yourself to life. Opening up means to set yourself free from inside.

Life is monotonous. From the time you wake up till the time you go to sleep. It’s the same repetition. You have to rise above the mundane life. To rise above the repetitive process of life, you have to do something different.

You have to try a different path. You have to try something that you haven’t tried before. That requires a stretch. You have to walk an unknown path. You have to pick the path that you have never experienced before.

The magic of life lies in the unknown. When you walk on the unknown path, you have no option but to trust life. Now, you can’t rely on your mind, rather you have to rely on the life itself.

The life shows you the path. It’s the life itself takes you forward. When you open yourself to life, you don’t get caught up into the mundane things; rather you ride high with the process of life.

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All the solutions of life come to you, when you open yourself to life. You have to learn to leave everything that already exists, and allow yourself to experience something new in life. The process starts with the mind. Drop that you already know, and wait for the new to come to the surface.

All the changes take place at the level of energy. When you walk an unknown path, you experience the shift in energy. When the energy changes, you start attracting altogether a different life for yourself.

Life offers you, what you work for, and not what you wish for. Work is required, mere wish is not enough. Life has everything to offer you. The question is, are you willing to put necessary work for it?

We all have an idea about everything in life. We always sell ourselves very short. Unless we drop our own ideas about life, and allow the life to take over, we will only experience life with our limited perspective.

Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth

Life has lot more to offer than you imagine, if you trust the process of life.

Life hits you with the imagination. You create everything in your mind first and then execute it outside. To allow your mind to be hit with the imagination, it’s necessary you drop all your little imagination from your mind.

Life responds to your every intention. Once you receive the response, it’s necessary you take actions on that response. Sometimes, we leave the ideas as it appears absurd to us. It doesn’t seem fit into our logical mind. Sometimes even our ego doesn’t allow us to act on those ideas.

When we learn to put our own ideas behind, and take action on the idea or intuition that pops up in our heart, we connect ourselves with that unknown world that guides us through the path.

Life exists to fulfill, all your desires. No dreams or desires of you seem small or big for life. If you are willing to work for it, life also serves you to fulfill your desires. If you are willing to put the necessary efforts, you will notice the unseen forces works for you to fulfill your dreams.

The joy or happiness has to be the centre point in your life. If you follow the path of joy, everything seems possible for you.

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You need to trust life. Life can serve you in as many ways as possible.

There are two kinds of people on earth. The first one is the ones, who are ready to accept everything that life offers without questioning anything. Whether its pain or suffering or happiness, they live at the mercy of others.

The other lot takes control of their lives. They don’t accept their problems as the permanent ones; rather they do everything in their hands to make that difference to their lives. They don’t accept their fates; rather they believe they hold the power to change their fates.

They don’t fight with the laws of life; rather they understand the natural process of life and make themselves align with it.

Life gives you signs every day. When you are connected with your inner world, you can pick those signs and follow them on everyday basis to take your life forward. These are the signs that later bring the big shifts into your life.

Life is created in an empty space in you. If your mind is filled with your own ideas, you won’t have a space in your mind to allow the new ideas to pop up.

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That’s the reason intelligent people remain less engaged into the silly things, and allow themselves to engaged into those things which are essential.

The signs and intuitions of life can be heard in silence. You have to silence your mind and open yourself to life. You have to pay attention to life. Just listen when life speaks to you.

There is a magic in walking. When you walk those first few steps, other steps become visible to you. When you take those other steps, further steps are revealed to you. No sooner life lifts you up and takes you to the other shore.

Life talks to you through your imaginative mind. You can put your own things into your imagination, or you can empty your mind and allow the life to speak, through your imagination.

Life speaks to you through your imagination. The image pops up and once you walk on that image, further signs are revealed to you. Life works in a subtle ways.

All the work is required at the level of your body and mind. Once your body and mind is ready, you can create anything that you desire in life. Both body and mind is part of the creation. If you take care of your body and mind, life gets the work done through you with effortless ease.

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