How to live beyond beliefs or Impressions of the Mind?


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Beliefs are the ideas or the information that we think we already know. Beliefs can be borrowed or can be passed on from the ancestors. Beliefs can also be gathered from the surroundings.

When you are in Rome, do what the Romans do, is the common saying. But to actually follow something, you really need your intelligence. If you simply follow others, there are more chances for you to commit an error.

Life never repeats itself but the human minds do. The main cause of repetition with life is your beliefs and impressions of the mind. If you only follow your mind, you tend to live and relive the repetitive process of life.

How to drop the beliefs or the impressions of the mind?

Beliefs are the impressions and experiences of your mind. Your belief creates life. The future experiences depend on your belief system. You make a choice and take decisions out of your beliefs. All your fear and strength lies in your beliefs.

If your beliefs solely depend on the information, all your choices and decisions too will come out of it, and the plain information in life takes you nowhere. The plain information doesn’t take you forward with life. You need experience.

With life only one thing counts, and that is personal experience.

The beliefs can be changed and altered by making different choices with life. With different choice, you accumulate different experiences, and this helps you to change the past beliefs. Make sure you don’t repeat the same process of life. You consciously choose your life.

When you make a conscious decision, you dive into the present moment and look at life without your past beliefs. Any decision with the awareness in the present moment gives you a different experience with life.

The mind has a strong control over your physical body through emotions and senses. If you overlook your daily actions and don’t make sincere efforts to grow with life, the mind holds the power to put you back to your previous life.

Life with a clear vision, helps you to clear the obstacles on the path.

With the closed mind, you get stuck in the moment. But the open mind has a clear idea of his actions and look into his future, to match his current step that can take him to the future. Your life and your daily action display the nature of your mind.

Everyone follows the path in life. Your daily actions of the day are your life’s path. There is no other life’s path, you will found in life. People look for life, somewhere at the top of the mountains, but the life exists to the place where you are situated right now.

When the attention of the mind is outside, the mind through senses fills itself with different experiences and impressions of life. Take time to empty your mind, to have a clear perspective about life.

The mind is like an eyeglass through which you see the world. The eyes are just one of the senses that help the mind, to look into the outside world. Life starts and ends with the mind.

The eyes is just an instrument and what you see and perceive is, only out of your mind.

If the mind is filled with too much of the past beliefs, you can only visualize the world with the same perception. If your past was out of fear, you hold the similar image for the future. No person is scared of the future. Every individual is scared of his past, because you don’t know what lies ahead, but you already have the experiences of the past in your mind. If you show little courage with life, you can get away from your past and create a fresh future.

The mirror of the mind needs to be cleared. You cannot see anything other than what lies in your mind. The clarity of the mind comes with fresh knowledge. Sit with yourself and notice what exists in your mind. Your life of the future cannot be different from the images of your mind. If you want to change the future, there is no way to change it, except making the conscious change, with the images of your mind. The images of the mind can only be replaced by fresh experiences of life.

Emotions give you the exact picture of what’s going on in your mind. If you don’t feel good in a moment, that means the thoughts and images of your mind are holding the negative picture from the past.

Your life only gets out of control, when you are unaware of what’s happening in your life. When you know, what’s happening in your life, you drop the act that doesn’t serve you , and take active steps with the fresh actions to bring the positive change in life.

Each one is the creator of his own life. You don’t create life only by making a choice, but even saying no to the situation, people and events you create your life.

You create the vibrational environment around you, with the thoughts and emotions and attract the similar type of life around you. Your dreams are nothing more than the pictures and images from your sub-conscious mind.

It’s hard for the average mind to break the old patterns of his mind because he doesn’t utilize his will-power to overcome the query of his mind. The inner will-power is the strongest force in a person’s life. Every individual has the free-will to make or break his life.

People think they are too engrossed in their personal and professional life, and they don’t have time, to work on themselves, and evaluate their life. In reality, they don’t hold any control over their life. They are directed by their mind, emotions and senses, to which they have little or no control.

This can be observed, if you look at your daily life and see how many fresh experiences, you experience in a day, or how much joy this day brings to your life.

People don’t have any ways to get out of the boredom or fatigue. Never allow even a single moment of life to over-power you and always make a choice that allows you to play on top of the game. Look for life, and you will find the way, even in the middle of the day.

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