How to Lead and consciously hold yourself back in life? (Short Notes)


There is a time for everything. There are times when you need to take charge of life and lead, and at times you have to hold yourself back and allow the life to happen.

Not all the times, you march forward; otherwise, it leads to wear and tear situation.

You have to have a deep connection with yourself. You need to know, when it’s the time to march forward and when it’s the right time, to hold yourself back.

In life, you can stretch to a point, but then you need to know how to let loose yourself and allow the life to happen.

We all follow only one path in life and that is running after life. We don’t know any other way to go about life. There are different ways life unfold. We never even realize that life can be unfolded on its own if we consciously allow the life to happen.

Life can be approached through many paths, but the paths that serve you the most is the path that is closest to your heart and the path which is closer to the truth.

You can always sit back and relax and watch the magic of life; obviously, it requires the power of conscious observing.

The magic of life lies in understanding the process of life.

You just don’t lead, but you also have to learn to sit back and allow the life to happen. The action is important, and at the same time, you also allow the life to play its role.

The perspective of life changes with your understanding of life. It’s all about, how well you understand life. Its the understanding that allows you to judge the situation at the moment. It gives you the clarity of when to move forward and when to hold yourself back in life.

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