How to Know your Life?

know your life

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Your life needs to be understood by you, and no way can I tell you everything about you, but the time I tell you the truth about my life, your life begins to reveal in-front of you. We all are the same, and we all have the same structure from within.

The only difference we have is, with the impressions and experiences of our life. The basic formation of life is same for every individual.

The external world with different situations, people, events, experience, and impressions is seen with the perception created by the brain, senses, awareness field and subtle strings that work into every individual to experience life.

You may not know the internal process, but you can understand this fact that, anything you experience in the external world, in the form of situation, or people holds the relationship with you. You cannot experience any person or situation in your life that you haven’t acted upon in the past, or have its roots in the past.

It may be possible, that in the present moment you have created some impressions from the external world, and later in the future, the same impressions, can come into your experience, either by consciously taking action, into the direction of that impressions or holding the desire for that impressions.

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With life, in the present moment, or with the present life, or with your daily living, you don’t receive anything that doesn’t hold any relationship with you, in the past.

You only experience your relationship with a different situation, people or even with the past experience in the present moment, and how you deal with them, in the present moment, create your future events out of it.

All your daily living in the present moment comes out of your past and sometimes, you too make a choice and decisions in the present moment, considering your future, and that appears in the future. Your repetitive cycle of past, present, and future not really gives you the truth of life.

The external world with different situations, experiences, and events are the formation of past, present, and future and you with the brain, heart and body experience life in different ways.

You have to understand your physical and subtle structure, to know life. Your physical body is a structure of cells made up of food and water. The quality of food, water, and exercise decides the quality of cells of your physical body. If you don’t take care of your physical body, it directly results, in the way you perceive life.

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Your internal and external growth and development is possible with the way you take care of your physical structure. Your body, brain, and heart are an instrument, through which you experience life. If you don’t keep it, clean and healthy it’s not possible to know the truth of life, because the way to the truth, is from within.

Take time out for yourself, and choose any form of exercise, at-least one hour for a day, and both the internal and external life will slowly reveal itself to you.

It’s a natural process. You work on your body, brain, and heart and whatever you perceive in the external world, with the instrument of brain and senses, life begins to reveal its details to you.

You can go on striving in the external world, without working on the instrument, and you simply call for more struggles and more pain and suffering with life. Life is all about knowing and understanding. Once you understand something, you don’t have to make an effort with it, but it simply happens effortlessly.

This is the magic of life. The time you begin to understand life, you don’t have to struggle with life, but life happens effortlessly to you. You only develop an understanding of life, when you put an effort to understand the inner world.

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Once you begin to take care of, your physical structure, it becomes easier for you to connect with the subtle world. All your experiences and impressions of life rotate in a circle. You experience something outside and it gets registered inside of you, in the subtle form. Later you make the choice and decisions with your life, from the subtle world and again bring it into your experience, in the physical reality.

It’s important to understand the experiences and impressions that you accumulate from outside and later manifest again in the external world. Life is not only about choice and decision because all your choice and the decision appear from the accumulated experiences and impressions of the external world.

If you are not aware of the experience of the external world, it again repeats itself, in the future, out of your choice and decision in the present moment. More and more you connect with the experiences and impressions of both the external and internal world, more liberty you have to make the choices with your life.

Life should never happen to you, but you should hold the power over life, with what kind of experience you wish to have, without any internal and external pressure.

All your experiences and impressions of both the internal and external world simply rotate in a circle within you, and you make different choices and decisions out of it. When you begin to know your life, you detach yourself with all the different experiences of life, and you make more conscious choice, with what kind of experience, you really want to have with your life.

With life, not everything is important, and we always hold the liberty to choose, whatever we want with our lives, but this is possible, if we know, what we hold within yourself and what kind of impressions, we accumulate with our daily living.

All the experiences and impressions of life create the personality within us, and we get so attached to the subtle personality that we never look for something, beyond what exists in our mind. All our life’s experience simply rotates in a circle around our personality and once in a while we are forced to experience something new and that too with the internal or external pressure of life.

To know life, it’s very important to know, how the personal identity develops into your mind. The personality of mind is developed out of all the experiences and impressions of life. With life, you stand for what your personality is made up of.

If you begin to unveil the truth behind your personality, slowly different layers of your personality begin to shed away. Anything that exists in your mind only exists on the subtle level and anything which is subtle can be easily dropped, out of understanding.

The reality of the subtle world is the physical manifestation of life, and the time you are not, in the process of manifesting, you don’t really need, to hold upon your personality into your mind. There is a higher truth, exists in you, that can be realized if you are ready to drop the subtle personality of your mind.

Your subtle world is the awareness field, where the play of life takes place. Here all the experiences and impressions gathered in the subtle form and the personal identity gets created out of it. The way the mind cannot hold a single experience forever, in a similar way, you cannot hold the identity of your mind.

Your personal identity very much depends on the experience of the present moment and as the experience changes, your identity too change with it.

If you are too much interested in holding the identity of your mind, it will be impossible for you to understand the changing nature of life. To understand something that, which is changing constantly you has to figure out, something within you, that is standstill or that which doesn’t change.

Your subtle world is formed and processed in the awareness field but it’s not just the awareness field, that makes the life happens, but you have the subtle strings too, that passes through your brain, heart, and body, and makes you think, imagine, dream, feel, and act with the physical body, according to the subtle world that you create within your awareness field.

The subtle strings are also known as the spirit, and the sensation you sense in the physical body, is only because of the subtle strings passes through the brain, heart, and body. All the positive and negative effects in the physical and subtle world are possible because of the subtle strings, as subtle strings carry both the positive and negative strings that pass through the subtle mind, as well as the physical brain, heart, and body.

When you are prepared to drop the subtle identity of the mind, you realize the subtle strings in the body. The awareness field where the process of subtle mind takes place is part of the subtle strings and exists in the body, in the form of subtle clothing.

The awareness field is the subtle clothing, that covers the entire brain, heart, and body, and the whole process of life takes place, on the subtle clothing. This process of life can only be experienced within.

All the spiritual information on the path of spirituality or religious path is to serve you to look for the experience, beyond the usual identity of the mind, and not simply accumulate the knowledge. You can know everything about life. God consciousness or Christ consciousness too exists within.

Usually, the word awareness and consciousness are used for the same field, but both the thing is absolutely different when it comes to an experience. Awareness is the field, where the play of subtle life takes place and later turns into a physical reality, while the God-consciousness, is an experience of beyond, after which no experience remains for the subtle identity to experience.

The subtle identity of the mind has the liberty to associate itself with the God-consciousness in the awareness field or it can get into the play of life. The identity of the mind always has a free-will to direct the energy in the desired direction. Wherever it puts its attention, the energy begins to shift in that direction.

To associate with God-consciousness before an experience is a choice. If you create an intent to realize the truth, the awareness field takes you into that direction and if you hold the desire for life, your energy begins to shift in the external direction.

If the personal identity pulls all its energy from the experiences and impressions of the internal and external world and creates intent to realize the God-consciousness, the reverse process of life begins in the internal world.

To know your life, all you need to do is, to create intent in the desired direction, and the inner life’s energy is capable enough to take you, in that direction. You need deep trust and faith in life.

Only by realizing the God-consciousness within, life becomes clear to you, and when the subtle identity simply puts its attention on God-consciousness, all details, on different aspects of life, is revealed to him.

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