How to Know the Mystery of Life ?


Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Krishna, Muhammad unveiled the mystery of life. The point is not about its possibility, but how many people make an intent to know, and move towards the path of self-realization.

Life is not limited to few, but available to all, but it all depends on who makes an effort to extend his hands towards life.

If you are satisfied with what goes around you and within you, then you shouldn’t bother to tickle your mind with life, but if you think, there is something more to life, and the present truth, doesn’t satisfy your intelligence, than its worth an effort, to dive within, to unveil the mystery of life.

The mystery lies within You.

The first thing, the person has to believe and understand, is that the mystery of life lies within, and not anywhere outside. When you look for the solution outside, you may get caught up even in the simplest situation of life.

We may look for the solutions, outside, but the life is happening within. We may not understand or relate to this fact because we see the world happening outside.

Every person lives in a different state of mind and follows his or her own process of evolution. Life is good to all, and serves to every human being, in equal measure. We are too dependent on others, for everything in life, but when we look inside, we develop self-dependency. When we depend on others, we look for the excuse, to avoid the process of growth and evolution.

We are too dependent on others, for everything in life, but when we look inside, we develop self-dependency. When we depend on others, we look for the excuse, to avoid the process of growth and evolution.

When we make our self, solely responsible for everything that takes place in our life, we develop an attitude of trusting more in our abilities and our internal process of growth rather waiting for the aid from others.

We all have an “I” that needs self-confidence, and trust in himself, to carry out any task of life. At the same time, if we are afraid to face life, and protect ourselves from different situations of life, then we save our present self to nourish the healthy ego.

Explore the Mystery, by handling the situations of life.

The best way to understand the mystery of life is to accept the daily situation and handle them well. Every situation is a gift, to reveal the mystery of life, be it from your personal or professional life.

Life is only understood, when we know, how to analyze and evaluate the situations of life. Every situation has its cause and effect, and when we make an effort to understand things slowly, we connect with our inner world.

We lose the opportunity, to grow and evolve, if we run away from the complex situations of life. When we face the difficult situation, and get the solution out of it, we empower our self, and next time look for the bigger challenges of life.

We all carry the image of our self, into our mind, and the stronger and powerful we become from inside, out of understanding, the better we can express ourselves in the outside world.

Bring awareness to the Actions.

When we look into the past, life is all about a daily living, where we repeat the same action, many times. When we pay more attention to the action, it gets improved and get better with the time.

This awareness to the present moment and reflection of the past reveals the mystery of life, and slowly our perception gets improved towards life.

Unless we know, what’s happening in our life, it’s not possible to know life. The life knocks at the door each day, to reveal the little truth about itself, but we are so consumed with our own thoughts, that we miss the real point of life.

The Wisdom of life doesn’t happen all at once, but it comes drop by drop.Our understanding grows slowly with the time. If we make regular efforts to understand life, the joy, and fun on the life’s path continues, and every lesson of life filled our heart with the feeling of bliss.

Plan your Schedule in Advance

Plan your day in advance. There will be many situations in a day, that will distract you from your plan. Know the distraction. The life is not about the happening of events or the way we have planned our life, but to understand the patterns of life, in which direction the life wants to lead us. This way, we can get closer to the patterns of life.

The schedule of life happens in your mind. If the mind distracts from the schedule, you will be out of your plan, but if you remain aware of the movements of your mind, then even after the distraction, you can get back on your plan.

The mystery of life happens in the mind, and as the mind expands new lessons are revealed by the mind itself.

“I” is the narrative identity, created by the mind, to explain your story of the past, present and future. “I” learn, grow and evolve through the process of evolution, but when ignorant about oneself gets caught up in the activities of his own mind.

Plan your day in advance, and be with the schedule. This way in the longer run, you will create your schedule for the lifetime, and once you know, your life, it will be easier to understand the natural flow of life.

Add techniques to your Schedule.

There is no mystery in the world, other than the mind. If we learn to handle our mind well, and slowly develop control over it, out of understanding, we can know any mystery of life. All we see in the outside world comes from the power of the mind.

The first thing we have to learn is to slow down the thoughts, only then we can guide the mind, in the direction, of our choice. We can also understand the direction of the thoughts if the movements of the thoughts are slow.

Any form of physical exercise, sitting in silence with oneself, learning breathing technique or Meditation can be useful, in slower down the thought process. Once the thoughts are in control, we can guide them in the desired direction. We cannot directly control the mind, but we have to take help of the physical body or breath to control the flow of thoughts.

The soul is the mystery of Life.

The purpose in human life is to realize the soul from within.

The soul is behind all the mystery of life. Many times we talk and discuss god, but no understanding or revelation of god is possible without the realization of the soul. The soul is the source of the mind, body and emotions.

Once we realize the soul, we know the nature of our own mind and the law of nature of the existence. With soul, we can connect to god.

With soul, we understand that every human being on this earth holds some meaning and everything that happens fulfill the purpose of life. Nothing in life happens by chance, but everything holds a natural process behind its creation.

The soul is a mystery behind life and unless the human mind looks for life from the internal perspective, it will never get to the mystery of life. The mystery of life can only be revealed from within, with the realization of a soul.


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