How to Improve your Focus in Life?


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The biggest obstacles with the focus are the choices and options in life. For everything you do, you have multiple choices. Wherever you wish to reach in your life, you have multiple paths. These multiple paths appears to be appealing, but these different paths, itself becomes the hindrance in life.

The problem is not with the choices, but the problem is with our mind. The mind gets puzzled with too many choices. Unless you give one thing to the mind, the mind doesn’t know how to move forward.

It keeps on thinking about multiple paths. It shifts its attention from one choice to another, never to reach any conclusion.

Your focus can only improve, if you are clear with what you want, in your life. The mind understands the philosophy of one. You may have multiple options to choose from, but it doesn’t go well with your mind. The mind likes clarity. With the clarity, the mind can see far things into the future and easily move forward on the path. You have to give any one thing to your mind, before you aspect your mind to take you forward.

Consider any aspect of your life, be it personal, professional or a life of a student.

Now, put what you want out of life, as a destination. Say, for e.g. if you want something in your personal life, i.e. improved relationship with someone, or achieve some professional goals, or focus on your study, consider it as a destination.

Now, to reach the destination, you need a path.

The mind is both the subtle vehicle that takes you to the destination and the mind is also the one that creates a path to the destination. In the mind, the path is only created, once you are sure of the destination.

Mind is the Master

Once you are absolutely clear with the destination, the mind not only acts as a subtle vehicle but also draws a complete path for you, within your mind.

Anything that you attain in the outside world, you travel the inner path first, before you travel the outside path. The outside path is seen in the mind. Later you take the outside path, to reach to your destination.

If you have too many destinations in your mind than simply bring down your destination to one, and remove all other destinations from your mind. Remember, it’s not that other destination is not important, but it’s just that right now, you have to reach to only one destination and thus, you have to move in the direction of that particular destination.

Once you are clear with the destination, all you have to do is, tell your mind the destination, and the mind will create the path for you, to take you to the destination. It’s just like taking a flight. But for that, you need to know, in which part of the earth, you wish to travel.

It’s that simple.

You don’t have to add anything to improve your focus; rather you have to bring down your choices and options to one. You have to declutter your mind. You have to remove all the unnecessary things from your mind.

Remember, if you want something in your life today, anything else becomes irrelevant for you, in this moment. Only then you can direct all your energy, in that specific direction.

With too many options, the mind remains confused. The focus comes only to the mind when you direct the mind in one direction.

Take your own time, before you reach to that one option. Don’t be in a hurry, but once you reach the conclusion, stick with it, until you reach your destination.

Once you achieve one goal, move towards another goal. Don’t work on two or three goals simultaneously, rather focus on one thing at a time.

People consider outside obstacles to be the problem in their lives, but that’s not the case. The real problem lies in them. Nobody is sure enough of, what they want out of life. They try hard to focus their mind, but at the same time, they also have too many things going on, in their mind.

Our thinking process can be a vehicle riding in the same direction. But for that, your goals have to be absolutely clear. If your destination is clear, your thoughts will ride in that one direction, and as you move forward on your path, further path will be created for you, as you move forward on the path.

Life is not at all complicated outside, but all the complications of life exist in the mind.

Chaos happens with two. One is clarity. Two is chaos. This thought has to sink deep down into the person, who wants to improve his focus in life.

Master Your Mindspace

Bring all the things down to one. Make only one choice in the moment. Make one decision at a time. Live one day at a time.

All the immediate problems or obstacles can be tackled if you are clear with the ultimate goal. You don’t get bogged down, with the different choices on the path, if you are clear with where you are headed down the road. You only pick the option that leads you to that ultimate goal.

When you don’t have goals in the first place, and you go on focusing your mind, on one thing, your mind is bound to deviate every now and then.

It’s only with the clarity comes focus to the mind. Without clarity of the path and the destination, you just cannot develop focus with the mind.

The focus comes to the mind, when the mind is absolutely sure of, what you are aiming for, with the mind and all your energy is utilized in that direction. The deviation to the mind doesn’t come from outside, but it’s only our inner confusion, that directs the mind in a different direction.

The mind is just like an empty path. Put any destination in the path and the subtle vehicle of the mind is ready to take you to that destination.

Conquest of Mind

Just make sure, you don’t confuse the subtle vehicle of the mind with a different destination in a mid-way, otherwise, it won’t take any time, to change the direction from the midway of the path, and drive you to a different destination.

This is the problem of many. Everyone has too many paths, but no destination. They go on moving on the path, and as another path, appear more lucrative, they change the direction to that path.

Meditation is one of the wonderful techniques to improve your focus with the mind. The practice of meditation helps you to bring your choices down to one. You pick the best of the options from many. With meditation, your mind stabilizes to the present moment, without wandering into the past or the future.

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