How to Improve Problem-Solving Skills?

How to Improve problem-solving skills

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Before you think to solve the problem, it’s necessary you recognize the problem. The problem has to be visible to you. I can assure you no problem of yours exists on this earth, that doesn’t have a solution.

I have gone through the toughest stages of my life, but I always had a solution at hands. The solution requires work. The solution requires dedication. It may not come easily. It requires your time and commitment. But it’s possible. You can solve any problem of your life, if you consciously spend time on it.

The first thing required to solve any problem is to figure out that there is a problem. Note down the problem. Write down all the problems and don’t leave anything for the future.

Sit with your problem. Don’t develop fear out of it, rather figure out the way out of it. Don’t try to run away from it. Sit with it. Allow the solution to emerge. If your mind can grasp the problem, then it’s also capable of finding the solution. This is the magic of the mind.

We feel that god has given us the problems our whole life, but we forget that he has also given us enough strength to face those problems and rise above them.


There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

Once the path gets clear to you, start taking actions towards the solution. Remember, everything requires work. Even if you want to drink water, you have to go to the well, and fetch the water for the self. The water will not come to you.

In a similar way, solution does exist on the other side of the path, but you have to walk the path, before you manifest the solution for yourself.

Do you face obstacle on the path?

You certainly do. The path will come with all sorts of hurdles. You have to be prepared for those hurdles. Your eyes should be on the solution. What matters to you, has to be the solution.

If the problem and solution is important to you, you will cross all the hurdles on the path. The hurdles will never be the problem, your attention will.

Keep your attention on the solution, and you will overcome any hurdle on the path. Whatever problem you face in your life, remember the solution already exists.


The Mindfulness Solution: Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems

You will not face the situations, people or circumstances that you are not capable of. It’s only you who make the problem bigger than the self.

If you consciously sit with your problem, and look at it from all the different perspective, the solution is bound to emerge.

When you walk on the problem-solving path, the mind gets distracted and you get off the path. These are the moments to get on the path and keep walking towards the solution.

The necessary work is required on the path. The time and space is required. We all are in a hurry. We all want quick fix, but when it comes to life, it follows the process. The solution to the problem comes out of the process.

Your path to the solution is a process. When you walk down the path you follow the process. When the process gets completed you see the result, but the process needs to be completed.

Don’t panic, don’t get stressed out, rather hold yourself in the moment and keep walking. Once you create the result out of the process, all the little problems around you gets disappear.

You have to stick to the process. The process is important. Everything manifest on this earth out of the process. You have to connect with the right process and follow it till the end. The process of manifestation is simple. All it requires is bit of a work.

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Whatever the problem you experience in life, the process remains the same. There is always a gap that you have to cover between the problem and the solution. This is the journey we all go through.

Some people avoid this journey, and thus never realize the truth in their lives. Every problem in your life takes you to the journey. You have to be more than willing to go on that journey. You not only reach to your desired result, but a whole new perspective gets open for you.

In the moment the whole world remains open for you. You are no short of ideas and no problem of life remains bigger for you. All you have to do is develop an eye to look into the life around you.

You have to take care of your body and mind. You create life and it’s not otherwise. All the aspects of your life should come out of you. You are the creator of your life. You have to take control of your life.

No aspect of your life should happen without you being aware of it. You have to be aware of, every aspect of your life. It’s your awareness in the moment that creates life. It’s your awareness that finds the solution. Your awareness shows the path to you, which otherwise not visible to the naked eyes.

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Life is magical in terms of visibility. When you consciously take control of your life, you start seeing the solutions that is not visible to the naked eyes. Remember solution always exists in the moment. It’s just that it’s not visible to you at the moment. When you start searching for it, it appears in front of you.

Your intent is required and you can manifest anything in your life. Even if the things don’t exist, you can create out of your sheer intention. Your intention and attention holds all the power.

Before you see in the physical world, you have to visualize in your meta-physical world. It’s in your meta-physical world, where the whole process takes place.

Your mind is no less than magic. It contains the whole universe in it. When you consciously connect with your mind, you will come across the truth of it. You have un-imaginable power in you. All your problems seem tiny in-front of the capabilities and capacities exists in your mind and body.

All you have to do is, a bit of a soul searching within the self and you will come across the power that will lead you to the immense possibilities of life.

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