How to have a realistic approach?

How to have a realistic approach?

Realistic approach comes with clarity. When you can directly look at things without the intervention of your mind.

Is it possible?

Yes, that’s possible, if you are not rigid with your thought process and have an open mind. If you are open to see things the way it is.

Let’s say an example; if you have a rigid thought process about everything; may be about money, your work, personal life, political scenario or even the people in your life. This approach will not allow you to perceive things with clarity.

Realistic approach is to see things in the moment with absolute clarity. You just can’t judge the present situation out of past experience, or even out of the hypothetical situation created for the future.

Realistic approach is the fresh approach every moment. You not only make choices out of the present moment, but you also stay open to life. You stay optimistic that something better can pop up at every moment.

When you have a realistic approach, you look into the present situation of a person, thing or the situation. The present position becomes more important than the past or the future.

How to have a realistic approach in life?

Look to this day.

To have a realistic approach you have to look to this day. When I practice meditation and visualize things into the present, past and the future. The things that serve me the most over the time is thinking about this day.

When I visualize about this day, and what am I suppose to do today, I always have immediate action plan. May be I don’t have any control over the past or the future, but I always have control of this day.

When you focus on this day, you will notice you will find control over yourself. May be the past or the future may not be in your control, but this day will always remain in your control.

When I look to this day, I receive clarity in life. I know where I have to focus upon, and to what I have to give my energy to. Your biggest teacher is this day. Whatever mistake you commit today, you always have an opportunity to rectify it tomorrow.

You can always choose what works and what doesn’t by evaluating this day. You may not be able to look your whole past, or even into the future, but you always have an access to this day.

This way you can develop realistic approach. Not too much into the past, and not too much into the future, just in the moment.

Today’s action plan.

You can rewrite the script of your life, by acting today. No matter what happened in the past, you always have the power to create the new future by taking action today. If you can ever bring change to your life, that is only possible by your actions today.

You can build your life by working on today’s action plan. No goal or purpose is impossible if you focus on this day. If you look into the future, it may appear scary but if you look the same goal or the purpose today, it will always be in your reach.

That’s the way we build our life. By acting today. When our mind wanders into the past or the future, it has different horror stories to put us on the back foot. But at the same time, if you learn to keep your mind to this day, you not only make most out of today, but you also learn the very secret of life.

The magic of life exists in this moment. If your mind is present today, you can unlock the immense opportunities present in your life. When your focus is in today’s action plan, you live with the realistic approach. The mind can’t fool you, when your attention is in the moment.

Live in the moment.

Nothing in life is more real than this moment. This moment sums it all. The biggest of your difficulties or problems appears nothing if you bring your mind to this moment. Learn to live in the moment. You will rise above your repeated circle of life.

The beauty of life can be experienced in the moment. Life is always soothing in the moment. It’s rewarding, enriching and fulfilling in the moment. You can see the direction of your life, by being present in the moment.

All the confusion evaporates when you are present in the moment. The present moment shows you the way. It tells you Whats needed in the moment. You may not know what exists in the future, but the life that is ever flowing in the moment, knows the past, present and future.

When you are part of this moment, you are part of the eternal flow of life. You become more authentic and real by connecting to this moment. The truth flows naturally through you, when you are part of this moment. It’s the moment that fills you up with the strength to face any adversities of life. It’s only the moment that brings joy to your life. Embrace the moment and allow your life to sail through it.

Be present and build your future.

When you practice meditation you can see your future life. Now this future life doesn’t look exactly the way you experience your day to day life, but you receive an intuition.

When you are present in the moment, you can read those intuitions, omens or signs that life brings to you. You allow your future life to build in you. Slowly you receive clarity in your mind. This happens when you are present in the moment and not running after life.

If you are always moving from one place to another into your mind, it’s difficult to listen to the silent voice of life. Life speaks to you when your mind is silent. It’s not at all difficult to build the life of your dream. The most difficult thing is to stay present in the moment.

Even your future life comes to you, if you learn to stay present in the moment. All other things happen out of nature, if you can hold your awareness in the moment, and allow life to take its own course.

Develop patience.

Patience e not only saves you from the upcoming problems but it also helps you to see the things with better clarity. When you are in a hurry, you miss many things on the path.

We are on a journey called life, and the one who lives life with patience, enjoys the most views on the path. At the end of your life, you are reaching nowhere. It may seem like the world is going to remember you, but you have to ask yourself, how much do you remember the people from the past?

We all hurry for no reason and in the process miss the natural view of life. Patience is a virtue of a wise man. It’s been said since the ages, and still it gets hard for us to understand this little fact.

The one who have patience allows the life to unfold. He never takes charge of everything rather allow the process of life to take its own course. Your life is magical if you allow it to unfold. You observe everything and participate as and when required, but when your work is done, you simply observe the natural enfoldment of life.

Look for peace of mind.

Your life is built out of your daily choices and decisions. Your daily choices can either add peace to your life or it adds chaos to your life.

What do you add to your life?

To be more real and authentic, it’s necessary you look for peace in your life. It’s the peaceful mind that can help you to create the path into the future. When you are at peace with the self, you can be at peace with the world around you.

If you wish to excel in any aspect of your life, you need the peaceful mind. It’s your inner peace that reflects in the outside world. If you see the mess in the outside world, its only due to the mess in your inside world.

Once you clear the mess of your inner world, you find the natural balance in the outside world.

Be wise.

The wise people can differentiate between real and fictional. Whether its people, situations, your feelings, emotions or your own thinking and imagination; learn to differentiate between real and imaginary, temporary and eternal, necessary and useless.

Nobody will come and make you wise. You have to become wise, by observing life. More and more you observe life, more your understanding grow towards life. You not only observe the outside life, but you also observe everything that is happening in your inner life. You observe your reaction to every situation and circumstances of the outside life.

No part of life is happening without any reason; rather everything exists out of the process. When you are wise enough to see the process in everything, you will learn to differentiate between what is fake and what is real.

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