How to Focus your Mind?


Focus on focus. The mind has a tendency to think thoughts. When the thoughts flow on various subjects, it’s difficult to focus on one thing. When you focus, on the point of attention itself, soon you hold control over your mind. The nature of the mind is to shift from one thing to another. When your attention remains on the mind, the shift still happens, but with your attention, you can bring the mind to the present moment.

In zen tradition, there is a beautiful method, that allows you to improve your concentration and focus on one object for the longer period. Usually, your whole attention is outside on situation and people, and mind picks up thoughts out of those situations or people.

If you are clear in your mind, where you are heading towards life, it becomes easier for the mind to get caught up every and now then. The goal or purpose in life is important to keep the mind straight.

There is no other purpose in life than to tame the mind. But to control the mind you need to have a purpose with life.

The purpose allows the mind to flow in a single direction and than it becomes easier for you to read the activities of the mind.

When you sit on your desk to do the task or do your regular action, the mind wanders in a different direction, out of his usual nature. There is no way to directly control your mind. The mind forms the desires and make you run after those desires. Unless you sit and observe the activities of the mind, the mind is clever enough to take you for a ride all the time.

Your very identity is part of the mind and everything that goes in the mind, you consider it to be yours.

Unless you separate yourself from the mind, and look into it, as a separate identity, you cannot develop absolute control over the mind.

Techniques to Focus your Mind.

Close your eyes for two minutes, before you resume your work and think about the work, and allow your mind to get in tune with the work. Once you are internally satisfied, continue with your work, and you will have the full support of your mind.

You need to learn to direct your mind. Rather jumping to the situations or events of your life, take a pause, and see what is happening around you. Once the things get absolutely clear to you, only then move forward with life.

The capacity for the mind to focus on one object at a time is from thirty minutes to ninety minutes. Experiment for yourself, and see how much time you can spend doing one task. Don’t go till the point you feel exhausted. Only stay with the task, till you enjoy the task, and the time you feel that you cannot continue any longer, take a pause. Give yourself sometime. Refresh and rejuvenate yourself, and go back to the task once you feel comfortable from inside.

It’s true that, when it comes to work, people are just not comfortable, and they have many excuses to avoid the task. But as we all understand that, work too is part and parcel fo life, and we cannot avoid the work but we can certainly create space inside of us, so that we can do what we do, with more love and joy in our life.

The brain is an instrument, that has to be used to get the things done, but when it reaches its maximum limit, give the brain the time to cool down. Learn where to draw the line at work. It’s necessary to stretch but in stretching yourself, you should never lose control of yourself. Often switch the subject of work, so that you don’t get tired with your work. If you go to the extreme with the mind, it will take equal time to cool off.

Focus serves overall Purpose of Life.

The focus is an integral part of material as well as spiritual success. The people who are interested in outside world, creates material abundance for themselves with the focused mind, while the same focused mind directed on oneself lead you to the state of enlightenment.

Always seek co-operation from your thoughts and emotions, while you work. If your inner world stops to co-operate move aside from the task for a while, and when you feel comfortable move back to work. The mind consumes the maximum amount of energy. The physical body doesn’t get tired too easily, but its the mind that gives up after a point of time.

The power of thoughts increases, if all the thoughts are directed in one direction. The feelings and emotions are part of thought process and each thought creates feelings and emotions. It’s not only the thoughts that creates power but also the emotions. Thoughts are vibrations, while emotions are energy. You need an equal amount of vibration and energetic force to manifest things.

You create your life out of attention and intention. It’s necessary to know, what you are looking in life so that you can direct your energy in that specified direction.

Failure is the event of an unfocused mind.

Everything comes to life through the mind. If you like to have success with your personal, professional or spiritual life, work on your mind, and train it to the level where your mind cannot conceive failure with life.

The experiences that is only intended for pleasures, corrupt the senses. The life’s energy in its purest form flows through the body, and if the life energy is directed in negative direction, the same energy becomes the cause of our suffering.

The life energy that flows within, doesn’t carry any positive thoughts or emotions, but all your thoughts and emotions you pick from your external experiences of life. Life energy is neutral and you are free to make anything out of it. You can choose the positive experience or you choose the negative experience, the choice always remains yours.

The thoughts of the mind, intended in a single most direction sets the life in motion.

When the mind is in control, mind, body, and emotions becomes an instrument for the soul, but when the mind itself governs the life to seek the pleasure of the senses then life moves the down path.

Physical exercise directly impacts the mind to slow down the thoughts and purify the nervous system. When the speed of the thoughts slows down, you can direct them in your intended direction.

The same rule applies, when you meditate. Even writing down your thoughts serve you a great deal to know your thoughts and switch the direction of your thoughts.

Awareness grows with Focused Mind.

The mind is developed, after the person is born on earth, according to his environment. With the power of choice, he can alter the thoughts of the mind.

You are the maker of your life. You have created everything in your life, out of unconsciousness, and now make a choice to take every step with awareness, and slowly you will see the effect of it, in your life. When you focus your mind on one thing, you give all you energy and vibrations to that thing and thus similar effect you see in the life.


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