How to find your True Self?

How to Find your True Self

This post was most recently updated on May 3rd, 2020

You might have heard this before. The one who goes in search for God, find his true self. Even if you get on the path of finding your true self, you will have an encounter with God. The realization of God happens through you.

In life authenticity is important. When you are truly authentic and be yourself and live your heart out, you don’t have to go in search of god, rather god comes to you. This is something I can share out of personal experience.

You don’t have to run after anything, rather establish in your true self, and whatever you desire will come to you.

It’s hard to be yourself. Everyone around you wants you to be something else. Every person wants you to do something that they want. This stops you to do things that you want.

To follow your path you need little stubbornness. You have to be rigid towards your goals. You have to learn to run your own race. When you are on your path, you are in the process of finding your true self.

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When you don’t live with the purpose in your life, anything can distract you from your path. But when you have a strong purpose to take your life forward, no matter what you experience on your path, you stay determined on your path, and move forward on your path.

The path of finding the self, needs focus, determination and clarity. You have to have focus on your goal. You have to be determined to achieve your goal. The path that takes you to your goals should be clear to you.

Life is not something that is happening to you rather you are creating it out of your every choice and decision.

When you take control of your life, you will notice that life as a whole start supporting you at every point. If you leave everything on the mercy of others, you will unnecessary call for the suffering.

Lao Tzu, has a beautiful saying on these. “There is a time to run, and there is a time to rest. There is a time to stay hungry, and there is a time to feed yourself. You have to learn from the moment and act accordingly.”

In the moment life has to be served. When the life is served in the moment, everything gets served around you.

The Moment of Clarity

You need to trust life. Life lifts you up when you are committed to life. You have to stay committed to your path and do the things that are necessary at your end, and life support you from all the possible ways.

When we are true to ourselves, we come closer to the self. The path of finding the self is the path where you rely on the self for everything. You drop all your support. You become your own support.

When you realize you are the one who has to pull himself out from all sorts of problems of life, you direct all your energy towards the self. When the dependency remains on others, you feel weak and the inner flow of energy remains blocked. At the same time when you take things in your hands, and take charge of your life, you can direct all your energy in the direction of your choice.

You need purpose in life. That purpose should light your life and give meaning to your life. When the mind is directed towards the purpose, it doesn’t get scattered into unnecessary things. The wasteful thoughts or the wasteful actions can only be a part of your life, if you don’t have something meaningful to focus upon. If your mind is filled with the purpose, it will be easier for you to drop all the unnecessary things that no longer serve you in the moment.

Likes attracts likes. Your meaningful purpose attracts more meaningful things into your life. If your mind is filled with the purpose of your life, you will have no time to attract any evil things in your life.

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You manifest your future life with the present intentions and actions. You have to follow your core. There are many things exist to distract you from your path. But if the core of your heart is clear to you, you won’t get caught up into the outside chaos and simply move forward on your path.

Many times it happens that we too are tempted to the outside things when our focus is not on our goals. When our determination is weak, any situation can drift us away from our path. But when we are determined to achieve our target, no matter what we experience on our path, we stay on our path and move forward on our path.

You realize your true self on the path. You have to create your own path, by walking on the path. Life will not come readymade to you, but you have to go through the trial and error method, before you come across the real path.

When you are on your path of achieving something big, you have to make sure that you are not shaken by the situations or circumstances of your life. When you are into the process of achieving big, things and situations will come to test you at every step.

If you keep your attention on your goal, and stay determined on your path, the situations and circumstances will come and go, and even in the midst of everything you will stay firm on your path.

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Life follows a rhythm. The self follows a rhythm. The time you realize the self in you, you will connect with the rhythm of life. With the rhythm, you don’t have to strive hard in life, rather all you need to do is connect with the rhythm of life and you will naturally flow with the process of life.

The purpose of life is to find that rhythm. The rhythm already exists, but we are disconnected from that rhythm. The rhythm exists in the moment. When you are in the moment, you are part of this moment.

Nothing exists in you. No desires or wants cross your mind. You fill deeply satisfied in the moment. Its only when you disconnect from the rhythm of life, imbalanced is experience in our lives.

To find your true self is to find that rhythm in life. The self in you is part of that rhythm. The purpose of life is to find that rhythm and be one with that rhythm.

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