How to Experience Wisdom and Bliss from Within?



Wisdom is the knowledge about life, and bliss is the highest form of joy and happiness. When we look for the happiness in the outside world, moreover it’s related to the senses and it makes the attachment with the world stronger.

When we look for the similar happiness from within, the joy and happiness in its natural form flow from within. The outside joy is dependent on others, while inner happiness is a personal affair. The inner joy and wisdom are those gems reside within all of us. All it requires is an honest effort to experience it for oneself.

When we perceive the world, only in the physical form we carry the limited vision for life. As we touch the deeper layer of ourselves, we expand our perspective towards life and perceive life with a wider horizon.

We all have a divine within us with its divine quality, but as we have gathered so much dust in our physical and subtle system, that it seems impossible to experience the divinity within.

There are different methods if applied can help us to get closer to our authentic self, and we can experience our divine form from within.

Clear your subtle Form.

Besides the physical body, we all carry the astral body made up of feelings and emotions. Feelings and emotions in the astral or emotional body are formed from the thoughts from the mental plane. Each day we think both types of positive and negative thoughts, and it develops the similar type of emotions into the body.

Each day we think both types of positive and negative thoughts, and it develops the similar type of emotions into the body. Positive thoughts help us to develop our astral body, while negative thoughts deplete the purest form of energy from the astral body and creates the emotional blockage.

It’s necessary to clear the negative form of emotions to avoid any type of disease. The negative emotions turn into an emotional debris and act as a blockage for the life’s energy to move freely. When we remove this emotional debris, we see the outside world with better perspective and create better thoughts for the future.

Breathing technique ( Pranayama ) and Meditation is a wonderful tool to get rid of the emotional debris of the past and to bring more love and wisdom to life. Breathe, feelings & emotions and thoughts are interconnected with each other. All the three flow in rhythm. If we are happy and joyful, the mind thinks more joyful thoughts and breath gets in rhythm but when we are sad, it impacts our thoughts flow and the rhythm of our breath.

When we sit in meditation, we replace the negative thoughts with the positive one’s and develop better perspective towards life. This allows us to be more responsive towards the situation and stops are impulsive reactions in the moment. The better perception towards life brings more light to every situation so that we accept life with better understanding.

Clean your Physical Body.

When we exercise first thing in the morning, we get rid of the negative emotions and develop the higher quality of thoughts. When we work on the physical body each day, slowly with the time we remove all the negative thoughts & emotions of the past and fresh perspective develops towards life.

Life comes out of action. Actions come out of thoughts, emotions and picture we carry in our mind. If we purify our thoughts and emotions, we bring the real change in life. To grow with the improved thoughts and emotions is to create the life out of natural order.

The mind thinks different quality of thoughts. The physical exercise has a direct impact on the mind. The quality of thoughts improves with the physical exercise, and you see the same world with the better perspective.

Write down your Lessons for the Day.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/mhp13udfqhcoizmxhbvg.jpg

When we work on our self, each day we learn something new in life, that becomes the benchmark for tomorrow. When we write down the experience on paper, we confirm the experience to the unconscious mind and it remains on the surface of the mind.

When we write down the things on paper, we allow the mind to be free. We create the chaos when we hold too many things in the mind. If we have a written schedule for the coming month, we can easily keep our mind free from the unwanted thoughts, and can anytime look at our daily schedule to see how the day will unfold.

We grow with the fresh experiences in life. Mind always needs something new. The present moment awareness comes by living each day. When we develop a daily habit of exercise and meditation first thing in the morning, the mind becomes fresh and alive.

Express yourself.

Life is all about expression. We express our thoughts, idea’s, imagination, talents, skills, and emotions. When the expression gets better, it leads to fulfillment. Our professional life too is one kind of expression. All the expression of life flows from the subtle world and creates its impression in the physical world.

We all have our own unique way to express our self and the one who knows how to improve and get better with his expression, also learns to improve upon his life.

When we try to understand life from outside, we feel lost in this huge world as the senses allow the things to perceive in multiplication and multifaceted. But when we take our attention from the outside world, and focus more on what’s going on in the inner world, and give all our energy and attention to it, we create life inside out.

Grow & Improve upon Life.

True contentment with life comes when we touch our inner self, and outer satisfaction is possible when we grow and improve upon life with the inner expression. We only lose something, that we have attained from outside. Inner talent and skills never get lost.

We all are born unique with the special talents. Some discover their talent in the early age, while some are left to discover their talent of their own.

The one’s who live their life out of choice, sooner or later come across his uniqueness in life.

Security with life comes to the person who has touched his inner abundance. When we try to secure our self from outside, we live with the constant fear of losing it, while with the inner security life always flows with abundance.

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