How to Experience the Non-Doer?



The non-doer does all the work, without getting attached to it. The work is done, but he is released from the work. The mind becomes the storehouse, only if you have a sense of doer-ship towards your work. You accumulate everything on the path of life if you live with the identity of the mind.

The experiences become the impressions if you cling to the experiences of life. If you allow the life to pass by in the moment, new experiences are always waiting for you to explore.

We know only one way of living life. We never try to explore life beyond our physical comfort. There is life possible beyond the mental comfort. If you look for the comfortable life at a physical level, to experience life beyond the mental comfort becomes the far-fetched thing.

Have a sense of non-doer ship towards your actions, is the highest wisdom of life. It’s a liberating experience in the moment. You don’t have to look for the liberation in the future, but you are already liberated at this very moment.

What binds you with life, have you ever noticed?

It’s your sense of doer-ship. You want your name to be present everywhere. You cannot do anything with your life, without self-interest. Your self-interest lies in every act. These, what binds you with life. Your very life becomes an act of ignorance.

We all know, that higher wisdom is available to the ones, those who seek it, but we never consider ourselves, worthy enough to even look for it. Our idea of life is so small, that we just cannot imagine life beyond ourselves. In reality, true experiences of life are possible, only beyond the identity of the mind. How to Experience Life beyond Mind?

It’s your clinging to life, allows the mind to ponder over small and petty things. You are more interested in having the same experiences of life again and again. Life works in duality. If you hold the good experiences, bad experiences of life too are waiting for you. If you are able to drop both the experiences of life, you transcend both the negative and positive experience of life to a blissful one.

The sense of non-doer ship towards actions transcends life and take the quality of life to another level.

The situations and people in your life are there to give you different experiences of life. You can have the best experience out of every situation, if you allow the things to happen, without too much interfering with life.

From the spiritual point of view, you hold the life’s energy that resides at the base of your spine. When you allow the outside life to happen and accept with all your heart, you allow the inner life energy to move vertically towards the higher plane.

Your intelligence or awareness towards life, depends on the inner movement of life energy.

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Life becomes Effortless.

As the understanding grows with life, it becomes effortless. When you know the path and the purpose of life, all that is left for you is to walk upon it. When you don’t have the path nor the purpose of life, the mind doesn’t have anything to walk upon.

The mind needs the goal so that he can think in a certain direction and the order for the mind to follow. The mind needs a path so that it has something to do all the time and can get better with it. You learn the mind when you get involved with your mind.

Anything you need to know needs your involvement. You can only get detached from your mind, once you understand the ways of your mind. You have to get in your mind, to get out of it. How to Understand the Nature of the Mind?

With life, you reach nowhere. Every moment is an end in itself. You create and destroy everything in the moment. Life begins and ends at the moment. All it requires is the realization of it. The process of life is about realization. Once you realize the process of life, you don’t strive to reach somewhere, but you accept the moment, as it is.

To learn and understand the mind, you need path and purpose. Once you train the mind, to walk on the path and direct him towards the purpose of life, you come closer to the reality, that is beyond mind.

The inner life is very essential to discover to know the truth.

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All the experiences of life is a ladder to bring you closer to the self. All the experiences of life, lead to that one in you, who is the source of everything.

Non-doer is the complete detachment with the ownership of things. You have your work, you have your family, your loved ones, friends, people around you. But you don’t have any ownership from inside. You are part of them from outside, but inside you are free. Absolutely detached. This is the state of Enlightenment. To realize that you are already free. You were always free. it’s just that, out of ignorance, you have attached yourself to everything.

You play the role at the office, or at work but you are not bound by the role. Mentally you are relaxed. You give everything to life, and when your role gets over, you move back to the self.

You add quality to everything. But you don’t choose to claim anything for yourself. Your interest lies in life, rather the act of life.The act is merely an expression of life. Life is the goal and not the act.

Experiment with yourself. Do all the activities but remember, you are not the doer. Once you are done with one-act, move to another. The action is needed the sense of doer-ship is not needed.

The Bhagavad Gita


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