How to Experience Life, beyond the Paradoxical State of Mind?


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To begin with, it’s not the mind, which is the source of life, but the inner flowing energy. So, you may perceive life, with the perspective of your mind, but the perspective with the mind, is only possible, when you have the necessary energy, to hold that perspective in the moment.

The paradox is something; we all are familiar with, i.e. contrast or opposite. The mind is a paradox. It can slip on either side of life. It can stand for or against anything. If you are too much attached to yourself, if anything that goes against your beliefs, your mind stands against it, and if the situation seems favourable to your belief, your mind stands for it.

With life, if you take a stand, either for or against anything, your action comes out of the paradoxical mind. Let’s see how?

In the moment, if you have been given a choice, to choose between war and peace, for your country for World War-3, what you will choose?

The majority of the crowd will opt for peace, while few still choose for war. Either you choose peace or war; you come out of the paradoxical mind. Remember, if you choose peace, you stand against war, and if you choose war, you stand against peace and life as a whole, has nothing to do, with the peace or war. Life has nothing to do, with neither nor or either or. Life is life, and it simply flows.

When you make a choice, out of your unconscious mind, you choose, out of the paradox. Life has nothing to do, either you choose good or bad. If you attach yourself either with your choice, you separate yourself from life. Life is a circle that simply rotates, absolutely indifferent to your choice.

If you become one with life, you too choose, but even with the choice, you can keep yourself detached.

Both the situation of war and peace comes out of each other. You stand for war because the situation demands and you stand for peace because you don’t want the war. In both the cases, you separate yourself from life, as a whole. Life is happening all the time and has nothing to do, with peace or war.

Now, let’s take another example. Instead of your country, suppose, you are passing by a street, to catch the train, for which you have limited time to catch. On the street, you come across two people, who are fighting on the corner of the street, and the crowd gathered around them, stood on both the side. Few of them stand on one side, while others took a stand for other.

You see the scenario, and you recognize that, in the fight, one is your closest friend, and you move rushing to the scene.

In this case, either you try to take a stand for your friend, irrespective of knowing, who is right or wrong, into the present situation, or with a kind heart; you try to resolve the situation, in between the two.

In the same scenario, if you have limited time to catch up your train, and more importantly, you know the nature of your friend, you likes to indulge in fighting, every now and then, will you still wait, to take a stand for your friend, or you simply move on, to catch up, your train, which will otherwise, get miss, if you wait, to resolve the dispute?

When you take a stand for something, either for or against, you only choose, out of your emotions, and never try to consider the life, as a whole. Your choices are always impulsive and never consider the life, as a whole.

If in such situation, if you can only take the responsibility of your choice, anytime, you can opt out of the situation.

With life as a whole, you have a limited time, and in that limited time, you have to reach to your destination. If you spend your life, taking a stand, for the paradoxical state of your mind, you simply get lost in it.

In any moment of time, you have three paths to choose from. You stand for something, you stand against something, or you drop both, and walk with your inner truth.

Your inner truth keeps you above the paradoxical state of mind. If somebody does well to you, you want to be good, to that person. If somebody said badly about you, you simply want to ignore that person. This is paradoxical state of mind. When you realize your truth and experience life with the truth, it doesn’t matter, who are good to you or how people are unfair to you, but what matters is, do you live your truth, every moment.

All the goodness and even the evil too can be transcended with the even state of mind. When you simply live your truth, you don’t bother, to get into the paradox of life.

Remember, everything that you experience outside, in the form of situation, events, or experience, be it, in your personal life, professional life, in your city, state, country or in the world, comes from the mind. The minds itself is a paradox, and like to switch in different direction. If you choose the experiences of your life, with how the things take place outside, then certainly, you will get into the trap of life.

All the wars in the world is an idea of someone, and collectively we fall into the trap, of the idea of others. Now, it doesn’t matter, either you stand for peace or war, you have fallen into the trap. Either it’s war or peace, it has nothing to do, with your true authentic self. If you are not in control of yourself, it’s easier for you, to get carried away by the crowds or an authority.

To experience life, beyond the paradoxical state of mind, you have to move inward. The nature of mind likes to choose, and cannot stay with the choice for long.

The reason, it’s difficult to stay with the choice of your mind is because, the functions of the mind, is possible with the flow of inner energy. Your energy is constantly flowing within. If you consciously make a choice with something, it will be hard for you to stay with it. As soon as your energy changes, your perspective about the situation, event or people too changes with it.

If you allow the life to happen, by connecting with your inner world, then you don’t have to worry about the changes with your perception or the change in the outside world. All you have to do is to follow your inner truth, to reach to your destination.

You can only see the paradoxical aspect of your own mind, and outside world with clarity, if you create the path inside of you, with understanding. If you simply follow the outside world, then sooner or later, you are going to get caught up in it.

It’s not only the beginning but an end has to be clear to you. It’s not the life, on the existence, but the life beyond the existence has to be clear to you. Only then, you can see the life with clarity and stay detach with the paradoxical aspects of life.  It’s only the inner path that can keep you detached from both the logic as well as imaginative part of life.

With the inner path, it becomes easier, to see the logic as well as the imagination, out of the situation, events and experience of daily life, and rather getting caught up in it, to give the best resolution to the moment, and move forward with life.

We all are designed in a way, where more and more authentic we appear to be, in front of life, more and more, our understanding gets developed towards life. With the understanding, it becomes easier to stay on the path and move towards our destination.

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  1. Alright .. that great you took the time to write this out .. I figured out by realizing that no matter if your running from past or hidding from future you end up here .. and here is the only place to have no paradox … im tired of running circules to finally realize I was here the hole time and never left … hello from the otherside or is it this side … damn it I created another one ..
    once you got it all figured out theres only one thing left to do …hahahhahahahhahaha peekaboo I got you ..

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