How to Experience Life beyond Mind?



The experience of life beyond the mind is possible. The meditation and physical exercise are tools that can serve you to experience life, beyond the mind.

Although it’s possible to experience life beyond mind, it’s the road less traveled. It’s the path, only taken by the souls, who believe in possibilities and not afraid to jump into it.

There are different experiences of life that are possible, but the point is, are you ready to strive for it?

There are people, who can learn about the truth, and applaud if anyone realizes the truth, and even follows them, and then there are others, who hold an idea, that if the truth is possible for one, it’s possible for them too. If an experience is possible for one, then it’s possible for all.

With life, we try to correct one after another thing, but unless you experience life beyond mind, all your correction will go in vain. Unless you have realized life beyond mind, all your correction or improvement with your life will only remain on the surface.

All the life’s experiences and impressions, including the memories of the past and imagination of the future, belong to the surface of the mind. There is also a part of the mind, which remains unexplored by many. Just beneath the surface layer of the mind, you also have the mind, i.e. untouched by any of your life experiences or impressions, or even memories of the past.

The inner part of the mind is the space where you experience the no-mind state. This mind is also known as a pure consciousness, which remains untouched, by any activities of the outside world.

All the creativity and innovation and fresh ideas for life only come from this part of the mind. Pure consciousness is part of the cosmos. The source of the inner life too reflects in the space of pure consciousness. The inner movement of the spirit too can be experienced with the pure consciousness.

All the stress, anger, frustration, problems, suffering, confusion, chaos, thoughts, dreams, desires, past, present, future and everything that you experience with life, exists on the outer layer of the mind.

If you really want to understand, the formation of life, you have to take your attention inward, and move deeper beneath the outer layer of the mind, and connect with the inner layer of the mind.

The time you wake up, all your daily situations of life, start taking a round in you, in the form of thoughts and imagination. It keeps you so engrossed, that as soon as you wake up, your mind starts thinking in that direction, and before you consciously think in a different direction, you too get caught up with the daily activities of life.

To experience life beyond the outer layer of the mind, you have to take some time each day for yourself and practice meditation. Each day spends from 30 minutes to 60 minutes to practice meditation.

In meditation, all you have to do is pick up the silent corner of your house, close your eyes and start observing everything that goes inside. For the next 30 to 60 minutes, all you have to do is to observe your inner world.

No matter what happens in the outside world, you keep your attention inward.

Ideally, if you include physical exercise in your schedule along with the meditation, it becomes easier for you to take your attention inward. The biggest obstacle to the realization of the truth is your mind and body.

The mind is a separate subtle body that exists within the physical body. You have no idea, how life is happening in you, without you being aware of it. The practice of meditation can help you to experience the mind separately within the body.

The mind thinks thoughts, wanders into the past or the future, assume on its own about the situation, people, events or experience of life and develop a perception out of it. When you consciously take your attention inward, you will realize that everything that is created by the mind, is limited to your individual perception and has no truth whatsoever when it comes to the experience of life as a whole.

All your thinking, dreams, and desires are only limited to your own ideas of life and have no relevance with the absolute truth. We all hold the judgment of right or wrong or good or bad, but, when you realize the truth of life, beyond the surface layer of the mind, you will notice that there is nothing called good or bad or right or wrong exists in the moment.

Life only serves the moment, and the only thing that’s important to life as a whole is to serve the moment.

You have to consciously take time out for yourself, and look for life that lies beyond the surface layer of your mind. The flow of thoughts and imagination and dreams and desires are such that it can keep you engaged in the outside world for the lifetime. Unless you consciously choose to rise above the surface layer of the mind and experience life beyond mind, it’s not going to happen by itself.

The mind is such that, unless you are aware of it, it can guide you in any direction of his choice. The memories already exist in the mind, and thus mind can shift you in any direction out of the memories of the mind.

The mind also has a quality to form different thoughts and imagination out of the past memories, and thus, when you get those thoughts and you start acting on it, it appears that you are doing something new, rather you are only extending your past memories into the future, without bringing anything new to life.

To understand the true nature of the mind, you have to take your attention deeper beyond the thoughts and memories of the mind. You have to get yourself familiar with the thoughtless state of the mind. The state of pure consciousness lies beyond the thoughtless state.

Your role in meditation remains to observe everything that goes into your mind. The mind will, again and again, pull you back in the outside world, but you have to stick with it, till the end. Don’t give up with the mind, but stay with it, till the end.

Any experience beyond the mind is not a one day event; rather you have to stick with the process, for the longest time possible. The day you follow a different course of life similarly you have to add meditation to your daily schedule.

The way you follow a schedule on a daily basis, you also have to add meditation to your daily schedule and practice it on a daily basis.

Your life should initiate with the practice of meditation and your goal has to have a shift from the mind that is full of thoughts to a thoughtless state. The magic doesn’t lie in a thoughtless state, but if you can hold yourself into a thoughtless state, you open yourself to the possibility to experience pure consciousness.

The time you experience hard to move deeper into meditation, physical exercise can help you to break the inner shield, and serve you to move deeper within. The physical exercise can help you to create a way inside, whenever you feel stuck in meditation.

With the mind, no matter what you gather, you will always remain a fool, unless you experience life beyond mind. You can never understand the truth of life with the information of the mind. It’s only when you prepare yourself to drop everything of the mind and dive deeper into the mind, you will experience life beyond mind.

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