How to Experience God Consciousness?

How to Experience God Consciousness?

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Life begins with the daily situations of life. Your life revolves around what you experience with your day to day life.

What you see and experience in the physical form is your physical reality, in which certain physical things are the human’s creation and rest of them are Gods creation or natures creation.

Sky, Earth, Mountains, Sea, animals are God’s creation, and cars, buses, houses, buildings are the human creation.

We don’t have any control over Gods creation and thus, we can simply enjoy his creation and utilize it, for our utility purpose. Man-made creation is in our hands, and we can create, innovate, modify, adjust and readjust with the creation, according to our dreams and desires. All the physical creation too needs the material from the god’s creation to create or form its things.

The subtle world is the world of thoughts, idea, imagination, feelings, and emotions. The subtle world at the level of mind is formed, when the mind gets in touch with nature, i.e. physical reality. It only exists because of the physical reality, and later we use the subtle world to create our own reality.

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We all humans with our subtle thoughts, feelings, and emotions create life on earth, and our lives remain limited to our physical as well as the subtle reality that we hold, into our mind.

The personal identity that you carry in your mind, is developed over the time, with the outside experience and impressions, along with the continuous thoughts, feelings, and emotions you create around them.

Your life is limited to your personality, subtle world of thoughts, feelings, and emotions and your daily experiences of life that comes out of your subtle world.

It’s not possible to directly jump to God-consciousness, rather slowly and gradually step by step, you can move into it, by understanding different aspects of life.

Each day you go through different experiences of life, in a physical world. Some you choose and some come to you, because of your past.

When you make a choice, with the daily experiences of life, it comes from your subtle world, and when the experiences come to you, from outside, it’s because those experiences relate to you, in one or the other way from your past.

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Now, when you go into your physical reality, accept your physical reality, in its totality, without rejecting any part of it. Whatever you experience in your daily life, is part of your past and thus accept it, without negating any part of your experience, and whatever you choose with your life, give your whole heart to it, as it will become your future.

Once you get in tune with your physical reality, it will be easier for you, to move into the subtle world, that takes place inside of you. Subtle world is connected to you, and physical reality is something that you can escape for some time, but with the subtle world, you can never escape, as it’s a part of you.

Subtle reality exists because of the physical reality and these can be experienced when you practice meditation.

In meditation, when you close your eyes, and disconnect yourself from the physical reality, you enter into the subtle world.


Life is only experienced through sensation; either it’s the physical or the subtle world. The journey of life is traveled by the personal identity or I and even the experience of God-consciousness happen to the identity.

When you think life is happening outside of you in the physical reality, than its a false idea, because either you think, feel or experience anything in the outside world, everything is happening within you, and whatever you think, feel or experience, also adds onto the personal identity that you carry within.

Personal identity exists till the mind exists, i.e. the past and future exist. When you reach to the no-mind state, you don’t find any personal identity of you.

You can experience the subtle world in meditation and more and more you move into the subtle world, more you see yourself, moving deeper into the silent space of the subtle world.

All the thoughts, images, ideas, imagination, feelings and emotions exist on the surface, and when you move deeper into the no-mind state, you find pure silence.

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When you move deeper into the no-mind state, you enter into the world of energy and vibrations. The identity that you relate yourself with, simply observes the entire experience of the subtle thread of the spirit and soul.

God-Consciousness is experienced beyond the no-mind state. The life doesn’t end with God-consciousness, but you connect with the essence of life. The experience of the soul is the experience of God-consciousness, within the body.

After the experience of God-Consciousness, the natural principles of life get clear to you. The order of the cosmos gets clear to you.

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The internal process happens this way. You have God-Consciousness; you have a spirit attached to it, carrying the subtle thread, spiritual energy, sensation and breathe. Subtle thread when connects to the mind, heart, and body, and observes the physical reality, it gives rise to the subtle world.

Subtle world than creates desires and that desire compels the physical body to take actions towards it. Say, if you are hungry, you feel the sensation in the stomach region, and the nerves will force your body to take action, in the direction, where you can satisfy your hunger.

The same applies to the desire. When the mind is pulled by the desire, it forces the body to move in that direction. This is the natural process of life, whereby, soul or God-consciousness is an ultimate experience of life and the spirit which is the medium between the Soul and the body, experience life with the brain, heart, and body.

So, here is God-Consciousness, Spirit, and I of the mind. After the experience of God-Consciousness, the attention of I gets directed towards God-Consciousness, but the process of life still continues, whereby, the mind creates thoughts, and imagination and I goes through different situations and experience in the outside life.

God Consciousness is an experience of consciousness beyond consciousness. When you rise above the consciousness, from within you experience God consciousness.

Happiness Unlimited

Each day, new experiences and impressions does gather by the mind, and the process of life pulls the mind, back to the world, but after the realization, no physical or subtle reality can hold the mind for longer, and as the mind gets its free space, it begins its journey inward towards God-Consciousness.

The spiritual purpose of life is to make the spirit one with God-Consciousness, but for that, the spiritual path has to be covered by the spirit.

Meanwhile, Spirit experience God-Consciousness from time to time, and strive to be with it, all the time. The daily life is scheduled in a way, where the mind can remain closer to the remembrance of God-consciousness, serving all the needs of the physical life.

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