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Experience and expressions are two aspects of life. Whatever you experience, turns into your experience, be it the spiritual, personal or professional experience.

You either experience life or express it, in one or the other form. To express, you have to have an experience, and more experience you have, of the natural process of life, your expression too reflects the same.

Life is an everyday process. Anything that you experience, is registered in the deeper self, while when the same experience becomes your expression, it comes from the mind.

Although experience happens with your day-to-day life, blueprint of it gets registered, in the deeper part of the self, beyond mind, although when you choose to express your experience, you have to again come back at the level of mind.

You have observer within you, that can not only observe your experience but also can observe, how you express your experience into this world. When the mind becomes full or whole the mind plays a role of an observer.

Whenever you experience life, without any personal interference, you experience life through an observer.

“When the mind reach to the no-thought state, the one who notice the no-thought mind, is an observer.”

No-Mind: Realizing Your True Nature

Your physical structure does not only consist of body, heart, and brain, but you experience subtle breath, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, imagination, that take place in a subtle form, within you.

When you put your attention to the subtle world, you realize the subtle body other than the physical body, i.e. termed as spirit, and that allows the functions of body, heart, and mind to take place. The spirit too is a subtle thread, that can be observed by an observer.

The subtle thread of the spirit is just like a web, that can be expanded, and secluded into an observer. Expansion and seclusion of a spirit are the technique, that is learned through meditation.

Meditation is not a practice to do something, but to silent your mind, to an extent, where it can simply observe everything that goes within the body.

With the mind, to understand an observer is a difficult thing, because an observer is the one, who observes the mind when the mind is absolutely thoughtless.

The mind carries a personal identity, that picks the thoughts and images from the past each day, and begins his everyday process of life. The experience remains from the past, and thus most of the time, it repeats itself in different forms.

The observer is experienced, when you allow the personal identity along with the physical body to drop for some time from your mind.

When you simply be with yourself, your inner movements of thoughts, feelings, emotions, breath, and sensation tends to aggravate and your personal identity simply likes to run from the situation and feels normal, only when you again engage yourself in some activity.

It’s hard for the personal identity to control his thoughts, feelings, emotions or sensation. When the mind thinks thoughts, sensation force the body to take immediate action, and the body becomes restless if it doesn’t act to the sensation or thoughts, feelings or emotions.

It needs practice to control your sensation. Mediation, Yoga, Breathing techniques, and any form of physical exercise can become the tool to control the sensation. You have to understand the equation between the physical body and sensation, as mind and heart work only through sensation, and control your entire life.

At the level of mind, day-to-day life takes place, through thoughts, imagination, feelings, emotions, dreams, and desires. The thoughts and imagination of the mind come from your past experience.

You develop a personal identity within your mind, out of the experiences and impressions from the past, along with the physical appearance, as well as your thoughts, feelings, and emotions that take place within you, in the moment.

Your experience revolves around your personal identity. You serve the personal identity that has been developed over the time, by your mind, and anything that goes against the personal identity, you resist or reject those situations or experience from your life, and something that serves the personal identity, you simply accept.

To experience an observer, you have to understand the movement of your breath, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and imagination.

Life is not at all complex. When you begin the inward journey, and put your attention on your breath, the process is such that naturally, from the breath, you will be guided to the next step, i.e. sensation, and slowly you will experience your feelings, emotions and move to the mind.

The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation

When your attention shifts towards breathe and later into the sensation, slowly, you will be guided higher to the point, where you feel your sexual energy and different lower desires of life. Your role is to hold your attention and be with the sensation, and slowly the process itself will take you upward.

Remember in the process, the one who fails is only you, and the only way to fail is to shift your attention from the sensation to anything else. To shift the attention means, begin to think because that’s the nature of mind. The nature of mind is to think, and either jump into the past or the future and if you try to put it, at one place, then it becomes impossible for the mind, to put it in one place.

Remember, when your attention is inward towards sensation, you feel every sensation within the body, and the sensation aggravates, to a higher level. When your attention is divided you don’t feel much pain or sorrow within the body, but when your attention is, on yourself, you experience everything within you, through sensation.

There is no way to escape life, except to experience it within yourself. You can escape from the situation, people and different experiences of life, but you can never escape from the things, that’s happening within you.

Life will bring you again and again to the same sensation into the future. The experiences of life are no more than the sensation, and unless you understand yourself, thoroughly from within, you will never be able to rise above it.

Remember it’s not the people, situations or experience that bothers you, but what takes place within you, when you get into those situations, is the real cause of your suffering.

When you can hold your attention inward, slowly with the sensation, your attention moves upward going through all the feelings and emotions, and you come to space, where all your thought patterns take place. When you rise above the thought patterns, you experience the space where the mind creates images and thought patterns form, from these images.

Your attention comes above the thought patterns and images of the mind, and when you rise above the thought patterns and images of your mind, you come to the point of attention, from where you have initiated the process of moving inward with the breath. The subtle thread of the spirit carries the function through the brain, heart, and body.

When the sensation reaches to the point of attention, you experience the no-mind state. The realization of spirit and an observer is experienced when your attention moves into the no-mind state.

When your attention reaches to the point of attention itself, no thought remain for you to experience, and all your energy gathers at the point of attention. If you can stay at that point for long, your attention and energy slip down to the bottom of the spine, and you experience the sensation at the bottom of the spine.

At this point, the subtle thread of the spirit gets detached from the physical body, and rise high to become one with an observer.

In these moments, for the first time, you experience an observer within the body. An observer within the body is part of the creator and holds exactly the same nature of the creator. The source of spirit, mind, heart, and body is an observer.

To experience an observer, you have to put your attention inward, by going through different experiences of outside life.

You don’t have any control over the outside experiences of life. The only thing you can control is your response to it.

Even the enlightened beings, get into the situations that cannot be avoided, and the only thing they have is their response with the highest wisdom of life.

Zen Flesh Zen Bones: A Collection of Zen and Pre-Zen Writings

Mind and anything related to mind is a separate identity, other than the spirit and an observer.

Till the time you are in your mind, you carry personal identity out of your past experience, and with it, you experience different dreams, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires.

Your personal identity gets drop, after the realization of an observer, and you become one with an observer.

The observer is a constant phenomenon within the body, that vibrates at a higher level, and can see through life, without the interference of mind. The experience of bliss and wisdom happens, when the spirit becomes one with an observer.

Once the observer is realized, you experience life without the interference of the mind. You have to understand that, with an observer, you understand the natural process of life, and you have to follow the law, to make anything happen, or to get anything done, on the existence.

It’s just that, with an observer, you don’t live in an illusion, but you become one with the natural process of life. Out of the process, you simply know the existential truth of life.

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