How to Elevate your Process of Evolution?



Elevate means to move to the next level. Now, is there any possibility, to measure the process of evolution?

Yes, you can not only move to the next level, with the process of evolution, but you can measure it, by yourself.

Can anybody else, measure your stage of evolution?

No, the process of evolution is an internal thing, and only you realize, either you move forward, or you slip backward with life.

How to measure the process of evolution, and what is the parameter for it?

The only parameter, through which you can measure your stage of evolution, is how you perceive life. Your perception of life will give you the right measurement, either you have grown, or you have moved backward with life.

Before you elevate your life, to the next level, it’s necessary to understand, what the process of evolution actually is?

Life is not limited to your brain, heart, and body, but there is more to life. You might have heard about the spirit and soul. The ultimate purpose of evolution is to realize the soul and spirit in the body. Spirit and soul hold its own functions within the body, that can be realized when you consciously begin to live life.

Spirit and soul, doesn’t hold the physical form, but can be realized within. The movement of the spirit and the spiritual energy can be realized easily in the body, while the soul is constant, but has its own role in life.

When you identify yourself with the personal identity of the mind, and everything that goes with the body and everything that happens to you from outside, your understanding towards life, remains limited to the identification of your mind.

The process of evolution is to evolve, step by step with the identity of the mind, that has been developed over the time, with different experiences and impressions of life, and realize the spirit and soul within the body, the experience of which, serves you to understand the entire process of life.

All the efforts of Religion and spirituality are to serve you to elevate with the process of evolution.

To move to the next level, with the process of evolution, is to have a better clarity with life. It doesn’t matter how much wealth you have, or what kind of relationships you have, within your circle, but it all depends on upon, how you perceive life. How much you trust life, and how you move with different aspects of life.

This is true, that once your perception improves towards life, your understanding grows towards life, and wherever you put your mind upon, it becomes easier for you, to understand that aspect of life.

Your life is possible with the perception. You perceive life, out of understanding.  Now, when you consciously work, towards your understanding, you improve your perception towards life, and that leads to the clarity towards every different aspect of your life.

Remember when you perceive life, with the mind, or holding your present identity, your perspective, either towards personal life or professional life, gets adjusted, according to the identity that you hold, into your mind.

On the other hand, when you consciously strive to improve your understanding towards life, then you don’t observe your personal or professional life, with the identity of your mind, but you see life, of the present moment, with the understanding that you hold towards life, with the improved perception.

You might be having different things to deal with, into your life, but one thing, that remains constant, in all your different aspects of life, and i.e. you. When you consciously work on your perception, through different methods, than in real sense, you grow and evolve with life.

To move to the next level with the process of evolution, doesn’t mean, that you have lots of wealth with your life, or you will have healthy relationships with everyone.

With the process of evolution, you get clarity towards different aspects of life, and then with your understanding, you make a choice, of how much wealth you wish to have for yourself, and what kind of relationships, you would like to keep it, for yourself.

People relates the process of evolution, as growth and success in the material world, rather in reality, the process of evolution, is all about, how you perceive life, with your understanding, in the present moment.

To elevate yourself with the process of evolution is to understand yourself. Understand your body, understand your feelings and emotions, understand your different functions of mind, understand your breathe and sensation and understand everything, that goes inside of you.

To understand life as a whole, it’s important to understand the part of life, i.e. you. You hold everything that exists outside, and by understanding yourself, life becomes clear to you.

Imagine identifying yourself, only with the identity of your mind, i.e. your body, mind, and heart, but how would you feel, if you realize the spirit within the body that works through the body, heart, and mind?

What if you can realize inside, the process of incoming and outgoing of your breathe?

What if you can see the process of sensation, and how the subtle thread of the spirit, passes through the brain, heart, and mind, to experience life?

You can choose to stay limited to the identity of your mind, or you can consciously evolve your understanding towards the process of life, by understanding yourself.

Remember, when your mind is directed outside, into your personal and professional life, there are still changes occur inside of you, without your knowing.

With the mind, you go on living life, be it your personal or professional life, settling your obligations towards life, without understanding the reality. Only when you consciously choose to grow and evolve with life, you begin to understand the true nature of yourself and the life on existence.

The process of evolution is all about intent. Once you create an intent to know yourself, your life will be driven in the direction of knowing, and will take you through the path, that best suits your nature.

To evolve with life is to understand oneself, thoroughly with the body, heart, and mind. For some, it’s easier to work on their body, and thus life takes them, through the path of physical efforts.

Some souls are closer to their heart, and thus life, take them, from the path, whereby their nature can be served, and simultaneously they get evolved with life.

Some hold higher intellect, and thus, life take them through the path of the mind, where they served the purpose of outside world, while still grow and evolve with life, in the inner world.

Knowingly or unknowingly each individual is taken care of, by life. Each individual evolves with life, consciously or unconsciously, but if you are conscious enough with your daily living, you can accelerate your process of evolution.

All the different situations, events, and experiences of life, are placed in a way, where it can serve you, to give you the clarity of life, and for some reason, if you don’t get what life wants to teach you, still different experiences and impressions of life, makes necessary changes in you, that serves you with the process of evolution.

For life, it doesn’t matter how much you earn and how you hold your different relationships, but what’s important for life is, what kind of progress, you have achieved from inside, while going through different aspects of life.

Life only looks within and is interested, with your internal growth. This doesn’t mean, you drop your outside obligations towards life. That too, is equally important, for your survival, but when you begin to understand the process of life and come closer to it, in a conscious way, it becomes easier for you to take care of your several other aspects of life.

When you are born, outside world already exists. When you begin to understand life, all you acquire is the outside world’s beliefs, and different experiences and impressions from the outside world. In the process, you forget to know the person, who entered into this earth and the purpose of his birth.

When you went through different experiences of life, you experienced pain, you suffered, you went under the stress, you felt loved and all these things inside, prepare you, for the bigger experiences of life. But throughout the process, you were unaware, what was happening with you, and you never tried to bother, to understand yourself or life.

With different experiences and impressions of life, you developed the personality, and you see everything that happens in your life, out of that personality.

Unless you bring your attention, back to yourself, you cannot grow consciously with your life. Life will still happen, and one or the other desire, or different needs of life, will keep you rolling. Unless you consciously move with life, life will only happen to you, and you will never really understand the process of life.

Even if you don’t want, life will and always work upon your body, heart, and mind in different ways, so that you can grow with life.

It all depends on upon you, either you would like to, go through the process consciously, or you want to keep your mind busy with the chaos of the outside world, and once in a while, you want life to knock you on your head, so that you move forward with the process of life.

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