How to Drop the Illusions of Life?


What is Reality?

The situations and people you are facing now in your life are your reality. Your reality is limited to your understanding, but one thing needs to be clear, that higher understanding is always available for the mankind.

There is no issue, with the way you understand life at this moment, but if your mind can grasp this truth, that higher aspect of living is possible for you, then you can certainly convince yourself to look for the higher truth.

What are the Illusions, with life?

If you cannot see the things, the way it is, then its the illusive reality of your mind. In any given situation of your life, you already have an idea about the situation and people involved in the situation. It’s not possible to drop our own idea about the situation and the people, and directly look into the situation.

Your own idea about life is the illusive reality of the mind. Life may or may not take place, out of the idea of your mind, but one thing is sure, that if you remain rigid with your plans, then your plans itself, will take you to the grave.

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 Life doesn’t happen at the level of mind, but it happens from much deeper part of you. Every individual is clear with this truth of life, that whatever he thinks, life always unfolds in some different way. Still, nobody shows interest to figure out the ways of life, but go on thinking and projecting their own ideas on life.

The illusive reality is what you carry in your mind and what you think and imagine about people and situations of your life, while the reality is, what you face or experience in the moment. You think to respond something and life happens altogether in a different way.

Begin by dropping the World from your Mind.

Everyone carries the world within themselves, and each one wants the things to work exactly the way, they have thought in their mind. This is the illusion, that everyone carries in their mind, and this is the cause of their suffering.

When you hold on your idea, you miss the reality of life. You expect the life to happen according to the idea of your mind, while the reality always differs from what you have imagined.

The Hidden Keys of Existence That Will Transform Your Life

Your imagination works into the reality only if you know how to align with the natural patterns of life. This happens as you show an intent to understand the natural movements of life. When you hold an intent to learn, you don’t go with your own ideas with life, but you remain open to life.

To look at the reality of life, drop the world you carry in your mind, and see what is happening around you, and what’s going on in your life. This is your reality for now. As you understand life better, the same reality changes for you in your perception.

When you see the reality dropping your own idea about life for a while, you can see the difference between what you want out of your life, and what’s keeping you away from it.

Sometimes, people are so frustrated with the present situations, that they tend to create the dream life into their mind, and run away from the real events of life. This keeps them away from solving the real issues of life.

Life can be transcended only by living at the present moment, and not simply dreaming the future. Your future comes out of the present life.

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If you can create perfection out of what you already have in your life, you no longer have to live in your dreams, and you can have more pleasures with your present life.

When your perception towards life is vague, you may only see, that which your mind projects you. As the perception gets clear, the life gets clear to you. The clarity comes from inside and not outside.

Write down your expectations from life, and see your position in the present moment. Be honest with yourself and don’t deceive at any moment. See how you can cover the gap, between what you want and where you stand in the present moment, and start taking active steps towards it.

This way you can connect with the reality of life and not ignore the present moment, rather along with serving the present moment, you move closer in creating your future reality.

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As your understanding grows with life, you align your life with the truth, rather vague desires of life.

People miss the small pleasure’s of life, running after the big ones. If you can really enjoy what is available to you, you will realize that you don’t need big things for your inner fulfillment.

The imagination is useful for the creation and innovation in life, but when you imagine pleasure-seeking life, it only leads to chaos.

Look into your emotions and see how it responds in different situations or with different people. This will help you to be more aware of life. The pain and suffering are part of emotions. When you are aware of your emotions, you take back the power to change them. You can only improve on something that you know.

Anything that keeps you away from the present moment, is an illusion.


The Presence Process: A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness

The mind shows life-like a mirage. The past and future only exist in the mind.

The outside world is real in the form of matter. It took the thoughts and emotions of many people to create the world. But the matter in itself doesn’t project any thoughts or emotions of the people. The projection of physical world comes from within. Our emotions add beauty to the world. Even the thoughts arise towards the world is only part of our mind.

When you see your present life as a mess, don’t try to run away from it. The best way to make your present life better is to start making everything you encounter better. This way you change the reality of life, not by running away from it, but by facing it and living it in the moment.

When people run away, life follows them back in the future, and again put them in the same situation of their past. But when you accept the present situation, and live them and go through them, you always rest assured of never experiencing your past in the future. The hard times of life take you to another level.

The person with the understanding of life can satisfy himself with anything that comes to him and makes the best out of every experience that life throws at him.

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