How to do one thing at a time?

How to do one thing at a time

It can add miracle to your life. If you have ever tried doing it so, you will understand what I am saying.

Your mind has to be absolutely focused on one thing. Usually you are doing something, and your mind is busy at something else. To keep your mind focused on one thing requires conscious efforts.

I have found many ancients scholars used to work 4 to 5 hours every day. They have focused 4 to 5 hours for work and for the rest of the time, they work on enhancing their skills.

They value more on working on themselves than on work.

In today’s time, we all are in a hurry. We all want something right now. We dont have enough patience to allow the process to complete.

Thus, we feel lost in life. If you are engaged in more than one activity in the moment, you are not doing justice to any one of them. If something is worth doing, than it’s worth your attention for. At the same time, if you think, something doesn’t require your complete attention, its better you assigned that task to somebody else.

The appreciation to your work happens, when you completely devote yourself to it. Only then you can add miracle to your work. The wow kind of work is produced out of complete dedication and focus. Life doesn’t happen to you, rather you create it moment by moment.

Many times, I myself like to do few tasks simultaneously. The reason I later figured out was, I want to do two things simultaneously because either I am acting out of fear, or I am not interested in work but want to finish it as soon as possible. Multi-tasking diverts my mind and helps me to move away from the moment.

Stay in control of your emotions.

To do one thing at a time, you have to keep your liking aside. You do something because it’s important to you and if it’s important to you, it requires your complete attention.

We choose our work out of our liking’s. Rather the work has nothing to do with your likes and dislike’s. There are things that requires your complete attention despite you like it or not.

If you learn to keep your liking’s and disliking separate from your work, you can bring better focus to your work.

There is always a shortcut to everything but that short cut always leads to the failure. We never really evaluate our failures. Our success lies in our failures.

You fail, because you dont do justice to your work. Whenever you fail, ask yourself what better you could have done at this moment?

If you receive the answer, work better the next time. Make yourself and your work better each time you work on it. Your failure and success depends on you.

We fail because we want everything fast. We don’t have the patience to wait for success. Life works at its own pace, but we want everything instantly. If you want everything in the moment, you hurried with everything that you do in the moment.

Thats the reason its difficult to do one thing at a time. You are not at ease with life. You are already living into the future. The future in your mind will disconnect you from the present. Its only when you bring yourself to the moment, you will create your desired future. Anyways your future will only come out of your present efforts.

Fall in love with the process.

Life comes out of the process. Our mind is engaged in the results. If you take care of the process, the results are bound to come out of the process. You have to fall in love with the process, and not the results.

You can do one thing at a time, only if you love the process. Focus on one thing requires your presence in the moment. You can only focus on your work, if you are in love with your work. You have to fall in love with your work and not the end results. If you are in love with the work you do, its easier to direct your energy and focus in the moment.

The majority of us run after the wealth, but miss to understand the process behind the wealth generation. There are very few who understand the process of wealth and work on the process, rather than chasing the wealth for their whole life. If you chase the wealth, than you can spend your whole life chasing the wealth, but if you try to understand the process of wealth creation, and work on building the process, than you can attain the wealth in a shorter period of time.

I am bored.

Have you ever realize why you are bored?

When you dont have a purpose in life, and when you dont know, where to direct your mind and energy, you feel bored in life.

The time you connect with your purpose in life, forget about 24 hours, rather this whole life will appear short to fulfill your purpose in life.

It’s easier to get bored in life and that too with one thing. When you have been asked to do one thing, the mind start to feel bored. You definitely need real purpose to stick with one thing for a longer period of time.

You can only give your time, focus and commitment to something if the purpose of it is clear to your mind.

If your actions come without a purpose, it will not carry the same level of intensity that you carry when its backed by the strong purpose.

The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction

To focus your mind on one thing for a longer period of time, you have to understand the nature of the mind.

The nature of the mind is such that, it likes to jump from one thing to another. You have to be aware of your mind. If you are aware of the nature of the mind you can stay in control of the mind. Even if the mind fluctuates in different directions you can bring it back to the moment.

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We all know the importance of focus, but we tend to forget it every now and then, and forget to apply into our day to day life.

When you start doing one thing at a time, you will remove most of the waste from both of your mind as well as from the outside life.

When your mind is engaged in more than one thing, it gets the space to wander into a different direction. At the same time, you also remain less control of your mind. When you are focused on one thing at a moment, not only you stay aware in the moment, but you also remain control of your mind.

The mind can easily be observed if its focused in one direction. If too many thoughts are going on, in your mind, its difficult to stay control of your mind.

The mind doesn’t think too many thoughts on its own. If you consciously think about unnecessary thoughts, and stay unaware of your mind, only then the mind gets indulge in too many thoughts. The trigger to think too many thoughts comes from you.

When you are mindful in the moment, you will notice that your mind will always remain in control. Only when you indulge yourself in the wasteful activities, your mind tends to get out of your hands.

You know, life is happening in the mind. Our mind carries blue-print of everything that we do in the outside world. When we become aware of our mind, we develop more and more control of our outside world.

In the moment, the only thing that is prime important to you is the things in the moment. If you give all your attention to the things at hand, you certainly do justice to it. You also learn some valuable lessons out of it.

When your mind is focused in one direction, even it expands its horizon and produces the thoughts, which is unlikely to think by the distracted mind. The nature of the mind is to expand. When you bring your attention to the moment, your mind can dig deeper into any subject, and pull out the information that you were previously unaware of.

If you put your mind on one thing for a longer period of time, it becomes easier to develop specialty on that particular subject. You have to bring your mind again and again on the same subject.

Gautama Buddha got nirvana focusing on the self. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before perfecting the incandescent electric light bulb. All this happened by focusing on one thing for the longest period of time.

Know your why?

What are you building and what’s your purpose behind it?

Your why should be clear in your mind. Only then you can give your all to life. Whatever you do in your life, it should mean something. It should be the stepping stone to take your life to another level.

As I have mentioned, your life is build in your mind. If you are growing in your mind all the time, it’s easier to replicate the same in the outside world. For that, it’s necessary you are connected with your mind all the time. You need to know, whats going on, in your mind.

If you are doing one thing at a time, you can produce something worthwhile. If your mind is distracted on various other things, you will also mess with the things at hand.

Patience and perseverance is the key to success.

You have to have deep patience and you have to be willing to persevere with all your might, to achieve what you want in life. If you are not ready for these two things, you can’t expect the magic in your life. Our mind is connected with the cosmic universe.

If you put your mind on one thing, you can utilize the cosmic universe for your creation, if you can stay with your creation for a sustainable period of time. You need to allow the life to happen. If the thought crosses your mind, you have to believe that it’s possible to manifest those thoughts. If your mind can conceive and if your heart believes, you can certainly manifest those thoughts in your reality.

The energy plays a major role in manifestation.

When you do one thing at a time you direct all your energy into that one thing. This increases your chances of success, as there is no leakage of energy from your end.

You must have heard about laws of attraction. There are very few who talks about the energy you radiate in the universe. You attract life at the level of energy. If you are radiating positive energy in the universe, you attract the same into your life.

This applies to your work too. If you radiate positive energy to your work, you send the same into the universe. In return, you attract the same into your life.

Whenever you do any kind of work, you transmit your energy into that thing. If you have undivided flow of positive energy to anything, it’s definitely produce the desired result.

The necessary work is required at the level of energy. If your energy is positive, you are bound to attract positive results into your life.

Clarity precedes mastery.

“Clarity precedes mastery and the more clear you can get on what you want to create in life, the more focused you will be in your daily behaviors.”

– Robin S. Sharma

We are unsure of what we want in our lives. This makes our attention distracted into different directions. When we develop absolute clarity in our mind, it becomes easier to direct all our energy in one direction.

The system of marriage has come into existence because of the same reason. If you are married to someone, you can commit your mind and energy to that person. This adds strength to your will-power. Your mind doesn’t get distracted and it already knows, it has committed to someone.

The same thing applies to your work. When you know what you want in your life, and the kind of efforts requires in the moment, then there is no looking back in life. When your mind and energy is directed in one direction, your thoughts remain in control, and you feel less stressed.

The mind likes to get all the things done at the moment. Thus, it likes to hurry in all different directions. When you start understanding the thought process of your mind, it will be easier to consciously direct your mind.

The clarity of your vision allows you to focus more in the moment, and you get things done without getting distracted in the moment.

When your mind is engaged in one thing, you are more productive with your actions.

Also, when you are doing one thing at a time its easier to focus your mind to that one thing. You have to understand that you are working with your mind.

Physical body is just like any mechanism with which you get the things done, but the real work takes place in the mind.

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

When you are doing one thing at a time that means not only your body is doing one thing, but even your mind is focused on that one thing. This allows you to be more productive with your actions.

Advantages of time management.

We all have a limited period of time. Whats important is how we utilize our time?

The person who utilize the same time more efficiently makes most out of his life. It’s necessary to bifurcate between primary versus secondary.

Not everything requires your attention. On top of that, not every work is equally important. If you know how to prioritize your check list, you can make most out of your day. If you don’t have a check list, you can spend your time and energy on the things that may not be aligned with your vision.

Your priorities have to be clear in your life. Many times we spend our time and energy on things that leads us nowhere. Unless we priorities our life and make things clear to our mind, it gets easier to be distracted in the moment, and get carried away by life.

When you set your priorities right, you have limited things to focus upon. With the limited options, you can always choose Whats really important, and give all your time and energy to it.

You know, most of your energy is drained not by your focus, but by thinking wasteful thoughts. If you are engaged in purposeful work, you like to do it more, and you remain charged up.

You start draining your energy, when you are engaged in some wasteful thoughts, or doing things that simply drains you without any output.

When you are working on your check list, you will always feel charged up. At the same time, if your mind is distracted at multiple things, you will start feeling lack of energy.

Avoid distractions and stay focused.

Usually our mind is trained to get distracted. To put it at one thing for a longer period of time seems a huge struggle. When you understand this nature of the mind, you will learn how to trick the mind, and stretch it little longer.

Whenever you give a specific time period to the mind, it starts becoming restless after that time period. At the same time, if you train your mind in the beginning for the long run, it’s easier to push the mind to its limits.

Your mind is elastic and can bear anything, provided you know how to handle the mind. You have to learn to expand your mind. Your life is in your mind.

The mind needs to train for the better. You have to adapt few techniques to train your mind. Meditation is a wonderful tool to train your mind. If you can spend 20 minutes in the morning for the meditation, it can take care of your whole day. The practice of meditation helps you to experience thoughtless state or no-mind. Its like refreshing your mind. Once your mind gets refreshed, it can give you a better output, once you get back to work.

Next thing that can help you to keep your mind focus is physical exercise. The mind and body is interconnected. If you take care of your body, it eventually serves your mind. Twenty minutes for your body, and you are good to go for the day.

Along with exercise, your diet too plays a huge role in improving your focus. Intermittent fasting can help.

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The last but not the least that decides your focus is your attitude and your perspective towards life. Your perspective decides your attitude and your attitude decides your response towards life.

Whether you are going to stick with one thing or not depends on your perspective. Life comes with its challenges every now and then. Your attitude decides your response to those challenges to life.

Either you get distracted or you stay focused depends on your attitude. Have a positive outlook towards life and stay present in the moment, and you can overcome any challenges of your life.

Please share your views on what you do to keep your mind focused and get less distracted.

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