How to Dissolve the Ego?

How to Dissolve the Ego?

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The ego is an identity. You perceive the world through your identity. Now, the perception out of ego is an individual perception, limited to your own understanding of life. This perception not necessarily is negative, but could also be positive.

The definition of Ego is not limited to be, being egoistic, rather it can be defined in a broader term. Ego is the way you perceive life. When you perceive life out of your individual perception, you see life out of ego.

Ego is a reflection of life. You see what exists inside of you. Thats ego. When you are utterly empty inside, you see life as it is. Life reflects in a natural form. When you have too many things going on inside, you only see what exists inside of you, and not the actual reality.

The term ego has only been associated with the negative traits, but even positive traits too can be out of ego. Say for e.g., you help someone, just because you know, you will be praised by your act. Now the action is noble, but the intention is not noble. Now, this comes out of ego.

The life as a whole is not limited to your individual perception and thus, life is possible without your ego. You don’t need to carry your identity in your mind to experience life.

The path of surrender helps you to dissolve your ego and experience your daily life with more clarity.

Take Me To Truth: Undoing the Ego

When your mind is engaged in the outside activities of life, you never realize how your mind behaves inside, and it becomes hard to analyze once own motives and actions. It may appear that you are acting honestly in the moment, but when you look your own actions, as an observer, you will notice the biased perspective in it.

Our thoughts, feelings and actions forms inside in a subtle form, and later comes out through different expression. When you live with a sense of surrender, you experience the detachment with life.

Its the detachment that allows you to see the present moment with clarity.

The sense of surrender allows you to discover the different personality of you, that you could never imagine existed inside. You discover the self, which is way beyond the individual identity that you carry now, in the moment.

The man behaves differently in different situations, and for all the situations, the mind develops a different personality of the person. When you experience life with the sense of detachment, you notice all the different personality of yours, into different situations and experiences of life.

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The purpose to know the identity of the mind is to realize the truth behind the different personality of the mind and to rise above it.

Your life can be more fulfilling and satisfactory without an ego. All the chaos and confusion, and stress and tension is part of an ego. Ego is an attachment. Whenever you feel attached to something, it gives rise to an ego. You see those things as part of you, and the time you see things as part of you, you lose the clarity in the moment.

It’s only when you experience life with detachment, the life in the moment can be experienced with clarity. Both poison and nectar exist in you. When you are busy in the outside life, you experience a mixed blend of both in your life.

But when you take the path of surrender and realize both the poison and nectar, slowly you make the effort to free yourself from all the toxins and move towards in experiencing the highest bliss within.

All your life’s problem is a result of your perspective. Its how you perceive things. Some may find the solution out of every problem, while others like to see problems in every solution. It all depends on the perspective.

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The life without ego, allows you to see the solution out of every problem of your life. Its always the ego, that get stuck in life. When you consciously work to dissolve your ego, you experience the absolute freedom in life.

We are caught up in our own ideas and beliefs of the mind. Its hard to experience life beyond ourselves. This creates an illusory reality in us, which we don’t like to let go. The present reality has nothing to do, with what we carry in our mind.

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Our reality remains limited to our mind. At the same time, when we force the outside situations, people or events to adjust to our own reality, we experience the obstacles in life.

Remember, when you stay close to the present reality, your life will have a smooth flow. But at the same time, when you try to force things to follow your way, you call for the sufferings in life.

With the sense of surrender, you are more obliged to follow the ways of life. You follow the situation and don’t force the situation your way. You try to understand the nature of people and respond accordingly. with the sense of surrender, you don’t force others to follow your path, rather you allow the people around you to follow their way, and let them choose their own way for life.

The path of surrender opens the door of wisdom for you.

With the ego, comes self-doubt, and without it, comes the clarity. When your mind is free from ego, you see everything with clarity. You become part of life that is happening as a whole. All the biased perspective gets dropped from the mind. You live, not to serve the ego, but to serve the life that is happening in the moment.

When you become an observer of your mind, you don’t think or judge the things of the moment, rather you see things. When you see, you understand and be responsive at the moment.

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When you observe, you also notice the things of the mind including your ego. Ego needs to be understood before it gets dissolved. It’s nothing but your identity. When you start observing your mind, you will notice the things coming out of the ego. Once you notice the things of the ego and don’t give any response to those things, that thought or feelings subside.

It’s always your energy that allows your thoughts and feelings into actions. Every day you not only give support to it, but it becomes your personality. As life moves, your every action takes place to serve the ego. Your personal life, professional life, the reaction in the moment,  daily choices, and decisions, everything comes out of an ego.

The best way to come closer to the natural process of life is to dissolve your ego.

The time you consciously work to dissolve your personality, your life tends to shift closer to the natural process of life.

Erase The Ego

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