How to Differentiate between the Consciousness and Mind?



Consciousness is an empty space vibrating at a higher frequency exists in the mind. The experience of consciousness is possible, when you can detach the sensational or subtle body, out of spiritual or religious practice from the physical body, and there you experience the empty space of vibrations into your mind, beyond the usual functions of the mind.

The functions of the mind is limited. With the detachment of the subtle body from the physical body, the realization happens, that the life exists not only because of the brain, heart and body, but its the subtle body, which is separate from the physical body exists in the body and make use of the brain, heart and body to experience life on earth.

Unless you have an experience of the spirit or subtle body within the body, either by spiritual or religious practice or by out-of-body experience or near-death experience, it gets hard to digest this truth of life.

Life can never be understood at the level of mind, because you have something else, that makes use of the mind, heart and body and with the mind, you are always attached to the personal identity of the mind, or the functions of the mind, heart and body.

Consciousness is a direct experience with life, without the interference of mind. The experience with consciousness is always fresh. It never repeats itself. Repetition happens only with the mind.

“With consciousness you experience life, while with mind you go on experimenting with the experience of consciousness, to expand and repeat the process of life.”

All the ideas, impressions, beliefs and concept is only the realm of the mind. Consciousness is a direct experience with life, all the time. Pure empty space of vibrations, at the back of the mind is part of the consciousness as a whole.

When you experience the empty space of vibrations in the body, you become one with the universe. The universe is a vibrating force. The existence vibrates, and all the energy and matter comes out of that vibrations.

The sensational body or moving energy in the body comes out of that empty space of vibration. The matter or physical form comes out of the moving energy in the body.

The nature of matter is to multiply, while the nature of energy is to expand. When the sensational body in the physical body expands and when the single cell or matter multiplies, because of the force of energy, the child turns into a teen and later into an adult.

The process of life is possible because of vibration, expanding & contrasting energy and multiplication of cells in the body. The life on the existence vibrates. The mind, heart and body vibrates at a very low-level and thus it’s not possible to experience the vibrations of the existence or the subtle energy or vibrations, of ones own, within the body.

Consciousness is an empty space of vibrations within the body and the same space, you find around you. Its only when you perceive the empty space around you, with the perception of your mind, it simply appears as an empty space, but when you experience your own vibrational space or consciousness within the body, you become one with the vibrational consciousness of the existence.

With the consciousness, you become one with life. With the mind, you live on your own. You go on doing your stuff, and simply go on repeating the process of life to no avail.

The meaning and purpose with life comes out of understanding. Unless you understand your very own existence, you can never have meaning or purpose out of life. To realize ones own nature and the source of it, is the very purpose of life.

The nature of mind is to go on experimenting with life, to reach to some conclusions, while with the consciousness, you directly shift to the conclusions. Yes, unless you realize the consciousness within, you have to experiment with every aspect of life, so that you come closer to your true nature.

With consciousness all the information you need in the moment, is always available. Only with the mind, you have to struggle and go on experimenting with different aspects of life, to reach to the conclusions.

“Time, day and night, weeks, months and year is just a concept, of the mind to understand life better and its useful to put the track with the things and keep the order of the life, in the physical world. Consciousness is beyond the concept of mind, and simply remain present in this moment.”

With the consciousness, all that’s needed in this moment, is always available and it’s not bothered to look beyond this moment. With consciousness, you experience eternity.

All science and technology is developed out of experimenting with the experience of subjective and objective experience of the mind.

To understand, how life works from within, it’s better to begin with consciousness. Life begins with consciousness. Consciousness is a pure space of vibration that develops the subtle body or moving energy, and this subtle body creates the mind, heart and body.

Consciousness and subtle body exists irrespective of the mind, heart and body, but the physical body cannot exists without subtle body or consciousness.

Subtle body carries the impressions within, once it leaves the body, and once it gets a new body, it begins to transmit those impressions into the physical body and thus life comes out of it.

There is no activities of the mind, heart and body at the level of subtle body or consciousness. Nothing enters into the pure space of vibrations, and when it comes to the subtle body, only the impressions gets registered, and unless the subtle body has the physical body, it cannot transmit its past impressions.

Once the impressions are transmitted to the mind, it changes into the form of image, and further the process of mind, heart and body takes place. With consciousness, everything vibrates and everything overflow with life, but with mind, life is only lost in repeating the same process of life.

The experience of consciousness is an inward process. You have to move inward. The life flows inside out, and so to understand life you have to move back to the source.

To move inward, doesn’t ask to forge your daily activities, but while going through your daily life, you can simply remain aware about all the things, that’s going on, inside of you.

Simply staying aware with the inner world, you bring your attention to your subtle world. Before the life comes to an action, the process takes place into your brain, heart and body, before it appears into your action. It’s not easy, to experience the life inside, as each and every part of your body becomes active, when your attention shifts inward.

The intensity of the experience increase to a high level, and all the thoughts, feelings and emotions appears to be alive within you, be it positive or negative. When you can rise with your attention, above all the inner turmoil of your subtle world, you experience the subtle energy and consciousness, from where all the life’s bliss and wisdom flows.

Life follows a process, and everything comes out of that process. The mind lies in the middle of the process and thus, the whole truth of life, is not possible to understand, at the level of mind.

All the wisdom of the sages comes out of consciousness, by becoming one with the existence itself. To know life, you have to be one with the life within.

We all understand that, we need energy to get through life, but we never try to understand the process of energy or even the process of mind, heart and body. If you begin to understand your inner process, it may take sometime, but very soon, you will have direct access to the life’s energy pulsating inside of you.

The spiritual energy that allows the functions of the body, heart and mind, the same energy will lead you to the pure empty space of consciousness.

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