How to differentiate between Success and Failure in Life (Spiritual View)?



The life on this earth follows a process. If you don’t do anything and simply sit, nothing happens into your life. But when you take action, it’s not necessary you get what you have desired out of life. Things manifest when you hit the right chord.

You may make all the efforts, to achieve the success in your life, but unless you align your footsteps with the process of life, you don’t receive what you attempt for, in your life.

The success with life is not the result, but to understand the right process of life. Once you understand the process, things happen. There is no other way around. If you don’t understand the process of life, you move round and round in a circle and get lost in the imagination created by your mind.

The effect of your life comes out of the cause of it, and more you act in alignment with the process of life, the more chances of your’s to be successful with your efforts. The process of life is understood by those, who makes an effort to understand it.

When you check and evaluate your life on a day-to-day basis, you get closer to the understanding of the situations and life’s experiences taking place in your life.

Once you understand how the things take place, you don’t push yourself in the outside world, but you aligned your life’s step with the process of life, and then allow the process of life to take place, to get the things done.

The struggle with life happens only with understanding the process of life. Once the process of life is understood, you achieve success at every step with life. The process of life is understood by checking the life’s situation and experiences, evaluating them, applying them into your life, learning from them, and getting the essence out of it.

To understand the process of life, you have to go on experimenting with your life and remember, if your eyes look at the experiments of life, as a failure, then you can never hit a right chord with life. There is no failure in life, only a different way to hit the right chord.

The experiments with life are finding the right key for the locked door. The door is locked and the experimentation with life is different keys you used to unlock the door. Every human has to face the same situations with their life, and no person has the facility of having one key to unlock the door.

If you really want something out of life, you have to prepare yourself for the experiments. From experiments you get experience and from experience, you prepare yourself to be better with the experiments of life.

You go on moving deeper into the life unless you strike a right chord.

People think its god, luck or fate decides your life, but they have no role to play. You may find people get lucky, but life takes place every moment and once or twice you can get lucky, but you cannot live your life on luck but only on the basis of understanding.

God is the creator of the process of life, and you can understand the process by connecting with god, but if you expect him to play miracles in your life than you carry your own imaginations about life.

The life on the existence made in a way, where it serves human. You can ask anything from the life on existence, and it will make sure to avail those things into your life. You only get according to the energy and vibrations you hold within yourself.

Every object holds its energy and vibrations, and when you connect with the process of life, your energy expands at every step with life.

The true success is nothing but understanding the process of life. Once the process is clear, you can apply the same process in all walks of life.

When you live with the idea that life happens by itself, then you can never drop the illusions of life. You may see the things happening in this world and people may achieve thousand and one things, by a certain method, but when the things come to you, make sure you try to understand the process of it, and apply it to experience with your life.

The failure with life is not to understand the process of life, and expecting things out of life without understanding.

A little story :

There was a boy, in a village. One day wandering around the village, he came across a place where he found the golden eggs. He picked the eggs and sold it in the market.

The boy picked the place and visited every day to get the golden eggs. He never tries to figure out, from where do this eggs come from, and was more interested in picking them up, and selling them in the market.

This is how we live life. We don’t want to understand life, but just want to pick things from one place and sell it to others.

One day, the hen who was the source of the golden eggs, shift his place and started laying the eggs, at a different place. This time, when boy visited the place, he was puzzled looking no eggs around.

He never thought for a second, about how this golden eggs could appear in this place. If he would have, he would look at the source of it, and not only the golden eggs.

Few weeks passed by, and he received an inspiration to search the place so that he can receive some clue out of it. He saw a hole, where he found the steps of the hen. He followed the steps and found the hen and the golden eggs lying there.

The lesson from the story is, look for the source of everything and not just the result. You can always get deceived by the result, but when you connect with the source of things, you can anytime create the desired result out of it.

God is the source of everything that happens on this earth, and if you connect with god, you understand the effect of it, on this earth.

When you want to know anything about life you have one source to understand through, and that is your mind. The mind thinks two ways. The left part of the mind is known to frame a query, while the right side of the mind gives the solution of it.

When you raise the query, ask yourself, is your query look for the solution, or you are raising the query out of fear and doubt, to stop your further progress with life.

For any situation, you can ask the same query but in a different way.

How can it be done?

And you wait patiently for the solution, while the same query can raise out of fear, doubt and lack of confidence, you ask, How it can be done? and you put a full stop to it.

It’s your way of looking at life. You ask the same query, but you have to check what emotions you carry at the time of asking the query. Do you wait for the solutions to appear or you raise a query out of self-doubt and lack of confidence.

When you look at your life, you only see yourself and your success and failure. But in reality, you are connected with the people around you, and in a way, if you grow or fall affects the people around you.

Sometimes your efforts may be worthwhile for the result you expect out of life, but the people around you doesn’t hold the similar energy and vibration to take the share of your success than too it takes time for you to achieve the desired result.

When you grow and expand with your life positively, the world around you gets affected by it. If the people around you are not so positive than your efforts increases to get the desired result out of life.

Either you believe it or not, but the life’s of the people in your circle does affect your life as well. Even if you know the process of life, you can figure out the obstacles you are facing in your environment and if this asks you to serve the people around you and lift them up, you go ahead and do it.

If you don’t serve the people in your environment, then even if you follow the life’s process, your process becomes slow, as your mind deviates to the problems of your loved one’s.

Every human has a circle around him. You don’t get in touch with every human who walked this earth, but certainly, you have a circle, to which you come in contact with on a day-to-day basis. These people are your family, friends, relatives, your professional relationships.

When you create an intend to grow and expand with your life, you lift the entire world around you, and this asks for serious efforts out of understanding. The time of your success and failure also depends on upon the people you are surrounded by.

The life is all about energy, and when your energy level rises high, you attract the best of the things to you. You may have the same people in your circle, but you attract the best out of them, as you carry the best within you.

Anything that comes to your life, is part of your internal process. If you are already successful within yourself, and you have a clear path to go about it, no outside situation or people can stop you to reach to the place, that you deserve, and not only that you also carry your world on your journey called life.


  1. I always say success is the biggest failure. No one can maintain his satisfaction on his success for so long.
    All goals are created by our own desires. To finish them is to understand and transcend mind not achieving them.

    What a great post. Thank you for your wisdom. 🙂

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