How to develop Clarity with Life?


The process of life is an everyday process. Life happens on a daily basis. Your today reflects your past, and your future will reflect your present moment. If you live your life, without developing real understanding towards it, you add more chaos to your life.

The reason of failure in life is the lack of clarity inside. When you cannot see the staircase, and lift your leg, it may possible you put your feet in the right place or there is a possibility of you slipping back on the floor. When you are clear in your mind, with the steps you are about to take, you never fall or slip back.

Everything in life follows the process. The way you plough the seed and take care of it every day by nourishing it with water and food, in a similar way everything that takes place in life, holds a process. Unless you are clear about what you want in your life, the confusion always remains inside.

The image of the action in the mind is a seed of an action. If the image in your mind is clear, it’s easier for the mind to carry on the thought process. The same thought process in one direction forms stronger emotions, and the emotions create a further sensation in the body, to act in a specific direction.

The image of the mind can be developed, and expanded through visualization. It requires daily efforts and practice. Meditation is the best way to expand your power of imagination and visualization.

Unless your mind, emotions, and body are clear with what you want out of life, it’s impossible to bring it into the reality.

The thoughts and images of the mind can turn into a physical reality, once necessary energy and vibrations are created around it. The thoughts and images too are energy, but the energy in a subtle form, while the physical manifestation is again a form of energy, but the energy in solid form. To turn the subtle energy into a physical form, you need to gather sufficient amount of energy around the subtle thoughts and images, so that it can turn into a physical reality.

When you can hold onto the images of your mind, the necessary energy begins to gather around it. This energy directs the thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a specific direction, where the image of the mind can be manifested.

Unless your inner world is in-tune with what you want out of life, you cannot make those things the part of your life.

You may accomplish what you want in life, but if your actions are not in aligned with the understanding of life, soon you lose what you have attained in life.

Always remember everything that you want, holds a price on it, be it the relationships, professional success, friends, family, social life or your dreams. The price is of patience, perseverance, knowledge, understanding, growth, improvement & learning. You cannot take anything for granted.

When the right time comes for the manifestation, the process of life happens through you and you become the observer inside, to allow the life to take you through the process.

” When Tiger Wood hits a perfect shot, an interviewer asked about his shot. His answer was, I am just an observer watching myself hit that shot. I have practiced the shot, so many times that now the shot just happens through me.”

There is no luck in life. Only the process. The process of transcendence. If you attain the clarity inside, then you don’t have to make any effort to attain anything outside, but the process itself will take you to the right place, and you come across the right things and right people to manifest your desires.

Ask the right query, about what you wish to have in your life, and wait for the solution to emerge from inside. Don’t act haphazardly. Allow the things to happen. Allow it to expand inside, so that it can be easily visible to you. Once your mind gets the right picture inside, it gets stuck in your mind. Slowly the picture expands and gets the clarity inside. The clear thought process comes out of the clear picture.

Nobody is born mediocre, but just out of ignorance people choose to stay mediocre. Understanding is a key to life.

The image of your dreams, and desires of life in the mind do follow the process. You never get the complete picture in a day. But it expands gradually. When you follow the image of the mind, it directs you to the path and shows you the right time to act.

If you hold onto your dreams and desire, it expands. It has no other way to go, provided you stay with it.

With life, everything shows up at a right time. If you hurry, you only make a mess out of it. The process of growth of a human from the child to the old age is no different from the natural process of life. To understand the natural order of life, you have to observe the natural things and the natural process, where humans don’t have any control. This way you understand the process of life.

When you understand your life span, you connect with the real obligations of life, rather wasting your time, on things that don’t add any value to your life. You become sure with every step of life.

All the resistance, hatred, anger towards life is due to ignorance. The process of life is the journey from ignorance to wisdom. Every person goes through this journey of life without exception. Ignorance creates an illusion for life, while right understanding develops an entirely new path for you.

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