How to live a healthy lifestyle?

How to live a healthy lifestyle

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Lifestyle is your way of living.

Healthy Lifestyle is to live everyday life, where you get better with your health and feel good about the self and life as a whole with each passing day.

Conscious living is to bring your attention to your every activity of the day.

Every day you follow certain activities that are necessary for your personal or professional life and along with it, you may also do things that can help you to take care of your body, mind, and soul.

Below, I have mentioned a few habits that if, included on your daily to-do list and followed consciously, can serve you to create a healthy lifestyle.

Your life is what you do on a daily basis. Nothing in your life shows up all of a sudden, be it good health or misfortune, rather you build it up on an everyday basis, consciously or unconsciously.

The conscious living or paying attention to, everything that you do on a daily basis can significantly improve your health and vitality.

Make sure you start your day with Meditation.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a simple practice of being with oneself. In meditation, every morning you take time out for yourself and be with yourself. You spend some 10, 15 or 20 minutes with yourself.

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Every morning you start your day with the self.

The self-means the self. When I say, you start your day with the self that means, nothing should include, when you spend those times with the self. You are all alone, by yourself.

You don’t think about others, at those periods but particularly you keep your mind to the self. Your mind has the liberty to think, but those thoughts have to be about yourself and nobody else.

The point here is, in those few minutes of the day, you cannot think about your spouse, children, parents, friends, personal or professional life, but you only have the liberty to think about yourself. Keep your mind to yourself, while practicing meditation.

The benefit of keeping your mind to yourself is to increase your awareness of the moment. The mind loses maximum energy while thinking, imagining, and contemplating things.

All these practices are good, but if you use the energy in thinking about others, or imagining things that have no relevance to your present life, or contemplate stuff, which has no possibility of happening in the near future than you are simply wasting the energy that can be utilized on some productive stuff.

This way you not only lose the energy but you also lose your conscious state of mind. When you practice every morning to keep your mind to the self, this serves you throughout the day, to keep your mind to the self, and not get engaged into things, that no longer serve you in your life.

When you hold your mind to the self, you notice the lesser flow of thoughts into your mind and your mind stays more conscious in the moment.

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You only get carried away by your mind, when it gets engaged in the things that have no relevance to the moment. The simple practice of meditating on oneself helps you to develop control over your mind and you stay connected to the moment, rather getting carried away by your past or the future.

Moving on from Meditation, Physical exercise has to be a must in your daily to-do list. The root cause of all your health issue is stomach and to get over the problem of your stomach, there is nothing serves better than the physical exercise.

Every day spends at least 30 minutes on physical exercise be it in the morning or evening. I prefer to have a walk or jogging in the evening time for at least 45 to 50 minutes. The morning time for me is a sacred period and I spend that time meditating on the self.

For physical exercise not necessarily have to hit the gym, but a simple walk or jogging in a park will do. You can also pick yoga or aerobics, anything you are comfortable with. The thing is you do some kind of exercise on an everyday basis, to develop a healthy lifestyle.

The benefit of physical exercise is enormous. It not only fills you up with the vital energy, but it also charges your body and mind. You feel good from inside after exercise. Physical exercise can help you to have a clean body, which in a way results in a healthy body that also serves you to have a healthy mind as well.

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From physical exercise, the thing that can serve you to develop a healthy lifestyle is a Daily Food Habit.

What are the daily food habits to follow for a healthy lifestyle?

You need to know well in advance, how much you are going to have, in breakfast, lunch as well as in dinner. You cannot jump to the food and gulp as much as you can.

When you are clear about the quantity that you are about to have, it adds awareness to your food. You stay prepared for your intake. This doesn’t mean you have to starve; rather you have to decide the quantity as per your requirement.

Here I don’t mean, to reduce the quantity of your food, all I mean here is, know in advance how much quantity you are going to have, in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This will keep you aware while you are eating.

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We only eat more or less, when we are not present while we are eating. When you eat with awareness, you always know how much you need, and you serve your hunger and not the desire for your food. The awareness while eating serves you to rise above the desire or temptation for the food and you eat to satisfy your hunger.

Next, comes the balance with your work and personal life.

I have this anecdote that serves well with my professional life. From nature, I have learned that it takes time to manifest everything. The best example is the child.

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The child doesn’t come out of the womb on the first day, but it takes a whole nine months for the creation. Everyday nature adds a little to the child. Slowly the child grows and nurtures in the womb. Nothing happens all of a sudden, but everything happens slowly and swiftly.

For me, it’s a way of life.

I add this philosophy to everything I do in my life.

I always make sure to do, today’s task, and don’t worry about the future. If I am done with the day’s task, I no longer think about it, and simply shift to another thing. I have dedicated hours to work in a day, and I make sure not to stretch it.

I only live for the day and to serve this day.

When you have time to unburden yourself, you can come up with something new, with each passing day at your workplace. Each day you add something to your work. It’s just like nature. Your work has to be just like nurturing the child.

When you add creativity to your work, you enjoy every aspect of your work and make most out of it. When you enjoy your work, going back home, you also enjoy your personal life.

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Remember the balance of your personal and professional life, doesn’t come on the first day, but you have to consciously work towards it.

There are things in life that go on and on even while we don’t exist. Work is such a thing, even if you give all the time of your life to it, still it won’t get over and you at the end miss living other aspects of your life.

The process of conscious living is just to know when to put an end to things. Everything is important and there has to be a time for everything, but when you consciously move into life, you learn to put an end to things and move onto different other aspects of your life. Thus, it’s important to have a balance with your personal and professional life.

The one thing that is must in your to-do list to have a healthy lifestyle and i.e. to know your Mind.

Your mind is your life. Your health lies in your mind. You can initiate the process of conscious living, but to know the consciousness of the mind, you have to know your mind.

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Every day you have to make sure that you connect with your mind and know your mind. Even if you follow all the right things in your life, and don’t know your mind, your mind can ditch you at any time. Even to stay on the course, you need to know the nature of your mind.

Well, every individual has the mind. The time you know your mind, you also learn how the mind functions differently in every other person.

To develop control over the mind, it’s important to connect with the mind and know the mind. You have to understand how the mind functions with the body and how it directs the body in the direction of its desires. The sensation plays a key role between the mind and the body.

You can only explore with the mind, once you know the nature of your mind. You need to know, how your mind gathers memories, how it jumps into the past, present, and future, how it forms imagination, and how it changes its thought patterns so frequently.

The mind has every key to life. If you get familiar with the nature of your mind you get the key to unlock every aspect of your life.

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At last, I will conclude the list with the mysterious aspect of life, i.e. to stay open to life. Either you are practicing meditation, following exercise, having a healthy diet, and doing everything that’s on the list, one thing you have to remember and i.e. to stay open to life.

The path of life is like climbing a mountain. You will never know what lies ahead, and so to grow with everything you do in your life, simply remain open to it. Don’t live with the preconceived ideas, as that idea itself will become the hindrance in your life.

Life is mysterious and it can shift in any way, but you can adjust yourself to it if you don’t have your own ideas about life. If you are simply open to life, you sail with the flow of life.

You can grow with your meditation; you can touch the deeper layer of your mind, you can get better with your personal and professional life, you can grow and rise higher into your life if you stay open to life.

Even by following the right thing, always remain open to life, and allow yourself to flow with the nature of things. This will allow you to stay above your personal identity, and you will remain one with the natural ways of life.

Life has its own ways, and to be with its ways, you have to stay open to life. Only then you can create most out of your life, by enjoying every aspect of life.

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