How to Consciously Slow down and Enjoy life?



There is a magic in prompt action. You consciously take control of your life. But there is a higher magic that exists when you allow the life to unfold on its own. All you do is guide the life with your idea and intention.

All it takes your life to move forward is an idea and an intention. When your intention is clear and you know how to guide the idea towards its manifestation, you can manifest anything in your life.

When your mind is constantly thinking about the desires, unknowingly you keep on chasing the desires. But at the same time, if you connect with the higher aspect of life, you manifest the life of your dreams, by becoming one with the natural process of life.

You can enjoy the process of life, only when you become one with it.

To understand the process you have to slow down your pace with life. You cannot expect yourself to chase your tail all the time, and understand the ways of life. When you are constantly running chasing one thing after another, you are only running into your mind. You disconnect yourself from the natural process of life and take a repetitive circle in your mind.

To enjoy the process of life, it’s important that you come out of your mind and look for the very process of life.

Life is about quality and not quantity. It’s the quantitative life that keeps you engage with life. When you look for the quality, you create space for yourself and experience the same life with the expanded perception.

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The quantitative life keeps you engaged in too many things, and thus you lose your energy in chasing those things without achieving anything significant in your life.

When you look for the qualitative life, you don’t sweat the small stuff; rather you hold the bigger picture of life. You watch your steps well. You don’t engage yourself in everything; rather you carefully make choice and decisions, considering all the aspect of life.

When you slow down your pace with life, you see more in the moment.

When the things are constantly running in your mind, you miss noticing the whole view of the moment. Things become clear only when you observe them closely in the moment. When your mind is already engaged in the things of the mind, you miss seeing the things with absolute clarity.

You can experiment with yourself, right now.

Try to view the things that are happening around you. Try to see the sky, the earth, birds flying in the sky, and everything that is happening around you.

When you bring your mind to the moment, it takes a while for your mind to get adjusted to the moment.

The big reason behind this is, the mind is already engaged with the things of the mind, and thus it takes time for the mind to bring its focus to the present moment.

To slow down with your life, you have to take away your attention from your thoughts, feelings or actions and create your life around the life energy.

If you spend some time each day with yourself, you will learn to read your energy at every moment of the day. Sometimes your energy will be on a higher side, while at other time, you will have a low level of energy. When you create your life around the flow of your inner energy, you will drop almost all the waste from your life.

Most of our energies are spent in unnecessary thoughts, feelings, and actions. It’s not that the actions are not important, but not every action you take in your life is important. Most of the time, we spend our energies on the things, that no longer serve any purpose in our life.

Your inner flowing energy resonates with everything that is happening in your outside life. When you create your life, around the energy that is flowing inside, your perception to view life, changes over the time.

You will not be able to see the life with the old perception; rather your choice and decisions too will be different, once you align your life according to the life energy that is flowing inside.

Most of us have the habit of running away from the moment, but very few know that the present moment holds the solutions to all the problems of life. If you can hold yourself in the present moment, you are likely to find a solution for any problem of your life.

Even the creativity or innovation for the future can be explored by exploring the present moment. The present moment always remains the center point for the past as well as the future. Both your past as well as future life can be very well seen, in the present moment.

When you consciously connect with the present moment, you observe the natural unfoldment of life. When we are deeply engaged in the things of our mind, we miss seeing how the things unfold naturally in our life, as our mind remains engaged in thinking or contemplating the future actions.

Sometimes you have to allow your life to unfold naturally in the moment. These allow you to see the truth of life. The life doesn’t use force to manifest the physical reality; rather the life unfolds naturally in the universe.

Everything that happens in the universe holds some intelligence. The universe has its own intelligence, and you too are part of that intelligence. When you consciously connect with the larger part of life, you can create your life out of intelligence.

Observe your daily life, and see if it has come out of your intelligence or you have created out of a daily routine that you followed over the years?

The clarity with life comes when you embrace all the aspects of life without distinction. Before you develop necessary understanding towards life, it’s important that you accept the life that is happening to you in the moment. It’s only the acceptance that creates the way for the understanding.

Develop the eyes to directly look into life. Majority of us live our life following our thoughts of our mind or feelings of our heart, but nobody tries to directly look into life.

When you spend some time every day to simply look at life without allowing your mind to interfere in between, you develop the eyes that can see life happening in the moment.

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It’s only when you learn to look into life, you pick the truth of the moment.

Your mind and heart only repeat the memories of the past, but it’s your eyes that can look into the moment, and give you the truth of life.

When your life comes out of the truth, you create your life closer to the natural ways of life.

We all are deeply connected with the people, situations or events, but nobody bothers to connect with life. It’s the life that you carry inside allows you to go through different experiences of life, and if you attach with the life that is happening outside, without understanding the life that is happening inside, you develop a false idea of life.

The only reason death breaks all the illusions of life because we tend to associate with the things which are temporary and miss to understand the constant truth of life which is all the time happening inside.

You can always trust the moment as it holds the eternity. We are afraid to slow down with life because we don’t trust life. We want to take control of life, which is impossible. We hold an idea that if we slow down with life, at some point our whole life will collapse.

With life what matters the most is how well we understand the ways of life?

The life follows the way and the way exists inside each of us. When we understand the ways of life, life slows down on its own, and we participate with life that is happening in the moment, rather worrying about the past or chasing the tail of the future.

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