How to become one with Life?



Before you become one with life, you have to realize life. Once you realize life, the process of becoming one with life, begins.The life seems to be happening outside of you, but once you connect with the inner world, you experience the outside world within.

Once you understand that the outside life exists in you, then you don’t have to go anywhere else to search for life but seek within.

Whatever you perceive outside, is your subtle reality that you carry inside. Each one holds its perception towards life. With the mind that you experience outside or inside is the surface reality. The life is realized beyond the reality of the mind. It’s true that its the mind that realize life, but the mind can only figure out life if you drop all the waste from the mind.

The life is in you. In the external world, you experience the inner life. There is no other life than that you hold inside. You can only connect with the external reality from inside. There is no other way to experience the whole life.

The mind is the bridge between the external reality and the reality deep within. When the mind is direct outside, the life energy that resides within, works with the mind, and body to explore the external reality and when the same mind turns inward, the life energy that allows the life to happens from within, is realized.

You consciously or unconsciously choose your life. You are life. You have the power to become one with the eternal flow of life and live from that state. The life with the imagination and thinking of the mind is no more than an illusion. Life rarely unfolds with the thinking and imagination of the mind. The life unfolds at the level of life energy and not the mind. It’s the inner movement of life energy that decides your experiences of life and not the mind.

The mind is neutral. The mind needs to be understood to understand life. Unless you understand the nature of your mind, you cannot drop your mind to experience life. When you relate yourself to the identity of the mind, all your life revolves around that identity but that’s a mere illusion. Anything that exists in the mind is temporary and if the identity of your mind becomes the base of your life, your life will tremble sooner or later.

The roots or base on which you create your life should always be understanding and it should never be the identity of the mind. Follow your understanding rather the identity of the mind.

Every individual holds a certain understanding of life. The identity of the mind looks for satisfying itself with different desires, while the understanding of the mind, looks for more understanding of life. Follow your understanding of the mind, rather your identity filled with the desires.

The life is possible inside out. The truth of life can only be realized within. The process of enlightenment is to awaken the life energy inside. It’s the life energy that works through the mind and body to fulfill your desires. If you go on creating your desires, the mind will keep you engaged with different desires of life, and you will never realize the truth that can be experienced, only beyond the desires of the mind.

When you go on creating desires, you have no time to understand yourself. The desires may give you the satisfaction for some time, but you can never know the truth behind the desire. Once your inner satisfaction gets over, you have to look for another desire and then you can go on and on with life, never to reach its end.

You have something inside, that can give you all the life’s fulfillment without running after the desires. The fulfillment that you never lose, no matter what kind of situation, events or circumstances you face in the external world. The outside satisfaction is always temporary, but you only connect with the eternal process of life from inside.

Physical exercise can serve you to purify your inner world and bring you to the present moment.

You exist till the time, you have a sense of self. Once you drop the sense of self, the only thing that remains in you is the presence of the awareness field. The mind is pure awareness field. All the experiences along with the individual identity float on the surface of the mind. When you reach to the state, where you experience the no-mind state, no personal identity remains in the mind. The attention of the mind moves back to itself.

When the attention of the mind becomes one with the point of attention itself, in those moment you experience the no-mind state.

Beyond the no-mind state, you experience the whole mind. The mind as it’s been mentioned above, is pure awareness field, without any division. The mind is only divided by the momentary experience and with the individual identity.

Once you drop the individual identity, you experience life floating on the surface of the mind, but you don’t get attach to those experiences. Beyond the no-mind state, you find mind as a reflective mirror. The mind reflects everything. You see life in the mind. All your perception and perspective towards life will be visible in the mind.

When your attention shifts back to the point of attention, you move back to the mind. It’s from the mind you experience life and when you take the attention inward you move back to the mind.

The real nature of the mind is just like a still river. The river reflects everything that comes on its surface. The still mind is an observer. Once you realize the whole mind, beyond the no-mind state, you become the observer. You become the mind, that observes everything that goes within.

You not only observe the internal and external experiences of life, but you also observe the movement of life energy. The movement of the life energy can be observed in the still mind.

The sense of self is the biggest barrier even till the last moment of life. Even after the realization, the sense of self, again and again, comes to the picture. It takes an absolute understanding of the truth, to drop the sense of self. The sense of self remains with the sensation in the body, but with the understanding, one can separate oneself with the sense of self, and connects with the eternal moving life energy inside.

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  1. Thank you. Your article reveals a level of thought-out clarity that is a rarity on the internet. You also reveal a level of belief, rather than knowing, which is yet to be transcended. True enlightenment and the forever state of Nirvana transcend all human belief systems. Spiritual growth is the watchword of the seeker on the path…the watchword of the ages…the watchword of the sages…the watchword of the true child of God… 🙂

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