How to become the Observer of Life?

How to become the Observer of Life?

To become an observer is an act. If you want to experience it for yourself, you can experience it, in this moment and then you can expand the experience to your whole life.

You are present in the moment. You read this blog. Now, you can just become the observer of the external world. The external world is limited to your senses. You read through your senses, but the eyes that read the blog is not the one who understands, what it sees.

The understanding of the external world comes with the mind. The understanding does not lie in the seeing, but the understanding comes from the mind. All the sensory organs are merely an instrument for the mind to experience the external world.

This is important to understand. When you understand this, you do not relate yourself with what you see in the external reality, or your senses, but you relate yourself with the understanding of the mind.

Usually, when you read the blog or try to understand anything in the external world, your focus remains on the object, that you wish to understand. You can only understand the outside object with the inner understanding of the mind. If your mind cannot grasp the external object or the external thing, then no way you can understand the external thing.

You need to understand, how do you understand life? You understand life inside, and not outside and thus when you try to understand anything or any aspect of your life, keep your attention inward. Only then the external or say internal things will be clear to you.

When you read the blog, or try to understand anything in the external world, either your personal life or professional life or say situation, events, or people or say any problem of your life.

The attention should not remain on the external thing, nor your attention should remain on the sensory organs that allow the mind to perceive the external thing, but your attention should remain inward, where the understanding of the external thing takes place.

You can only become the observer of life, if you can perceive the world with the mind and not with the sensory organs.

If I ask you, from where do you see the world?

Your immediate response will be the eyes or senses. The truth is senses are a doorway or an instrument to see the external world. That is it. You cannot understand through the senses, but you have to connect with the mind to understand the external world.

The external world doesn’t hold any understanding but the understanding happens inside. If your attention remains outside, to understand things, say towards the subject or object, then unless your attention moves back to the point of understanding, you cannot understand, what you are trying to understand.

To become an observer with the mind, when you see the external world or say you read the blog, rather directly looking at the blog, you have to take your attention inward and see, who is looking at the blog, through the senses. You have to connect with the one who understands everything in you.

Before you try to understand anything outside, try to connect with the one, who will understand the external reality. All you need to do is close your eyes, direct your attention inward, and rather trying to understand everything outside, keep your attention inside, till the outside things become clear to you.

The clarity will happen inside and not outside. The subject or object in the external world will not give you the clarity. It’s only when you can keep your attention in both the place, in the external object and onto the inner understanding, the things will become clear to you.

In the initial stage, it may sound difficult to observe the external world, from inside, but once you understand, the right way to perceive the world, slowly you can make the necessary effort, to take your attention inward and see the world from within, beyond the sensory organs.

The mind carries two layers inside. One layer of the mind is occupied for the experiences of the sensory organs, while the other layer of the mind can observe the inner activity at the same time.

With the outside attention, you engage both the layers of the mind, for the external activity, and thus you miss to connect with the internal truth.

The first layer of the mind is engaged with the physical body. Whatever you see, listen, taste, smell, touch happens on the first layer of the mind. The first layer of the mind covers the physical body from within, and experience the external reality through sensory organs. Whatever the first layer of the mind accumulates from the external reality gets stored on the surface of the mind.

The second layer of the mind connects you with the inner world of life energy and its source. Remember the mind is one. There is one whole mind in the body, but the mind is designed in such a way inside, whereby, one layer of the mind covers the physical body, so that external reality can be experienced, while the second layer can observe the activity of the inner world.

The third eye is another name of the second layer of the mind. The third eye or second layer can remain attentive to the inner world, while the first layer remains connected with the physical body so that any experience or impressions with the sensory organs can be experienced by the mind.

We never even consider any life other than what we perceive in the external world, and thus the life as a whole always remain mystery to us. Take your attention inside for the whole truth.

No person can ever claim to know life with its whole truth. The person may be the president or the prime minister of the country, but when it comes to life, he does not have any clue about it.

The person, who does not know himself, can never know the whole truth of life, and unless you know the whole truth, whatever you do, or whatever you understand in regards to life, will be the half-truth. The other part of the truth will always be hidden from you.

You can become the observer of life with the whole mind. The mind that remains attentive of the external reality, does his work, and at the same time, with the third eye or with the second layer remains connected with the movement of the inner world.

Why it’s important to stay aware of the inner world?

The natural process of life begins with the life energy and not with the mind. The life that you experience in different forms, say situation, events or people, depends on the inner movement of life energy and not what you think or imagine in the mind.

The movement of life energy is the cause of everything that happens in your life and you consider the mind to be the cause of life. Imagine the chaos you experience with life. That’s the only reason, life happens to you and later you sit and understand with the mind, the happening of events in your life.

With the mind, you only understand how the things happen, and to an extent even direct your life energy, but the life energy is the source of both the external and internal experience of life. When you try to play with the inner life energy, you simply add chaos to your life.

The way of the life energy is to allow the life to happen. The life energy can only move swiftly inside if you allow the life to happen both in the internal and external world.

When your attention only remains in the external world, you consider mind and body everything. The idea comes to the mind, and with the body, you run after it.

You imagine something or the dream occurred to your mind, and again with the body, you move in the external world, to manifest your dream. This is not the way of life. This is not, how the process of life works. The life is connected with the inner movement of life energy. Unless you know, how to read the inner life energy, you always remain disconnected from the natural process of life.

As we have discussed above, that sensory organs are the instrument for the mind, in a similar way, the physical body too is an instrument, with which you can work, and bring your subtle dreams into a physical reality.

However, before you work your way out, to manifest your dreams, it’s important to understand the process of life, otherwise, you will face trial and error at every step of your life.

The natural process of life connects you with the knowing. You just know the right way and the right time to manifest your dreams and desires. No thinking no logic no reasoning required. The life as a whole doesn’t think or work with the logic or reasoning, still, everything takes place at a right time. This is the way of life, and you have the same way of life, working inside, in the form of life energy.

To become an observer is to understand the process of life, and allow it to happen both in the external and internal world in its natural way. With the first layer of the mind, you participate in the external world, as and when required, and then simply become a witness to life. At the same time, you also become the witness to the inner movement of life energy, with the second layer of the mind.

How does the Life function inside?

You have the source in the topmost part of the brain. This is the sacred space in the brain.

From the sacred space of the brain or from the source comes down the life energy or spirit. The life energy is the subtle thread in the body that nourishes and take care of the physical structure of the body from within.

From the sacred space of the brain or the source, along with the life energy or spirit comes the mind. The brain is a physical part of the body, where lies the source, life energy and the mind. The mind is a subtle clothing that covers the physical body from within.

The source is a sacred space, from where the life energy or spirit along with the mind enters the body. First, comes the mind, then enters the life energy. Remember the sacred space of the source or the sacred space in the brain exists in a way, where it doesn’t come in contact with any functions of the brain, mind, and body.

Other than the life energy and the mind, you find the main nerves of the physical body, that is a bridge between the physical body and the life energy. The life energy serves the whole physical body through the main nerves system.

Therefore, when your attention moves from external world to internal world, you find the main nerves of the physical body, the mind, the life energy, and at last the sacred space of the source.

As you, begin your inner journey with the inner attention, one thing after another reveals in the form of experience.

Unless you realize the sacred space of the source, the ultimate truth of life will always remain hidden from you.

Everything that you wish to know, or desire for life, exists in you. All you have to do is take your attention inward and begin your search within.

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