How to be Happy all the time?

How to be happy all the time

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The dreams and desires that you chase in the outside world or the basic needs that you fulfill to survive exists not outside but inside.

If you have to describe your pain or suffering, where you will look for the information or data, outside or inside?

The same applies to happiness. To experience happiness all the time, there is one place, where you have to search for and that is within. In the outside world, we manifest our inner dreams and desires, but it all exists inside.

The life that happens to us in different forms in the outside world too exists within. To know life, you don’t have to look anywhere else except in your mind. Your life exists in your mind and to experience happiness all the time, you have to know the life that exists in your mind.

Happiness is the absence of pain and suffering.

The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living

You don’t experience happiness; rather you rise above the pain and suffering that gives you the experience of happiness. All your pain and suffering is because of searching for life outside that exists within. Anything that you want in life look inside. The way to life is from inside.

If you wish to bring the change to your life, it will happen from inside and not outside. The permanent change can only happen from within. The very formation of thoughts, imagination, dreams, desires happens inside. If you connect with your inner world, you can consciously make changes with the direction of your life.

When you connect with the self, you start understanding the process of life. The outside reality doesn’t define the natural process of life, as the outside reality comes out of an effect. The cause always remains hidden from you when you perceive the outside reality.

The physical reality comes out of the subtle reality. When you perceive the outside reality, you only the physical object but cannot see the subtle mechanism out of which the physical reality is manifested in the outside world.

To observe the subtle mechanism of life you have to look inside. When you understand the subtle mechanism of your inner world, you also understand the subtle mechanism of every object that exists in the universe. Life follows the same pattern in each of its creations.

Most of our lives are spent in chasing the illusions. We repeat the same circle of life to reach that one destination. When we understand the natural ways of life, most of our illusory aspect of life simply get dropped from our minds.

It’s the mind that forms dreams and desires and keeps us engaged in the repetitive circle of life. But when we consciously try to understand the formation of life inside us, the mind cannot fool us anymore and we become aware of the truth of life.

Our daily lives are based on psychology and not the truth. The time we connect with our inner world, we start separating ourselves, from the repetitive psychological process that exists only because of our daily habits and create a life by following the path of mindfulness.

How to Be Happy All the Time (Wisdom of Yogananda)

It appears that life exists outside, but we all as individuals carry our lives inside of us and express our inner lives outside. In the outside world, all exists is an expression. The formation of expression happens inside and then we portray it in the outside world.

To stay happy all the time you have to stay connected inside. Your life has to flow inside out. Only then you understand the ways of life. The experience of happiness is freedom from our pain and suffering. Both happiness and suffering cannot exist together in you. You can only hold one thing at a time. You have to let go of your suffering so that happiness can become a part of your life.

It’s the daily repetition that separates us from the life that is full of happiness. The path of mindfulness brings us closer to happiness. The path of mindfulness frees us from our beliefs and connects us with the moment.

On the path of mindfulness, we don’t live with the preconceived notion of life, rather we live to serve the moment. All that matters on the path of mindfulness at the moment, and at the moment you cannot experience anything other than happiness.

Life is simple but when you are ignorant about the life that is formed inside, anything that you do in the outside world simply adds more complexities to your life.

Improv Wisdom: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up

We are habituated to follow the things of the outside world, but that separate us from the true reality of life. Life follows a process and the process of life comes from within. To make most out of life, you don’t have to chase outside life rather you have to connect with the life that is happening inside and create your daily life following the inner world and not the outside world.

The outside world is all about accumulation, while the happiness comes to you when you start emptying yourself from within. When you are absolutely empty inside you find the source of happiness within. You can observe the waves of happiness flowing within. Just beneath the chaos of the mind, there is a space of silence.

The daily habits and the beliefs of the mind can keep you engaged all your life without experiencing real happiness. It’s only when you consciously look for the truth inside, you come across the happiness that stays with you forever.

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