How to Add Super Power to Every Hour of the Day?


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To add super power to every hour of the day, you need to know, where you spend every hour of the day. Planning and scheduling are the most important part of, adding power to your thoughts, feelings, and actions and to your life.

You are clear in advance, how you will go about your day, and then to your every action, you give everything that you have to make it powerful.

All the chaos in your life exists, because you have too many things to do in a day, and you have very limited time, to do those things. Too many things on your everyday schedule are bound to create chaos in your mind.

When you have twenty-four hours in a day, why don’t you plan your life accordingly, where you can devote sufficient time, to your personal life, professional life and for your own upliftment.

If you are human, your life has to be limited to these three aspects of life. Personal life, professional life and the time you devote to personal self (Spiritual life). If you can plan your life in advance, and allot sufficient time, to all the above three aspects of life, you add power to life, with each passing day.

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It’s fooled, who thinks to live the whole life, all at once. The wise ones divide their life so that they can devote sufficient time for every activity, and they can do justice to every aspect of their life.

Make sure, you only include activities, that is important for you, to this day and that is possible in the time-frame of twenty-four hours. If for some reason, you cannot complete something today, there is always tomorrow for you, to complete the task. Never over-burden yourself and create stress out of it, because you only have twenty-four hour for this day.

Make sure you plan your life accordingly, where you can devote sufficient time to each task at hand and do justice to the task.

The power comes at the moment when you are clear in your head, with what you wish to do with your life. Remember, all the purpose and meaning to life comes from within and not outside. It doesn’t matter what you do at the moment, but if you are clear with the purpose that you hold inside, even the simplest task of your life will be filled with enormous power.

With your life, and with this day, everything should matter to you. No hour of your life should go uncounted. You can only make most out of your life if you can connect yourself with every hour of the day.

Most of the people miss making most out of their life because they don’t make use of, every hour of the day.

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Their life remains limited to the professional hours, and rest of the life doesn’t matter to them, and those hours of their life, go wasted.

For life, it doesn’t matter, either you have a personal life or professional life but life has altogether a different working for you to get through, with the process of life. Life is directly connected with you from within.

Thus, the person, who gets retired from his professional life, still has life in him left to leave. His life doesn’t get over with his or her professional life, but it goes on and on. The same applies to the personal life. If everything gets over at your personal front, life still goes in you, because it throbs in you.

Every person has to connect with life, that goes beyond his personal and professional life and that is possible, when he or she consciously work, to connect with him, from within.

The real understanding of life of the outside reality, personal life, professional life or spiritual life is possible only by knowing yourself. When you connect with your inner life, slowly all the different aspects of life around you, start to reveal its deeper truth to you.

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The power to every hour of your life comes, when you know your life, not only from outside but also from inside.

Your understanding towards life should not be limited to this life, but your understanding should go beyond the present life.

Many consider, life is tricky, but that’s not the truth. Life is not at all tricky, but your mind is tricky, and there is a way to know your mind. The person, who strives constantly to know his mind and to know his true self, never comes with an empty hand.

Life is a balance and the balance with life comes by connecting with everyday life. With life, it doesn’t matter that you plan ahead for 50 years in advance, but what matters with life is, you do justice to this day. You give everything that you have to this day. That’s all matters with life.

The power with life comes with clarity. All your planning and scheduling is limited to your mind. Your mind needs to be trained with each passing day to connect with the process of life.

Life is not something, that is ready-made, but each individual has to strive for himself, to create life of his or her choice. Only then you fulfill yourself both in the outside as well as the inner world.

Life is a beautiful gift, but we need to know, what to do with the gift. If we don’t know, what to do with it, we allow it to turn into a scrap, or simply throw it away for nothing.

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Look at your life, and ask yourself.

Do you know life?

If you don’t know, then are you making any effort to know life?

Do you consider life as a beautiful Gift, and make most out of it, or just allowing it to pass, turning into a scrap, or throwing it away, because you don’t know, what to do with it.

I will suggest you, to work on few things that will help you to get better with life and will give you deeper clarity about life.

With life, professional life is very important, and we all know that, and thus we give sufficient time to it, either out of choice or obligation. Along with the professional life, we all do have our personal life. It’s very important to give an equal amount of time to our personal life, because that acts as a fuel, to get better with our professional life.

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All the striving with the professional life only comes from the personal life. Thus, personal life has to be allotted an equal amount of time and value, along with the professional life. Your everyday schedule should not be limited to your professional life, but it should also include, time for your personal life.

With the everyday schedule, you need your body to get your things done, and thus, it’s important to take due care of your body, with the exercise, food, and sleep. With the everyday schedule, you just cannot take your physical body for granted. If you start to take care of your physical body, it will serve you better with your personal and professional life.

Along with the body, you also have the mind that needs personal attention.

You have to spend each day sometime to know your mind, because all the different aspects of your life, come out of your mind. Unless you know your mind, you can never realize the truth of yourself.

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The truth behind God and life exists only in the mind. The door is your mind. You have to understand life or god, the way is your own mind. You have to understand your mind first before you understand any aspect of life.

The last thing that has to keep in mind, with your daily living is that you have to be a seeker of life, with everything you do. Always be a seeker. The seeker is the one, who just don’t know. The seeker is always open for everything. The mind of a seeker is like an open sky. The things at the moment can swing either way, and the seeker is always open to it.

If you become a seeker of life, you always live above your personal and professional life as well as beyond your body and mind. You don’t get caught up in the ways of the outside world, but you look at life, that place naturally, in the universe.

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