How thought forms?

How thought forms?

Thought forms out of our impressions and experiences of life. But there is more to it. Many times you get the thought and you feel that how come this thought can never cross my mind, but it did.

You don’t find the answers to those thought process.

The nature of the thought is such that it multiplies. Now this multiplication doesn’t happen in a single most direction, rather it multiplies in a various direction.

What influences your thoughts?

Your conscious or unconscious daily experiences and impressions of life. Your food habits and physical exercise. Also your beliefs, and what you have acquired and observed over the time.

Can you change your flow of thoughts?


By changing your daily habits.

Daily habits.

By physical exercise, by healthy food habits, by consciously making every choice and decisions of your life, you can change the flow of your thoughts.

You write your life daily. At any moment of time, you can change the course of your life.

When you actively change your daily habits, you become conscious of your daily life. You plan, and choose your every event. You don’t allow life to happen to you; rather you make conscious choice of everything that happens into your life. You consciously write the script of your life.

If you have experience something in the moment, your mind will start producing thoughts about that experience. If you met a person, the mind will form thoughts about that person.

Now, if your experience is negative, you will have negative thoughts and if your experience was positive, you will have positive thoughts.

Here the process of mindfulness comes in.


When you are mindful in the moment, you make sure every experience of your life is blissful.

Remember it’s not the outside situation but your response sets you up in life. The situation or people or even an experience doesn’t make or break people, but it’s their response to it.

If you are mindful in the moment, your response will always be thoughtful. With the awareness, it becomes easier to analyze the situation and then give your response.

I have come across many people, who even in the most tensed situations, don’t forget to bring their humor. To any situation, if you have a humorous approach, it always appear funny to you.

The situation is just the situation, but your approach to the situation change the game for you in the moment.

The nature of the thought is to multiply. It follows your attention in the moment.

If you ask your mind to show positive sides of life, it will show you the positive sides. Rather it will multiply out of its nature. At the same time, if you ask your mind to show the negative side, it will show you the negative side, and not only that, it will also multiply the negative things and it will pop up into your mind.

The mind is a beautiful servant but the dangerous master.

The mind is a servant, till the time you are aware of it. When your attention shifts from your mind, you will realize in no time, the mind tends to take over your thought process.

If you are unconscious of your thought process, it goes on thinking about the past experiences of life, while you are unaware of it. The issue with the past experiences of life is, it separates you from the present moment.

All the pain and suffering of this world exists beyond the present moment. The more the mind shifts away from the moment, the more you experience the pain and suffering, whether you are thinking about the past or the future.

Even if your mind slips into the future, sooner or later you will disconnect from the life in the moment, which will again result into the suffering.

Control your thoughts.

Majority of us are unaware of our thought process. Thoughts come and go, and we are busy wining about life. We remain unaware of the thoughts that pass through our mind. It’s necessary to stay aware of our thought process, because it helps us to take control of our life.

If you think your life is not in your control, learn to observe your thought process.

Take out ten minutes every morning for the self. Find a silent place, and observe your thoughts. Don’t try to correct your thoughts. Simply observe them. Do it for 7 days, and you will start understanding your thought process.

Before you take control of your life, you have to take control of your thought process. The outside situations and circumstances can be controlled by controlling your thoughts. No matter what is happening in the outside world, but when you are in control of your thoughts, you can consciously take control of the outside situations.

All it requires is, ten minutes with yourself every morning, and you will be in control of your life.

Your life is your making, no matter what. You create your life out of conscious choice. Life offers you many choices, but you craft your life by making conscious choice. With every choice you either grow and improve or move down the ladder.

When you are aware of your thought process, you don’t allow yourself to get influenced by the outside situations; rather you take control of your life by controlling your thought process.

In the outside world, people are habituated with a certain kind of reactions. They know that if they say something to you, you will react in a certain way. This happens every day into different situations.

Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior

When you spend each day ten minutes to observe your thought process, you develop control over your mind.

With the controlled mind, you not only respond, but your response always holds the quality.

No matter what the situation or people bring to you, but when you respond with the highest understanding, you simply lift the situations and people around you.

There are two ways to act upon life. One way is to jump upon every thought and take action.

The second way is to observe your thoughts, and allow yourself to receive clarity out of it.

When you experience the flow of thoughts and simply observe them, you receive clarity. When you practice patience in life, you are more interested in understanding things rather acting upon them.

 It’s necessary to understand that action will happen, once you receive absolute clarity of the situation. When the things are clear to your mind, it’s easier to act upon them.

When the things are clear to your mind, you can compile all your thoughts together and consciously guide them in the direction of your choice.

The mind is such that, if you keep it with something for a longer period of time it starts producing thoughts about that thing.

That’s how creative artists are born. They put their mind on one thing for a certain period of time, and the artist is born.

Whether you are looking for developing a skill, or a habit or an art, or anything you are passionate about; all you need is to be with that thing for a little period of time. The mind will eventually pick that thing, and all your thoughts and imagination will roll over in that direction.

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