How the Perception of Life, Evolves within the Mind?



Everyone wants to know the truth of life, but how can we really get to the truth? Is there a definite way, or we have to go through trial and error method, to reach to that ultimate experience.

We experience life with the mind, and so in the first place, what we have, that gives us the clarity about life, is our mind and the experience of reality, in which we are, in the present moment.

You only have your mind, and the outside reality, to understand life. Before you experience the ultimate truth, you go through the process of evolution with your perception.

When you reach to the ultimate truth, then it becomes easier to understand the process of life, as you simply have to come down from the top, but the real effort lies, in climbing the ladder.

With the ultimate experience, you realize yourself as an observer. You have a spirit, which is the subtle thread within the body and carries the sensation for you to experience life with the brain, heart, and body.

From the spirit, you come down to the personality or personal identity of your mind. Personal identity is developed over the time, with your different experiences and impressions of life.

With the personality, your perception of the situation and people depends on onto the experience of the past, and if you face new experience or a new person, you create fresh experience or impression for the future. You create experience and impressions, by living life in the outside world. Before you are born, the life already exists and you simply join life from the middle.

As you go on experiencing life, you develop a personality out of it, or belief system out of it, and anything you perceive, you perceive only through the glass of your beliefs. The beliefs can be knowledge or information from the different source.

In reality, we don’t really go for the experience with life, but we believe in knowledge or information. Once we have accumulated knowledge or information from some source, we think we have known the truth.

“The mind never considers life in-terms of experience, but only in the form of knowledge or information. Once he has the information, he thinks he knows life, but when the same mind, is put into an experience, he begins to fumble.”

Seeing Things as They Are: A Theory of Perception

Life is an experience and the mind receives more surprises with an experience rather than anything else. The only thing mind is afraid of, is an experience because when mind experiences something, it becomes a part of it. Unless you experience something and go on accumulating information and knowledge about the subject or object, it will lead you nowhere. Life works in spontaneity, and not with the accumulated knowledge or information.

The only deception with life is the story of the mind. The only way, the mind can deceive you, is through story-telling, about the situation, people, event, the past or the future.

Observer, Spirit, the Subtle thread of the spirit, Sensation, out of body experience, is not just information, but the real experiences of human beings.

When you experience life with the state of the observer, the natural principles of life is known to you. Now, this is an experience, and you simply know, what is right for the moment. You don’t have to learn the principles of life, but it becomes your nature, with the self-realization.

Your perception of life is always from the past, and you create and innovate with your life, is also an expansion of the past, into the future. So either you repeat the past experience, create new desire, or expand the past into the future with creativity and innovation.

Each individual creates the physical world, be it the personal life, professional life, organization or material world, out of its own perception towards life.

When you see the outside life, it includes the physical manifestation of all the perception, that individual mind carries within them. The outside life is a collective manifestation of the subtle world (Ideas, imagination, thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams, and desires) into a physical reality.

The life on the existence already carries five elements, Earth, water, fire, air, and space. You make use of these elements, to create a physical reality.

The life on the existence already exists before the human arrives on this earth so that life can be possible for them. So the experience of the physical world, be it the five elements of nature or anything that you create out of it, is very much real.

When you look at life, with your perspective, that is, your experience of life’s situation, from the past, you don’t understand life, because you already have your own perception, that doesn’t allow you to look into the physical reality, that comes out of, cumulative contribution of all the thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions of the subtle world, of each individual.

Your mind is accustom to creating experience or impression out of, all of your fresh experiences of life. Either it tries to relate it to the past, and if it doesn’t find any relation, it creates fresh experiences or impression out of it. It never tries to understand the true nature of the situation, event, people or the life, that is happening outside.

Life of an individual with the mind is his perception towards life, and his own physical reality, out of that perception. Whatever happens outside, he lives his own reality, and this is the truth about each individual.

Some try to understand life, outside but when you look outside you tries to understand life, which comes out of the perception of each individual, with your own perception of life.

They create more chaos, rather get some understanding out of it, and create a bigger dilemma, for themselves.

To understand life, rather understand the physical reality that as a whole, try to understand only your physical reality, that you have created, out of your perception towards life.

Your physical reality is that you live, each day, and it will be easier to understand your own physical reality.

You don’t have to make any changes with it, but you can initiate the process of knowing, by simply being aware, about your daily life situation. This awareness towards your physical reality, with the time, will help you to move inward towards the subtle world, that is your perception, at the level of mind.

When you connect with the subtle world, you begin to understand the reality, behind your physical world. All your accumulated experiences and impressions, within your subtle world, create the physical reality.

Remember, when you stay aware of the physical or subtle life, your idea doesn’t remain to accumulate more experiences or impressions, rather your interest lies, in dropping, whatever is possible, both from your subtle as well as physical life, so that you have better clarity with life.

Understanding your subtle world gives you clarity about your physical reality, but still, the life as a whole doesn’t get clear to you, only with the subtle world. With the subtle world, you still remain, with the mind, while the source of the mind, is experienced while realizing your spirit and an observer.

It’s only when you realize, yourself beyond the identity of the mind, as a spirit and as an observer, the true identity, is known to you. The realization of an observer connects you with the natural process of life. You understand the process of life.

With an observer, when you look at life’s situation, people, events or different experiences of the physical world, you don’t see them, with your perception, but you see, the past, present, and future of it.

“You look at life only in the present moment. The present situation that you see in the outside world carries into it, its past and the future. With the mind, you only see the world, that you have experienced, but with an observer, you see life with its past, present and future.”

Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention

With an observer, you don’t get confused either with the outside reality, as with an experience of an observer, your own perception of life, gets shattered with the knowing, and you see life, with its true nature.

The perception of life evolves within you, and it’s your choice either you wish to consciously evolve with life, or you want to wait, till the life act on you.

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  1. Looking at life from the spirit side, instead of the mind, is like looking at it in terms of its meaning in the moment – why it is there, and how you brought it to yourself, and what you are to learn or acknowledge in order for you to be aware and spiritually progress.

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