How the Karma is Formed and How to rise above the Karma?


Karma’s of life can be understood, inside out or outside in. Once you understand the process of karma, you understand the process of life, and you can release yourself, from the karmic-cycle.

You still participate in it, out of your choice, but after the realization, no experience or impressions of life, can create a blueprint on your spirit, and even if it does, you know the technique, how to wash off, the blueprint, and rise above it.

Just to understand how the karma gets formed inside, try to understand it, through this practical model. These will happen, when you move inside, and rise above your karmic cycle.

Humans have space within the mind, which is an empty space, but full of higher vibrations. This space is part of God, and you can see the inner life, from this space, as well as outside life through the senses, without the interference of the mind.

This space is known as the soul, Observer, Seer, or you can call by any name.

Moving forward, you have a spirit, or subtle thread, that can expand through the body and can get contrasted into the soul. When the subtle thread expands into the body, you experience life, while the same subtle thread, when gets contrasted and move into the soul, you realize wisdom and bliss within the body.

The subtle thread carries the sensation, and thus you experience life through the body, with the help of sensation.

The sensation within the body is a medium for the spirit to experience life through the body.

Soul Keeping: Caring For the Most Important Part of You

Senses are part of the body and it’s because of the spirit, you identify yourself separate from the existence. When the spirit gets one with the soul, you unite with the existence and the life on earth and when the same spirit, expands through the brain, heart, and body to experience life, you develop an individuality, which separates you from the existence.

Karma’s always gets restored in you, in the subtle form. All the experiences and impressions get stored in the subtle form.

Anything that you have experienced in the past, comes across in the present moment, in no time, your brain, begins to throw all the experiences and impressions from the past. The internal process is so quick, that it’s impossible to realize the process unless you simply rise above the process.

The process of karma gets initiated when the spirit gets in touch with the body and begins to experience outside life through senses.

When you wake up in the morning, you don’t get a new thought, but you only think, from the past.

More importantly, when you realize the subtle thread of the spirit, you realize that, life takes place in the form of energy within you, and all the functions of the brain, say for e.g., imagination, ideas, dreams, desires, thought process, all depends upon the quality of energy you hold at the moment.

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In the morning time, your quality of energy remains high, and thus, usually you think positive about life, but as you move forward, and the outside life takes control of you, your energy begins to slip down.

The problem of life is not the outside situation, events, experience or your inner thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, or imagination. The real problem is the quality of your energy.

Now, remember you may think that you perceive through the senses, but the quality of your perception depends upon the quality of energy that exists within you, at the moment.

We have a soul, which is constant. We have a spirit in the form of a subtle thread that ties around the physical body.

Now all your experiences and impressions of life are stored in the spirit, in subtle form. More experiences and impressions you hold, more your spirit is tied with the body, and if your spirit is heavy, you feel weight within your brain, heart, and body.

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All the experiences and impressions get stored in the spirit. There is a method, where you can drop all the unnecessary weight from your body, heart, and brain, and realize the subtle thread of the spirit.

Once you realize the spirit, you realize what kind of karma or action makes you heavy or you get stress and tensed, out of which situation, and you begin to drop them from your life.

You pick the easier path, where you feel lite. You don’t see others life, but you stay more interested, with your internal process of life.

With your feelings and emotions, you make sure, not to make any further choice that adds on to your pain and suffering and slowly you drop all those things, that doesn’t add to your joy and happiness with life.

You do all the possible things to make the subtle thread of the spirit lite. Subtle thread of the spirit can be separated from the physical body and consciously you can rise to the soul.

Both the physical as well as subtle karma is no more than clouds, but these can be experience, once you realize the soul within you.

Instant Karma

The process of aging or getting old is more due to the accumulation of lots of karma, and creating more and more desires, with each passing day.

Life can be lived fresh, each day by dropping all the karma’s and do only that is needed to serve the basic needs of life, and enhance the beauty of life around you.

Unless you move inward and begin to observe your life, you cannot understand the subtle karma, which takes place within you, and drives almost all part of your physical life.

By moving inward, you have more choices with life, and you can choose the actions, that’s really useful and drop the rest of the things, from both of the physical as well as the subtle world.

When you are born, you are born with a pure energy form. When you come in contact with outside life, the process of the brain, initiates the creation of the subtle world, along with the personal identity. You are not born with an identity, but the identity is acquired over the time, by different experiences and impressions of life.

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Physical exercise and meditation is a wonderful tool to understand the karmic cycle and rise above it.

Before you rise above the karmic-cycle, you have to find out the truth behind it.

If it’s hard for you to understand the subtle karma, try to understand the physical karma, which means all the actions that you take, throughout the day.

Remember, life is limited to your physical as well as subtle actions, and when you realize your higher self within you, you will realize that you have the power to drop, all your subtle, as well as physical karma or you, can also guide your karma, simply by remaining as an observer to your life.

No need remain for you to actively participate in everything, and you only choose the task, that really serves the purpose of life, at the moment.

When you understand that your physical as well as subtle karma carries your entire life, than you will drop all the other non-sense that you have carried within your mind.

Karma & Reincarnation

You don’t have to understand the cosmos of the universe, but all you have to do, is understand your physical karma, and stay with the karma’s, that really serve the purpose of life.

Once you limit your physical karma and stay aware of it, slowly you will connect with the subtle karma that is your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions.

When you understand, what belongs to you, on a physical level and to stay focused on it, you will also understand, what is important at the subtle level, and the thoughts and feelings that you really want to keep it, and the ones that you wish to drop, from within.

Once you drop all the nonsense from your physical as well as subtle life, you only have, those things, that’s really important in your life, and each and every thoughts, feelings, and emotion of the subtle world and every action into the physical world, will bring you closer to the true reality of life.

See, it’s not only important to know your physical as well as subtle karma, but it’s equally important to figure out space, within the body, which is the origin or source of all the subtle as well as physical karma. This space is the liberation from all the karmas.

After the realization of this space, you still move into the subtle as well as physical karma, but this time, it remains your choice, and you stay in control, of both your subtle as well as physical karma, as now, you move not with the mind, but from the state of origin, where the karma gets initiated.

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