How the Formula of 3,2,1 works in your Life



Number 3 stands for creation i.e. life, number 2 stands for movement i.e. life energy and number 1 stands for constant entity i.e. creator. You find this equation both on the outside as well as your inner world.

Everything you see in the physical form of nature is a natural creation, comes out of the natural movement of the existence and the natural movement comes out of the constant, i.e. the creator.

When you look into your life, whatever you create stands for no. 3, and the movement that takes place inside of you, in the form of energy, thoughts and emotions stands for no.2, while the thing which is constant within you stands for no.1.

The life starts from no.1 i.e. creator, and give shape to no.2 i.e. life energy, and from no.2 comes the creation, i.e. no.3. Life works in you exactly it works in the universe. The natural laws of outside life also work in you. 

If you relate yourself only with your physical body, or the physical things in your life, your understanding towards life remains deem, and to raise your understanding towards life, you have to connect with your inner world.

Your thoughts, emotions, and energy stand for the movement, and your physical efforts come out of this movement. Whatever you create comes out of your thoughts, emotions, and energy. If you choose to write the script of your life, you have to connect with your inner world, and not just rely on your physical effort.

Life seems struggle, and you may not derive the desired fruit for your efforts, if you rely only on your physical effort. Physical effort is the part truth of life. The life takes shape from your subtle world, and if you are not connected with your subtle world, than you live the half truth of life. Your understanding towards life is part and not the whole.

Whatever you expect out of life, doesn’t bear its result, as you live the half truth. Its only when you connect with your subtle world, and your actions comes out of your subtle world, than you really receive what you ask from your life. When your thoughts, emotions and energy get one with your action, you add power to your efforts.

The failure in life is the de-synchronization between your mind, heart and your efforts. If you can align all the three together, and put the effort you can never go wrong with your life. This is the process of life, through which the life on existence takes place.

“The mess in your life is the result of, getting away from the natural process of life.”

Your growth with life depends on upon your attention and awareness. When you are aware of what you want out of life, you move into that direction to make it a part of your life.

You may come across many things on the path, but once you clear what you wish to have in your life, you drop everything to reach to your destination.

To connect with the subtle world, it requires your attention. Every situation, person or experiences of life creates the impression in your subtle world. You can pick the quality of impression, through your energy and feelings.

If your feeling is good, the impressions are good out of your experience, and if the feeling is bad, your impressions are not so good, out of the experience. The more and more you get one with the subtle world, the more and more you start to have control over the movements of your thoughts, emotions and energy.

Your subtle world is always in motion. It calls for the movement. All the movement of life, that appears into the physical body comes from the subtle world. You can experience it for yourself. Your thoughts, emotions and energy drives your action, and if you are unaware of it, life holds control over you and rather asking life to follow your commands, you follow what your senses and your subtle world demands from you.

When the thoughts, emotions and energy is in motion, you lose control over yourself and take steps, that is more out of un-awareness or simply an compulsive impulse. When you connect with the inner world, the movement with your thoughts, emotions and energy gets reduced, and you hold more control over the situations, people and experience of life, and not get controlled by them.

The outside situations, people and experiences have control over your life, if you have lesser control over yourself. Once you connect with your inner world and start to have control over it, than no matter what the outside situation brings to you, you remain steady with your mind and heart.

There are two ways to live your life. One way is to have your attention outside, and create the life that you see in the outside world, and the other way is to connect with yourself from within, from where the life takes place, and write your own script of life.

When you write your own script, you only choose the things that serve the purpose of life and drop the things that don’t serve the purpose in your life.

Heaven is not something that exists above the sky, but the heaven is something that you create on this earth. Every human walks down this earth with its purpose, and the purpose of life you can never find out from outside or from the life of others, but you have to dive deep within yourself, to get your own truth of life.

Life doesn’t end with the success or failure, but there is something more to life. There is something exists within you, that is beyond the movements of the subtle as well as the physical world.

You can find the essence of the supreme lord within you, in the form of constant that acts as an observer, in which both your subtle as well as physical world flourishes.

The essence of god in the form of constant entity is present in all of us, and experience of which, takes you beyond both the physical and subtle world.

We all may be divided with our mind and heart, but when it comes to essence we all are the same.

The purpose of life is to clear the stage of life, where we move from physical to subtle reality and from subtle to the constant one, from where we can understand this entire creation of god, and participate in it, with our both subtle and physical form, rather resisting life at every step.

The constant identity is full of wisdom and bliss, and there is nothing which is lacking in this space, that exists within you. All the solutions and all the joy and happiness towards life flows from this space.

All you have to do is to be one with this space, so that you can be one with the natural process of life, and share your wisdom and bliss with the world, and when the time comes for you to depart, you happily hand over your torch light to others, and bid your farewell to the existence.

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