How Light Works through You, in your Life



The more you expand yourself outside, the more you get away from the light that lies within you. The more you come closer to yourself, you come closer to the light, that resides within you.

When you know yourself from inside, in that knowing your expansion happens in the outside world, but then you are not tied up with the outside things. You know it happened out of the process and your interest lies in yourself, rather than the expanded version of it.

What is Light?

Light is pure intelligence. Pure awareness. No knowledge, but the immediate response for any situation in the moment. Light doesn’t need the knowledge of the world, but the light within you knows how to connect with the right person, situation or take you to the place, where you can have the solutions of your life.

The more your attention shifts outward, the greater distance you create between yourself and the light.

Imagine yourself watching the film in the theater. You are more interested in the images on the projector, but you are not interested in the light, through which you can see the images on the projector.

The light is the source, and the world you see outside is the projector. If you get lost in the world, you can never realize the light through which, the world has formed, and then the query always arise for your true authentic self, as out of the images of the world, you can never reach to the light, that projects it on the screen.

You are in the middle, who has a choice to understand the light and connect with the light. When you come closer to yourself, you come closer to light. look at your life and read your mind, and you will realize that all your attention is always outside and this never allows you to connect with the light that allows perceiving the world.

If you want to cut the trees, and you go on picking up the leaf, the leaf comes again out of the tree. You have to get to the roots of the tree so that the leaf can never come back. If you go on plucking up the leaf, you go on fighting with life, never to reach to its source.

When you connect with your inner self, you connect with the source of life. If you believe what you see outside, you tend to get lost, but when you connect with your inner world of thoughts, emotions, and energy, you create the path for yourself from within, that connects you directly with the light.

The light within you exists in the silent space beyond mind. You can have all the solutions of life, from this space.

When you transcend this space, you come across the light, that allows you to have the beautiful experience of life.

People come back from this space, and even sages miss to transcend the silent space beyond mind and come back again to the mind. This space is the transcendent space between the mind and light. Nothing exists in this space, but you have to hold onto this space, to transcend yourself and come across the light.

Once you experience the light, you live life more closer to the truth. The truth of life is nothing but the process of life. You do the things, the way it takes place, and not the way you think, it has to happen.

You don’t run after unnecessary dreams or desires, but live a more realistic life closer to the truth. Your actions are more need base than out of your hallucination.

People do get lost in hallucination and imagination. Imagination is something that happens to you when part of your mind expands. It doesn’t happen to people, but only to the one’s who work towards it. Hallucination is something that you have created something out of your mind, out of your past or thinking about the future.

More often imagination is part of the future. Imagination is the images of the mind. The images that are not formed out of the past, but is completely fresh and novice. You have never come across such images in your life, and if you want those images to be a part of your life, the mind also shows you the path to walk upon.

Hallucination is the bubbles from the past. It can be anything out of your past.The person, your past experiences, the impressions you come across into your life. Hallucination doesn’t have its path, while the imagination comes with its path, that you have never walked upon.

Imagination is an internal thing, and has no relevance from the outside world, while the hallucination comes from the outside experiences and impressions of the world.

Life knows, what it wants from you and will take you to the right place if you show the preparation for it. You just have to be open to life and be ready to do anything. Then life takes you at the right place, where you can be most useful to life.

If you consider yourself important enough, you only live into your hallucination and never reach to the place, for which you are born for.

Nothing on this earth happens to the person unless he has desired it for himself. It’s not that outside situation, people or experiences of life happens to you, out of the blue, but they are merely the projection of what you carry inside of yourself.

You only see what you wish to see. People don’t hesitate to find the spot on the moon, while some of you can see the beauty in the lotus, even if it comes out of the mud. It all depends on upon how you perceive your world.

You don’t receive the perception of your mind by  god, but you are responsible for creating your perceptions towards life, out of your past experiences and impressions of your life.

If you take the entire responsibility of your life, you can come to a point, where you can shift, improve and transcends your perception towards life each day, and this will be the time when the same life will be the most beautiful experience for you on this earth.

The heaven on this earth is the process of evolution. The person who works on his body, mind, and emotions on everyday basis, connects his life with the process of evolution. Then he doesn’t have to make efforts to grow, as life grows through him and he can see the effect of it, in the outside world. His perception towards life expands, as he evolves with life.

He sees the opportunity that no one else can see, and walk on the path that others, scared to follow. He does the things, that others thinks silly or avoid simply because they are unable to understand.

When you connect with the process of evolution, your mind, body, and heart expand and its the source of improved perception. When your mind, body, and heart expands, your perception towards life improves.”

To improve your physical body, there is no better way than physical exercise.

When it comes to heart, you have to make a conscious effort, to fall in love with everything that comes across, throughout the day. It may not be easy, but you should keep in mind, that you are doing it for your own self, and to get closer to the light.

When you fall in love with everything that comes across your way, you serve the emotional debris of your heart and allows the heart to expand to embrace the higher feelings and emotions of the outside situations with ease.

Next, comes the mind. The nature of the mind is the constant flow of thoughts, and if you can figure out the way to slow down your thoughts, slowly the capacity of your mind expands to grasp the things.

The perception towards life is directly connected with the flow of your thoughts. If the flow of your thoughts is fast, the perception towards the outside world will be dim, and if the flow of the thoughts is slow then you can have better understanding towards life, as you have clarity towards life.

The best way to silent your mind is to observe your thoughts and rise above them.

Before you expand things in the outside world, you already have the expanded version of it, within yourself. When you clear the things from inside, you clear the perceptions of your mind, to see the world in its original form.

The shadows of the mind that cover the light to allow you to see the world, in its natural form. The shadows are your desires, lust, fear, insecurity, emotional debris, your constant flow of thoughts, and your hallucinations of your mind.

When you sit with yourself and rise above everything that exists within you, you come across the light, that serves you to understand the past, present, and future of life.

To be with yourself with the eyes closed, and observing the inner world of thoughts, emotions, energy and senses, you allow the complexity of the inner world to settle down, to welcome the simplicity and clear thinking process to emerge from inside.

It requires practice.

Your mind has gone through many experiences and impressions, but the past of life is only that you can recollect or remember. No other past exists for you. The present is what you see in the given moment, where you are sitting right now. While the future doesn’t exist.

When you come across the light, you realize this truth of life, that future doesn’t exist. You imagine to think beyond 5, 10 or 15 years, but no life takes place exactly the way you have imagined for the future.

You always have the power over your action, but you cannot decide the result out of it, as the result out of your efforts, holds much probability. Everyone is connected to each other, and if you are doing all good, but the world around you doesn’t respond according to your efforts than it takes time for the nature to bring fruits of your efforts. it may take time, but life always offers you more than what you have offered to life.

People have a misconception, that they don’t receive the due,  as per their efforts, as they think they have the parameters to figure out their efforts. Life always offers you, more than your efforts.

The point here is, your attention has to be on your efforts, and you should never waste time for the future or the past. You have to plan your life ahead in advance, but the planning has to be for your efforts, and not for the result out of it.

You can always manage to pull out your efforts, in the midst of all the chaos of life, but you have to have patience with life, to bring you the result of your efforts.

Light is pure awareness and doesn’t need your past or future, for its actions. It guides you, as the situation arises in the moment. This doesn’t stop you from planning for your actions, as you need to give something to your mind to hold onto. If you don’t give anything to mind, it can deviate you to his own direction.

When you have the plan for your efforts, be open to life so that if the need arises, the light within you can guide you through the complex situations of life.

When you connect with yourself, you create the life by following the light and once you have the path of life out of light, then you don’t live in the past or the future, but your mind always remains in the present moment, to serve the path and purpose of life.


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