How Life Evolved Spiritually and Scientifically in Humans?



As per Charles Darwin, “Life has evolved and the evolution took place, from animals to humans. When you study the life of a human scientifically, you have only one benchmark to test the progress of evolution, and i.e. the outside world.

The progress in science and technology in the outside world proves the growth and evolution that took place in humans.

The development in science and technology shows the development in the understanding of humans in relation to life on earth. So when it comes to science, the evolution of humans took place in the form of understanding of the outside world.

The more understanding the humans had about the outside life, the more it expanded in the outside world in the field of science and technology.

So the scientific evolution of a human can be seen by measuring the progress of science and technology in the outside world. An individual’s progress of evolution can be noted, with how well he understands the science and technology in the outside world and how easier for him to get along with it.

When it comes to spirituality, the definition of evolution changes altogether.

With the science, the man expands with his mind, while on the path of spirituality, the person moves beyond the nature of the mind.

The path of spirituality not only reveals the truth of science but also reveals the truth of life.

The growth or evolution on the path of science is limited to the mind and also keeps you separate from the whole process of life.

On the path of spirituality, you not only realize your own nature of your mind, but you also realize the life energy that works with the mind and body to carry out the process of life.

Life is not limited to the mind and body, and thus true evaluation of life can never be possible at the level of mind. You have to slip back beneath the mind to understand the actual process of life.

It’s the life energy in you that carries on your daily process of life and the same process of life follows in the universe. You have to move at the level of life energy, or spirit or soul whatever you name it, to understand the actual process of evolution on earth.

The truth behind the life on earth can be realized on the path of spirituality. Life at the physical level grows and evolves on earth out of the understanding of the mind, but the understanding of the mind can help you to sustain yourself with the life on earth, but cannot serve you to realize the truth of life.

You cannot move in the direction of science, as it’s not the absolute truth of life, although it’s very important for the survival of the humans to follow the path of science and technology to develop the life on earth.

But when it comes to the absolute truth of life, every individual has to move inward and search for the deeper truth of life in them, so that the life that comes out of the mind on earth, i.e. science and technology become absolutely clear to you.

It’s good to grow and develop with the science and technology, but one thing has to be absolutely clear to every person, that for the absolute truth they have to move inward.

Whatever exists outside is only for the utility purpose and the real love and wisdom of life will only come from within,

On the path of spirituality, your attention shifts from the outside world to the individual self, and as your attention shifts to the individual self you begin the search for the ultimate truth inside of you.

The search of the ultimate truth helps you to take a shift from body consciousness to the mind consciousness and from mind consciousness to the life consciousness and from the life consciousness to the source, from which the life flows into the body.

The life is divided in you in four parts. The physical body that is visible, the mind that can be experienced inside, but very few are consciously connected to the mind. The life energy or spirit or soul of which you can only be aware, if you look within you and allow yourself to shift from body and mind consciousness. The last one is the source.

The manifestation of the physical body is possible because of the life energy that exists in you. The mind and life energy come from the source that too exists in you and works within the body to allow the process of life to take place through you.

The source of life from where the life of the universe comes, the same source of life exists in you. With the mind, you will never be able to grasp the source of the universe, but if you consciously get on the path of knowing yourself, you will certainly be able to reach to the source of life in you.

When you realize the source of life in you, you also realize the source of life of the universe. The source of life of the universe cannot be different from the source of life that exists in you.

The life of all the scientific exploration remains the half truth unless you discover the true source of life in you. The process of life itself begins with the source in you. From the source come the life energy, and along with the life energy comes the mind and later the same life energy along with the mind forms the physical appearance i.e. physical body.

If you try to understand any part of the universe than the instrument that you have to understand the things of the universe is the mind. No matter what you understand with the mind only remains the half truth, because life begins with the source.

The mind only remains in the middle, while the process of life flows from much deeper self beneath the mind.

Thus to grow and evolve with life in a true sense, it’s important to seek life inside and get on the journey of seeking the absolute truth within. The scientific discovery is good to enhance the outside experience of life, but the number one priority of life should always remain the source of life that exists inside.

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