How Karma-Philosophy or Cause and effect actually works?


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Life doesn’t work at the level of mind, and thus whatever philosophy or beliefs we create at the level of mind, stands untrue. Life works at the level of spirit or life energy.

Now, before we move further to understand the process of karma or cause and effect, it’s important to understand the role of life energy in the body.

The normal functions of the mind and body are carried out by the life energy. It’s the life energy that acts as a sensation in the body. The sensation in the body is only possible because of the life energy. When the life energy leaves the body or gets detached from the body, you stop feeling any sensation in the body.

It’s the life energy that signals when you are hungry and it’s the life energy that digests your food in the body. What kind of food you wish to eat depends on your choice, but later the digestion, as well as the defecation process, is done by the life energy.

Say for e.g. you are hungry, and the life energy sends you a signal to your body through sensation. Now, what kind of food you choose to eat depends on the experiences and impressions of your mind. You can only make the choice with your food if you already had the taste of it, in the past, or you have some impression of that food type. You cannot order something that you are absolutely unaware of, or which is not in your past experience. Your choice and decisions in the moment always and always come out of the memories of the mind.

Now, when it comes to the mind, it’s the life energy that churns all the memories of the mind. All your thoughts, imaginations, dreams and desires, is due to the working of the life energy through the mind. You have Spirit (Life Energy) in the Body

So, if you try to understand the karma philosophy or cause and effect with life, without realizing the spirit or life energy in the body, you are bound to miss the truth again and again.

The process of life works this way within the body. You have the source, the spirit or life energy, the mind, the energy created out of food, and the physical body, i.e. physical appearance. Now, the spirit is constantly working within the mind and the body.

Whenever your body needs food, it’s the life energy that gives you a signal through sensation. All the sensation at the level of body is taken care of, by the life energy.

The same applies to the mind. The constant flow of thoughts is only due to the life energy. As soon as you form the desire, the life energy starts working on your desire and arrange and rearrange itself within the body, to fulfill that desire.

Say for e.g. you want to become a sports person, but you don’t know how to play a sport. The mind forms a desire to play a sport. When you initiate into the sport, you hardly know, how to play a sport, but if you stick with it, you can attain a mastery into that sport.

When you are determined to play a sport, the life energy arranges itself according to the need of the sports. The spirit is a subtle thread that works within the mind and body and arranges and rearranges itself according to the desires of the mind.

The life energy exists in you to serve every desire of the mind and body.

Now, life energy itself is not the energy through which the mind and body can actually work, but life energy is a subtle thread that creates energy within the body from the intake of your food. The physical body alone is not capable of digesting the food and extracting energy out of it, but it’s the life energy that works within the body, to digest the food and extract the necessary energy within the body.

To fulfill any desire of the mind, you need enough energy in the body and necessary work in that direction.

Whenever you create a desire, the mind never has a complete plan to fulfill your desire, but when you start taking steps towards your desires, soon your mind come up with the further steps to accomplish those dream or desire.

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The future is not written in advance, but you create your future with the present choices and decisions. No matter what you have created in the past, your present choices and decisions can change the path of life.

This doesn’t mean you are free from the consequences of the past actions, but once you consciously start getting engage with life, you can settle the past actions, with better choices and decisions in the present moment.

When you move towards your desires, the spirit starts arranging itself according to the desires, and with the arrangements of the spirit, the mind starts to come up with the further steps to accomplish the desires. All the thoughts and imagination is only possible because of the working of the spirit in the body. If you want something in life, but you are not willing to stay with it, you cannot accomplish that thing in your life. To fulfill any of your desire, you have to stay with it, for the longest period of time. Only then the spirit and mind come up with the path towards your desires.

If you want something in life, but you are not willing to stay with it, you cannot accomplish that thing in your life. To fulfill any of your desire, you have to stay with it, for the longest period of time. Only then the spirit and mind come up with the path towards your desires.

Karma philosophy is simple. You form a desire, and if you actively work to fulfill your desire, you will receive the result. It doesn’t matter, whether you create the desire to harm someone, or you create the desire to serve someone, in both the case, it gets fulfilled.

The nature of karma doesn’t bifurcate between good or evil. It gives you what you want. Rather its always you who tag your karma to be good or bad. Karma itself doesn’t come with a tag of good or bad. It depends on your individual belief and has nothing to do with the life as a whole. The Mystery behind the Karma or Action

If you did something wrong to other, this doesn’t mean, the other person will take your wrong-doing the same way. Thus, you might have done something wrong, but the other person who has been impacted by your action may see the same action altogether a different way.

The same applies if you do something good to others. You may assume, you did good, but your goodness remains limited to you, because your action may have been projected differently by the other person.

Every person sees each action, out of his own perception towards life. It may go with your perception or it may not go with your perception.

What does this suggest?

This only suggests that your action or your karma only remains limited to you. It all depends on, how you see your karma or action.

If you see your action as doing wrong to others, you will feel bad about it, and you will face the consequence. Cause and effect have nothing to do with others, but it has everything to do with you. Your cause and effect rotate in a circle within you.

Life doesn’t punish you for your action from outside, but whatever you do, in your lifetime it remains in you, forever. Your memories churn in you for the lifetime, and its the life energy or spirit that constantly rotates in you, churn those memories.

Either it’s a karma-philosophy or cause or effect, the second person doesn’t exist in it. It all works within you. You create your karma and you experience its result. You create a cause in your life and you receive the effect of it.

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Say, you follow a healthy lifestyle, where you meditate every day, exercise on a daily basis, and follow a healthy diet. Now, whatever action you take in your daily life, becomes the cause and the result you experience out of it becomes the effect of it.

Life doesn’t work from outside, but it works from within. Live Life Inside Out

You create your personal and professional life out of your daily choices and decisions, consciously or unconsciously, but in a way, with every choice or decision, you create a cause and you receive the effect of it, over the time.

Here the thing is, we are never conscious of our choices and decisions that we make, with our daily life, and thus we assume that life is mysterious or impossible to understand. You only receive out of your own choices and decisions that you have made in the past.

If you become conscious of your daily life and start making conscious choices and decisions with your life, you will understand how karma-philosophy or cause and effect work into your life.

It’s only your presence in the moment, that can give you an absolute clarity about the karmic cycle, and it’s only with the presence in the moment, you can also realize the life energy or spirit that is constantly working in you, through the mind and body to keep the life moving.

Life has created individuals and every individual have been given a power of choice. No matter what comes to you from outside, you hold the power to either deny or accept it in your life. No force from outside or from the universe act as a compulsion to make you a certain choice or decision in your life. It’s always you who choose the situation or circumstances in your life, either consciously or unconsciously.

Everyone tries hard to understand life from the outside reality, but let me tell you, whatever you see and experience in the outside reality is only the projective reality. It’s a shadow of life that exists inside. The truth exists inside. The actual function of life is happening inside. The time you consciously take your attention inward and spend some time to know your inner life, the truth about the outside reality as well as your inner life, reveal to you.

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