How Hardware (Physical Body), and Software (Mind) works in Humans?



Hardware and software are built by the third person. Hardware is required for the software to work. When we talk about the hardware of the laptop, it gets upgraded with time.

The upgraded software can only work with upgraded hardware. Your physical body too is a hardware and all your visualization, imagination, dreams, desires, feelings and emotions are the software in your mind.

If you upgrade your hardware, i.e. physical body the higher quality of thoughts can flow through your system, and you can accomplish the most difficult task with effortless ease.

If you don’t have the upgraded hardware, and you think and imagine beautiful things in your mind, your thoughts and imagination will lead you nowhere.

Both hardware and software need to go hand in hand. When it comes to the hardware of the human body, you need to keep certain things in mind, to upgrade your system.

Physical body needs sleep, food, and exercise. The proper balance of these three things allows you to upgrade your hardware, i.e. physical body.

When you see the hardware of the laptop, you can upgrade to a certain point, and then you have to replace by another one, but that’s not the case with the human body.

You can work with your body for a good amount of time before the time comes for it to leave and move into another one.

With the laptop, you work with both the hardware and software differently, but when it comes to humans when you upgrade your physical body, the functions of the mind too gets upgrade with it.

The quality of your mind depends on the quality of your body. Unless you keep a proper balance with your mind and body, anytime you can experience the failure, in the form of a disease.

The hardware of physical body can be updated on everyday basis with the right balance of sleep, food habit, and physical exercise.

Physical exercise is an important tool to create a perfect balance with the functions of the body. The physical exercise has to be in proportion to your food habits. The way the hardware of the laptop gets upgraded so that upgraded software can work through it, in a similar way to face the daily challenges of life, you have to learn to create the upgraded system of your body, so that no problems or challenges of life can overpower you at any point of time.

In the outside world, both the hardware and software are worked around separately. In a similar way, you too have to work with your mind separately.

The mind too can be upgraded on a daily basis. The mind is a software just like the software you find on the laptop. The energy, images, thinking, feelings, sensation, breath are all part of the inner software that can be worked on a daily basis.

All your imagination, thinking, and feelings become your daily impressions and experiences of life. There are two ways you accumulate things in your mind.

One way is from outside world. All the experiences and impressions that you go through outside gets stored inside of you and the other way is, how your mind arranges and rearranges those experiences and impressions in you and forms the newer impressions out of it.

No matter what you accumulate from outside, or what you form inside your mind, it all comes down to the choice you make out of everything that is stored in your mind.

Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work

Your thinking or the images of your mind cannot become the part of your life unless you choose to act out of it. Even the outside experiences or impressions can only hold onto your life if you choose to make it a part of your life.

The mind can be upgraded on a daily basis with the right choice with your thinking and imagination of your mind as later the same thoughts will come into your action and will become part of your inner software.

You upgrade your software with what you have lived in the past. That means with life, you always stretch the latest version of the past into the future. So it’s only your past experiences and impressions that you make better while altering the whole thread of experiences and impressions of the past and creating absolutely fresh life, requires absolute transcendence, that too is possible.

With the inner software all you knew is, life begins with the mind, but when you look deep in you, you realize the working of life energy or spirit in you.

The Search: Finding Your Inner Power, Your Potential

You are different from the hardware and software that you carry inside the body. You need to figure out the one that creates both the physical body and mind. Once you realize that you in you, you also realize the life energy in the body.

Life is not limited to the hardware and software i.e. physical body and mind, but you also have that, which is the source of life.

To recognize the creator of mind and body you come to the realization of a source. With the realization of a source, even the creator of the mind and body doesn’t remain but lose itself to the process of life.

After the realization of a source, what remains in you, is not you or ‘I” or ego or individual identity, but what remains is the process that works through you, and you simply float with the process of life.

Body Mind Balancing

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