How does your Mind Look Like?

How does your Mind Look Like?

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Well, we all wonder how our minds look like. Then the above image will give you the reflection of it. Your mind is just like a plain piece of paper, absolutely nothing written on it. When I say nothing absolutely nothing. That’s your mind.

Ever you experience your no-mind state, this is what you come across in you. Your mind is not limited to your brain but has been spread to your entire body.

You can call that mind as awareness, pure consciousness, divinity, higher intelligence or anything. That’s your mind. But very few of us get the privilege to experience our pure state of mind.

This is the state of mind, from where all the wisdom of life is revealed. With this state of mind, you can stay in the present moment all the time, without worrying about your past and the future.

This is the state of mind that sees the world in its purest form and experience the beauty of nature. This is the state of mind from where you perceive life from the neutral perspective.

Your mind is a plain piece of paper that you fill with all your experiences, impressions, thoughts, imaginations, dreams, desires and everything that you go through in your one or more life span.

No matter what you fill in your mind, you have the option to empty your mind and experience your mind in its purest state.

With life the deception never happens from outside but the deception always takes place inside your mind.

The Book of Understanding

It’s never another person who deceives you in your life, but you are always deceived by your own mind.

When you don’t know, what you hold in your mind, your mind becomes capable of deceiving you at every point, and as your senses only allow you to see things outside, you look for someone outside to blame for your deception.

Do you know, how do you fill your mind?

You may think that its god who fills your mind or the nature of your mind is such that, it gets filled by itself, but that’s not the case.

It’s you who fill your mind by holding yourself with different experiences and impressions of life as if no new experience can ever happen to you in the future.

It’s only your inner fear that allows you to hold the life so tight from inside, that you refuse to let it go. Unless you let go the experiences and impressions of the past, you cannot experience the pure state of mind.

When you let go the experiences and impressions of the past, you come across the fresh experiences of life.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

When your mind is always filled with something, you don’t experience the empty space of the mind. When your mind is empty, you experience the pure state of mind.

Everyone has messed up their mind to the point that they are unable to see the present life with clarity. Remember your perception in the moment comes out of what you hold in your mind.

You can never experience the present moment in its natural flow unless you absolutely empty your mind and directly look into life.

There is so much already exists in your mind and your flows of thoughts are the proof of it. Your thoughts are nothing but the garbage of your mind.

All your dreams, desires and imagination of your mind simply separates you from experience your pure state of mind.

The life is possible with the pure state of mind. If you don’t have the thought patterns, and if you don’t imagine thinks for the future, you can still live with the pure state of mind and that too with the highest intelligence.

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Your pure state of mind holds the highest intelligence as it can directly look into the things, situations, events, experiences or impressions of life and figure out the truth behind it.

The natural process of life is revealed to the pure state of mind.

Every person is caught up with his desires of life. It’s hard to understand this truth for everyone that life is possible without desires. To realize the no-mind state, you have to free your mind from the desires. It’s only the desires of your mind that not only keeps you running with your whole life but also separates you from experiencing the absolute truth of life.

The realization of the self, God, or absolute truth is only possible when you absolutely empty your mind.

As soon as the desire gets formed in you, your mind and body get active to fulfill that desire. Once you fulfill one desire, the mind is already trained to create another desire and keeps you engaged for the lifetime.

You never sit back and look into the source of your desire. It’s only when you spend time with yourself and look into every desire that formed in your mind; you can understand the different patterns of your mind.

It’s not necessary to chase your every desire’s, but when you learn the art of looking into your desires and letting it go, you allow the things that absolutely necessary for life, comes to the surface.

It’s only the truth of life that takes life forward. All the other things simply makes you repeat the circle of life.

Who Am I?

Imagine yourself to receive the desire in your mind. You simply observed your desire, without giving any importance to it. You have noted the desire but didn’t act on it.

As you proceed with the day, the mind has thrown another desire, and you still didn’t respond to those desires and carried on with your daily routine. Slowly by observing your mind and learning the patterns of your desires, you will overcome all the desires of your mind, moving more and more into the no-mind state.

Remember the life as a whole is sufficient enough to fulfill your needs and guide you in the right direction. It’s only the unnecessary desires of life that add chaos and suffering to your life and separates you from the absolute truth of life.

If you give up to the desires of your mind you can never experience the truth of your life. You will never able to realize, what you really want out of life.

Your true purpose of life can only come out of your pure state of mind.

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When your mind is already filled up with too many things, you can never reach the conclusion with any aspect of your life. All the choices and decisions in the moment get hard with the confused mind.

Remember life is not a puzzle but your mind is a puzzle that needs to be solved. If you can solve the puzzle of your mind, the life is already flowing in its perfection.

Remember when you don’t run after your desires you are not losing anything rather you are coming closer to the truth of life. The experience of truth exists inside, rather you keep chasing your petty desires, with your whole mind and body and still not able to satisfy yourself with life.

When you chase your desires, you attract more similar desires, to you along with the thoughts and imagination in relation to the desires.

The desires of your mind simply fill the space of your mind and you cannot see the absolute truth of the moment.

The Story of Reality

The realization of a pure state of mind is only possible when you simply observe your desires and let it go so that you can allow the deeper reality of your mind to come to its surface.

Life is not limited to the desires of the outside world, but you have more to search inside.

It’s only by becoming the observer of life and living life with absolute detachment you can realize your pure state of mind that will ultimately serve you to experience the source of life or god in you.

With life, the one who goes on chasing his desires, never reach to an end and on the other hand, the person who never does anything with his life too waste his life for nothing.

With life, the true purpose of life is only served by the person when he understands every aspect of life, goes through the experience and rise above it.

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When your understanding grows towards life, you learn to live in the moment without worrying too much about the future. It’s only the future that takes half of our life and rest we spend thinking about the future.

It’s only the real understanding about ourselves that can serve us to experience life in the moment.

To allow the life to happen on its own doesn’t require much effort on your part. All you need to do is become the observer of life and watch every desire that pulsates in you. You have to become absolutely aware of yourself. You shouldn’t allow any thought or imagination of your mind to get unnoticed.

Remember with life everything comes from inside and you don’t have to go anywhere but it’s your inner truth, that can bring everything to you. Your mind is a magnet. Anything that you give to your mind, your mind knows how to create a life around it.

Your mind will give you similar desires that you feed your mind with, but before you choose what you want out of your life, it’s very important to know your mind in its totality.

If you look at your life today, it’s only the effect or reaction of the life that is happening around you. It’s not the self-made life that came out of your core being. To create life from your being, you have to realize your being, before you move out to create a life of your choice.

The Empty Boat

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