How does Life Energy work Inside?



With the mind, the life is limited to the physical appearance of the body. The mind too is considered to be a part of the physical appearance. When you only perceive the external reality, you don’t know, what goes inside of you, or how everything exists in the universe.

The mind is a different body inside the physical body, that allows you to create thoughts, imagine things, forms perception, takes you into the past, or the future, stores the impressions and experiences of life and does all the work that you relate with the brain.

The brain is an instrument through which the mind works. Although the mind is associated with the brain, it doesn’t work only with the brain, but it works with the entire physical body.

The sensation of the body has nothing to do with the physical body, but its part of the life energy. It’s the life energy that allows you to sense the sensation in the body.

When you direct your attention from outside to inside, you get into the subtle process of life. When you only keep yourself engaged in the external reality, life will be still happening through you, but you will never realize the truth behind it.

Remember, even if you know the process of life inside out, all you can do is become one with life. You cannot change the process of life, but your very perception to view life gets changed by realizing the process of life.

As you take your attention inward, you experience altogether a different reality, that you have never imagined even exists that too inside of you.

The mind and the life energy can very well experience as a separate body if you can hold your attention inward and keep moving deeper to the point of attention itself.

The natural process of life flows inside out. Don’t know what’s happening with your life, look inside.

All our problems and worries and anxieties with life is only limited to the way we perceive life. Its all comes down to our understanding towards life. We always look for the solutions with life but never try to know the process of life.

The life follows a process. The process of life flows inside out. Now, you are already engaged in the external reality, so the only option left with you is to travel inward.

Many people carry the myth about the spiritual journey, that it simply disconnect you from the external reality, but that’s not true at all. On the contrary, more and more you move inward, the better clarity you will develop about your external world.

Life is neither an illusion nor it’s deceptive, but it’s all about how you perceive life out of your understanding. Our understanding is always limited to our individual perception, while life has its own natural flow to keep life moving.

Mind is the most important thing in your body, and you lose the maximum energy because of your thought process. Thinking without awareness is sitting in a car without a driver. It can collapse anytime.

Many people show courage to move inward, but as soon as they experience their own subtle reality, out of fear, they tend to move back to their external reality.

The inward journey brings you face to face with yourself. There are many things we hide from ourselves. We even never admit the truth to ourselves. That’s the only reason we call for all the pain and suffering with life.

The inward journey towards the truth is to bring our true authentic self to the world. With the realization of truth, you cannot express the lie to the world, but you appear to the world, with your intrinsic nature.

Life is not limited to the thoughts and imaginations of the mind, and the life initiates not with the functions of the mind, but with the movement of life energy. The eyes are the most dominant sensory organ of the body.

Anything that you perceive in the external reality only appears to be in a physical form. This also gives an impression that life is, what you see in the external reality or imagine in your mind. This myth gets dropped, when for the first time, you realize the life energy or awaken the kundalini energy in the body.

It’s the life energy that works with the mind and body, and all the functions that are possible with the mind and body are only because of the life energy.

All your thinking, imagination, creativity, innovation, with the mind, or feelings or emotions with the heart or say physical efforts or actions, or even the digestive process of the body, is only possible because of the life energy.

The life energy is directly connected with the main nerves of the physical body and takes care of the physical body and provides all the necessary nourishment to it.

When you think of life, you only think in the form of the past and the future but never sense life in the form of energy. It’s only when you experience the life energy in the body, your mind remains present with the movement of life energy and all your planning and execution gets limited to the movement of life energy.

With the life energy, you don’t think, feel or act looking at the outside reality, but with life energy you see what’s needed in the present moment, and then see the movement of the life energy, and when the movement is right for the action, you take action serving the need of the movement.

When the life energy becomes active it moves in the deep in the body to nourish the body and once the work is over, it again becomes passive in the body. The mind learns the active and passive movement of the body.

When the life energy is active, you avoid any kind of thinking or actions, but you simply be witnessing the movement of life energy and when the life energy is passive, you accomplish the task in hand.

All your ideas, dreams or desires, needs the right amount of energy to manifest it into a physical reality. When you connect with the life energy, it will be easier for you to understand, what kind of thoughts, ideas or desires, will be manifested in the moment, and which desire will take some time for its manifestation.

With the realization of life energy, you may create the desires with life, but you don’t follow the mind and body to manifest the desire, but you wait for the life energy to allow the desire to manifest through the mind and body. Life energy serves in manifesting the desires of the mind, if you know, how to hold yourself with the desire.


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