How do you experience “I” in the Body?


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The sense of “I” is a mixture of a physical and metaphysical world. The spirit and the body when comes together, it gives rise to the sense of “I”. You experience individuality or the sense of “I” till the time; you sense the sensation in the body. When you cannot sense the sensation, you cannot sense the “I” too in your body.

You have noticed many times, that part of the body gets numb. In those moments, you don’t sense anything in those parts of your body. You cannot claim that part of your body as yours. That part of the body doesn’t belong to you in those moments. Only the space in the body, where you sense the sensation, you can recognize it, as yours.

The sensation in the body gives you the recognition of “I”. You claim something to be yours, only out of sensation.

Say for e.g., you had a childhood friend, with whom you have spent a good part of your childhood. Time went by, and you both parted ways. It’s been a long time and you have lost touch with each other. Now, you don’t hold the same feeling as you hold in your childhood.

In the past, you can claim your friendship, because of your feelings for each other, but now you cannot claim your friendship in the same way. You can only hold authority on something, out of your sense of feelings and emotions. The time you lose that sense of feelings and emotions, it’s not possible for you to hold your sense of ownership.

The individual identity too can be held in the body, till you can experience the sensations in the body. It’s the sensation that gives you the feeling of individuality.

The sense of “I” is recognized, when the spirit and body come together. When the spirit and body get separated in deep meditation, you lose your sense of “I” too in the body.

In deep meditation, when the spirit gets detached from the physical body, it carries the sensation with it. The sensation is part of the spirit and not the physical body. The life in the physical body is possible through sensation.

The sensation is also the bridge between the physical and spiritual world. The life of the other world comes into the physical world through sensation. You also experience life through sensation.

All the experiences of life are possible only in the form of sensation.

No experience of the physical reality is possible beyond sensation, but life can be experienced beyond the physical reality.

The sensation that allows you to experience the physical reality, when detached from the physical body allows you to realize life beyond the physical reality.

The “I” or individual identity in the body is no more than the sensation. The “I” cannot be found either in the physical or subtle world, but only emerge, when the spirit and the body come together.

When you learn the art of separating your subtle body from the physical, you realize that the sense of “I” appears and disappears, only with the attachment and detachment of the physical and subtle body.

The sense of “I” is just like the smoke of a fire. If the “I” becomes the source of life, then your life will only revolve around the illusion. The “I” is not the source of life, but the source of life is the body and the spirit. The smoke comes out of the fire. The smoke is an effect. The cause is the fire and the object. In a similar way, the “I” is just the smoke of the spirit and body. If your life exists, out of the smoke, you only create ashes out of it. Fire is real, the burning object is real, and smoke is an effect out of it.

When you understand the internal process of spirit and body, even the external reality becomes clear to you. You understand how the life unfolds both in the external and internal world.

When you live with “I” you want to take ownership of everything. You become the doer of life. Imagine the smoke takes the ownership of fire and object. Can you understand the relevance of smoke? The relevance of “I” is similar to it.

The “I” can be useful to understand life. When you understand the “I” in the body, you observe both the external and internal process of life. You don’t act, but you wait. You follow your daily routine, by observing life. You observe the unfolding of life, both outside and inside.

The life evolves at the level of understanding. As you grow, your understanding develops towards life. Out of the natural process, the spirit gets detached and moves in the body. When you observe the twenty-four-hour life-cycle, you notice that, in the morning time, and late night the spirit follows the process of detachment from the body and moves back in the body. When the spirit gets detached, and moves back in the body, both the spirit and the physical body feels rejuvenated.

Your awareness in the moment depends on how tightly your spirit is rolled to your physical body. The process of detachment is followed on the path of spirituality because that allows the process of conscious detachment of the spirit and body.

When you observe life, your understanding develops towards the natural process of life. Remember, you are neither your physical body, nor the spirit, but the one who comes into existence, when the spirit and the physical body meets. When you separate yourself from the body, heart, and mind, you can see the free-flow of life, from the source to spirit and from the spirit of mind and body.

The role of the “I” is to understand the process of life. Life is all about understanding. The thing on earth happens. You have to learn the art of happening of things.

Your presence is enough to go through life. More and more you observe life, more and more you can let lose yourself with the free flow of life.

Life doesn’t only follow its natural course outside, but it follows the same process inside. If you understand the internal process of life, it becomes easier for you, to align your life with it. Once you understand the internal process, even the external flow of life will become clear to you.

The process of source, spirit, mind and body can be understood with “I” and the realization of “I” happens, when you take your attention inward, and try to figure out the truth behind your personal identity.

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