How Do I connect with the Natural ways of Life?


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We all go through the process of life, but never try to understand life or make any effort to connect with life.

The life that we experience outside is huge, and if some way you can understand, how the process of life takes place, it makes the path easier for you, to go through these process of life without any pain or suffering.

We all are lost in our mind created the world and don’t know how to come out of it. We even don’t know, that there is life possible beyond the circle of our mind, and just with a little effort, we can have a direct access to it.

The connection with the life can be formed if you are ready to drop the things of the mind, and consciously try to connect with the life, that is happening on its own.

Within our mind, we hold our individual identity, beyond which we never try to see life. We only keep our understanding limited to our individual experiences, and anything beyond it, don’t make any sense into our lives.

But, when it comes to the truth, you can only realize the truth, beyond the personal identity of the mind.

The natural process of life functions, not at the level of the body and mind, but it functions deep down inside, at the level of the spirit. The spirit within the body is highly active and continuously moves within the body, to carry out the functions of the body and mind. It’s only the spirit that gives shape and size to the body and manifests the desires of the mind. The body and mind remain an instrument for the spirit to experience the life.

The spirit is part of the universe, and to connect with the life that works as a whole, you have to take your attention inward, and shift beyond the surface level of the mind. It’s a process that individual goes through, to realize the spirit in the body, and connect with the natural ways of life.

Everyday life should be lived closer to the natural ways of life. If you don’t know, how the life functions, you can always make a conscious effort, to come closer to the natural ways of life.

All the work is required at the level of body and mind. We remain so engrossed in serving the body and mind that we miss realizing the truth of life that exists beyond it.

The physical body can serve us to get closer to life. The physical body works with our food habits. Whatever we take in the form of food helps in the process of growth and development of the body. So, it’s very important, what we put inside the body. The small meal always gets digested easily.

It’s always the indigested food that becomes the cause of stress, and suffering. Our mood swing is also due to the indigestion of food. Be vary of, what you put inside.

So to create a balanced diet, it’s important to have a small meal in our schedule. The process of life initiates with the body. It’s important to take care of the body. At the same time, it’s also necessary to stay connected to the body, so that the diet chart can be adjusted, as and when required.

Once the physical body is taken care of, next comes the mind. The mind too serves you to connect with the natural ways of life.

The life shifts from moment to moment. When you look into your mind, you notice that all the different things work together at the same time. You have to clear the things of the mind so that the flow of thoughts can run smoothly through the mind.

You have to plan and schedule your everyday life. This allows you to set the things in order not only in the outside world but also in your mind. You develop the clarity in your mind.

All the chaos and confusion with life happens in the mind. The body and mind should work in synchronization so that the natural flow of life can happen through you.

The nature of the mind is such that, it likes to dwell in a different direction. You need an order for the mind. If you plan and schedule your life in advance, you guide the mind in the direction of your choice. You form an order for the mind.

Now, as you see the happening of situations and events of life, you observe that life as a whole doesn’t happen according to our planning and scheduling, and thus every day we go through the experiences of life, which is far away from our daily schedule.

If we learn to adjust ourselves with fresh experiences of life and change our planning according to the ways of life, slowly we form our daily life, closer to the natural process.

It’s important to form an order in our lives, but at the same time, it’s also important to remain open to the ways of life, that works as a whole.

Our body and mind limit us to our individual ways of life. So, when we understand our own body and mind and direct it in a right direction, slowly we transcend the limits of our body and mind, and experience life, that works as a whole.

The experience of life is not limited to the body and mind, but we can also experience life, at the level of spirit. More you become mindful towards everything that happens in you and around you, more you come closer to the natural ways of life.

The spirit in the body follows the natural ways of life and not the mind. Thus to experience the life that works as a whole, you have to experience the spirit in the body, which dances to the tune of life.

Only by observing the ways of the spirit in you, you understand the natural ways of life that governs the universe.

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