How Chanting Mantras Works in Meditation?


“Holy Spirit leave the space of the mind and body empty. – Mantra Meditation”

The humans have the physical body including the brain, along with the mind. The mind is an empty space where all the subtle activities take place. Holy spirit or life energy is the one, that works through the mind and body.

Meditation is a tool to experience life beyond the physical reality and experience life at its subtlest level. Meditation is an act to observe. To Observe appears simple, but when put to practice, it holds the power to shake the subtlest strings of the body.

Holy spirit moves in the body in two ways. It can either move outside, to manifest the subtle and physical reality or it can move inward to realize the absolute truth of life. It all depends on how you direct the holy spirit with the mind.

With the mind, you hold the power to direct the holy spirit.

Mantras are the activities of the mind. With the mantras, the holy spirit can be directed inward. When you practice meditation, mantras along with the meditation becomes a wonderful tool to guide the holy spirit inward.

Meditation and Mantras

Now, unless you experience the holy spirit for yourself, the word itself seems like a hocus-pocus thing, but it exists.Now, the word spirit you might have heard for, but why holy?

The word holy is used for the subject or object that is pure. The spirit exists in you, in its purest form. You can make use of the spirit anyway you desire and creates anything with your life.

Both the mind and spirit are flexible. The holy spirit is a subtle thread in the body that arrange and rearrange itself, according to your thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams, desires, and actions.

It’s your physical and subtle world that arranges and rearranges the holy spirit in you.

Say for e.g., if you are a football player, the spirit arranges itself in the mind and body in a certain way, and allow you to store the experiences or impressions of your life. It’s the way you move in your mind and body, the spirit arranges itself accordingly.

Say, if you are an actor, and you pursue your dreams, out of your thinking and actions, you arrange your spirit accordingly.

Thus, every individual out of his thinking and actions, arrange the spirit in himself. You can make anything out of your life if you know how to direct your mind. Both the spirit and actions follow the mind.

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Even the actions of the body come from the mind, and even the holy spirit or life energy gets the direction from the mind.

But here one thing needs to be understood, that it’s not the mind that is the absolute power, but it’s the holy spirit, that out of choice, serves the mind, and when the mind creates too many complications inside, the holy spirit holds the power to make the body and mind at rest, and arrange itself in the body and mind in a proper order.

When you develop an intent to know the truth, you look for the ways to realize the truth. This has been heard several times, that truth is only realized inside, but how is the biggest query.

Meditation and mantra are two wonderful tools that can help you to take on the inward journey and come closer to the truth.

The mind holds the nature to constantly dwell in the past or the future. If you try to hold the mind in the present moment, you need to know, how the holy spirit works in the body. Only then the mind can absolutely remain in the present moment.

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The chanting of mantras with the inward attention can help the holy spirit to move inward. The mind and body are wrapped inside with the holy spirit. Unless you experience the holy spirit in the body separate from you, you can never experience the absolute freedom.

The chanting of the mantras, helps you to stop deviating your attention from the present moment and keeps you pushing inward.

If you yourself are not aware of the mantras, during the practice of meditation, even the mantras can carry you to the same past and future. Remember mantras too are the activities of the mind. Unless you remain aware while reciting mantras, the mantras, too become the same hollow words, just like your thinking.

The chanting of mantras in meditation is a sword for you against your thinking and imagination. With the little awareness, it can hold you up in the present moment.

The time your attention slips away from the mantras, your mantras too become your thoughts and imagination and you get carried away with it.

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In the practice of meditation, while reciting mantras, the time comes, when you observe the movement of holy spirit in the body. The holy spirit can be guided to its source with the mantras. The mantras act as a tool to keep your awareness in the moment.

The life is not limited to the physical body or the subtle mind, but you also have the source of life in you, from where the holy spirit flows. The holy spirit and the mind enter into the body from the same source. First, comes the mind and then follows the holy spirit.

When you practice meditation, you detach yourself from all the outside activities and bring your attention to yourself. Then you begin chanting mantras so that you can also guide the subtle mind in a right direction.

When you chant the mantras with the awareness, the mind that guides the holy spirit in the outside world to manifest its desires, the same mind guides the holy spirit towards its source.

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The realization of self-happens when the holy spirit in the body moves to its source along with the mind.

Your sense of individuality or ego exists only in the mind. You exist because of what you carry in your mind. If you can absolutely empty your mind, you cannot identify yourself, as an individual, but you lose all your identity, the time you empty your mind.

When the holy spirit along with the mind moves to the source, you realize the source of life in you, in the form of experience.

Along with the practice of meditation, chanting of mantras with the awareness becomes the wonderful tool to take along the inward journey. The mind is habituated with the thinking process, and the chanting of mantras again is the sequence of words.

The only difference between the mantras and the thinking process is, that the mantras are the short but powerful sentences that are repeated again and again with the conscious mind, while the thinking of the mind, happens unconsciously.

Every alphabet and every word carry its own energy and vibrations. If you pick the right mantra and keep your awareness with it, the mantras work well with the inner cleansing process.

The Ancient Science of Mantras: Wisdom of the Sages

As of now to initiate the process, if you practice meditation, or if you devote some time each day, for yourself. You can practice this powerful mantra, that can help you to relax, heal or overcome any form of stress, pain or suffering with your life.
The mantra is “Holy Spirit leave the space of the mind and body empty.”

This mantra can serve you to guide the holy spirit back to the source. Spend some time each day in meditation and chant the mantra with absolute awareness. Make sure, your attention doesn’t slip away from the mantras, otherwise, it will again become the same thinking process.

Follow it in your life, on a daily basis, and see the result for yourself, as nothing can be better proof than one’s own experience.

Mantra: Sacred Words of Power


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