How and Why to Search for God?


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Daily schedule and all the actions and its consequence, doesn’t suffice the purpose of life. If you have everything that’s needed for life, and still you feel your life is incomplete, it’s only because you need something beyond all the cause and effect of life.

All your actions are about cause and effect. Sometimes you adjust your actions, for the consequence, that you are looking for, and sometimes life’s situation itself, force you to take certain actions, that lead you to face consequences of it. 

The realization of God or truth in life is beyond all your personal, professional and spiritual obligations of life.

The name God is an idea of a mind and is created for the better explanation, about the creator. When you think in terms of a creator, it becomes easier to understand the creation.

When you try to understand something in a form of a story, it’s easier for the mind to understand. The search of God is necessary because life cannot be fulfilled unless you realize the absolute truth within the self.

With all the success and accomplishments of life, something always remains missing. All the other experiences of life, seems like a peanut, against the realization of absolute truth.

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Whatever you see in the name of God, in the outside world, is just a projection of God, whether its in a Temple, Church, Mosque or any other religious or spiritual place around the world.

The one, who has experienced God or truth within the self, has tried to declassify the truth of God so that others can understand, and connect with God. The realization of the source or God is only possible within.

In the outside world, you will only find a reflection of God, but the experience of it will happen within.

The one who has experienced the ultimate truth within the self-has developed his own way to express the truth of life. Buddha called it Nothingness, Krishna called it Paramatma, Muhammad called it Light, Jesus Christ called him the father of all the spirit.

Each religious or spiritual master had their experience’s and their unique expressions to express the experience of God. To experience God, you have to prepare yourself to drop all the ideas that you hold of God. God is the highest experience in you.

God is not your physical body, breathe or sensation, although God resides in the body, it’s not the part of the body. It’s not your feelings or emotions either. It’s not even your thoughts, ideas, beliefs or imagination of the mind. When you begin your search of God, you have to drop all of these, and wait for the truth to happen.

The experience of god stands alone, without any thought, images, feelings, emotions, sensation. God doesnt need your mind, heart and body, and can stand separate, absolutely detached within.

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With the mind, when you begin the search for God, don’t try to add anything, rather begin by dropping all the waste of the outside world.

When you want something in life, try to accumulate knowledge or information and act on it; at the same time when you are looking for the truth of life, begin the process of emptying yourself, and you will come closer to the truth.

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More you empty yourself from within; more you come closer to the realization of God.

Within each individual, resides the wisdom and bliss of life, provided you look for the truth within. The biggest obstacle in experiencing God is your attachment to life. When you are attached to the worldly things, you are less concerned about the life that functions as a whole. Your mind remains occupied with the desires of life. When you consciously let go your attachments in life, you allow yourself to come closer to the truth of life.

We all are attached to life, at different levels. Some are attached to their so-called desires, while others engaged themselves at an emotional level; some are attached at a mental level, while some simply go on living life, out of their ignorance.

When you really begin the search for god, you realize what brings you closer to God, and what separates you from the ultimate experience. The real search is needed on your end. You can’t fake with life. Once you begin the journey towards truth, you have to be prepared to drop all the false and illusions of your life.

When you closely observe your mind, you will notice that you have filled your mind with the rubbish. The mind should remain empty. More you keep your mind empty, more you have an access to the wisdom of life.

You go on repeating the same process of life because the mind repeats the same memories and experiences of life over and over again. To rise above the repetitive process of life, you have to figure out the way to come out of the mind. It’s only when you experience life beyond the mind, you will understand the true nature of your mind.

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The true satisfaction of life comes with the truth. Without the experience of truth, you may knock as many doors as possible, but you will not find contentment in your life. Something will always remain missing from your life.

when you realize, something constant in the midst of constantly changing nature of life, only than you can truly satisfy with your life.

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Realization of God doesn’t separate you from life rather it makes you one with everything that exists on the existence. Its only with the wisdom of life, you can experience the truth of the moment.

When you are full of ecstasy inside, you don’t look for the little joy in the outside world, rather you look for the ways to share what you have with the world. The life is all about giving, but when you don’t have enough you expect things from the other.

The real fulfillment of life can only come from inside, but for that, you have to consciously connect with the inner self.

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It’s not only the realization of God but even path of God is fulfillment in itself. Remember with life, it’s not the goal or the destination that satisfy you the most, but the path. You spend your life on the path; so unless the path gives you the satisfaction in life, the end result just cannot give you the satisfaction in life.

The entire cosmos exists in you. You are complete. All it requires from your end is to take your attention inward and look for the truth of life.

If your life’s path and the consequences on the path, don’t bring the true joy to your life, it’s time to look beyond. Nothing will change with life unless you consciously bring that change in your life.

Life is a continuous process. One thing will lead to another and the process goes on and on forever. You have a limited time on earth and so always stay clear about what you want out of life.

If your present life brings all you need from life than its better to follow the same path, but if you think, you don’t have that satisfy your spirit, than you have to look for the life beyond your present self.

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