How a Personality gets Developed in the Mind?



Personality is the identity of every individual into his own mind. This personality gets developed, out of various experiences and impressions; an individual goes through, with his day to day life.

The personality not only formed over the time, but it also learns different ways of life, while going through the process of its development.

Before you understand, how the personality gets developed in the mind and why it’s important to know this truth of life, is because, your life is possible without this personality of your mind and this personality is the root cause of, all your pain and sufferings of life.

How a personality gets developed in the mind?

Now, when you read this blog, please be clear with one thing that a personality grows in every individual in the same way, and it’s the truth, from the personal experience and not the information, simply by studying or accumulating theoretical knowledge from the books.

It’s not only about your personality or the personality of a writer, but the personality of every individual gets developed in the same way, and more you can understand this truth, out of your own understanding, you can remove the false layers that you may figure out, in your own personality, after going through this blog.

You cannot directly get your hands on the personality of your mind, and so I want to start from much deeper level, which you might not have, in your experience, but more and more you remove the layers of your accumulated personality, more and more the truth of life, will be revealed to you.

You come to life, not with the physical body but with pure consciousness. One thing is clear with life that we don’t understand life, as a whole, but we only pick the part of it. Now, that part of life, we understand, too has to align with our daily living. Even in daily living, we only understand that aspects of life, that really impacts our life in one or the other way.

Our perception towards life is limited to the experience that we, as an individual personality go through, in the moment. It’s necessary to understand the personality of the mind, created by our own mind so that we can rise beyond it.

You come to life, with pure consciousness, which is part of the creator. Once you experience pure consciousness, this truth becomes clear to you.

The appearance of the pure consciousness is just of a seer, and it simply observes, from within the body, everything that takes place, both in the internal and external world.

The seer, not like the one, who is sitting on a bench, and looking at the crowd passing by, but the seer as a ringmaster, who has control, over everything that is happening within him and around him.

Pure consciousness is the source of life. The human’s life comes from pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is not only the seer, but it’s the source of life. Everything takes place in the pure consciousness.

The experience of pure consciousness is of higher vibrations for the mind. This is just for the mind to understand the experience of pure consciousness, while the truth can only be known, by personal experience and no other person can ever give you, the real taste of it.

Pure consciousness doesn’t directly work with the brain, heart, and body, but have the spirit or subtle strings that work through the brain, heart, and body.

Remember one thing with life that you can only know, what exists, as truth. Truth can only be known and realized, and you cannot modify the truth.

Thoughts and images come to the mind and it’s the truth. You cannot change or modify the truth and bring it to the stomach or heart. Feelings or emotions come to the heart and you cannot bring it to the stomach. Once you know the truth, you adjust yourself according to the truth of the existence.

The truth can be known or realized but cannot be change or modify.

Pure consciousness works with the subtle string through the brain, heart, and body. Subtle string carries the subtle clothing to work with the brain, heart, and body. Subtle strings don’t directly enter into the physical brain, heart, and body, but before it passes through the body, the physical body gets covered with the subtle clothing. When subtle strings pass through the physical brain, heart, and body, you begin to feel sensation in the body.

All the perception of the external and internal life, with the brain and senses, gets formed not in the brain, but into the subtle mind, that covers the brain, from inside. It’s the subtle strings that pass through the brain, heart, and body to form the perception.

Remember in the out-of-body experience or near-death experience, you don’t register the external perception with the senses, but your eyes get closed, and you have to withdraw from the external perception, to experience the much deeper subtle reality of life.

The individual personality doesn’t develop in the physical brain, but it develops in the subtle part of the mind, i.e. the subtle clothing that covers the brain, heart, and body, to experience the external life.

Pure consciousness with the subtle strings along with the subtle clothing passes through the brain, heart, and body to experience life. Life initiates with the external perception. You are not born as a realized being, but you have to go through, all the necessary experience of life, to realize the truth.

When you see the external life, the view is possible, not because of the brain and senses, but with the subtle strings of the spirit and the subtle clothing, that covers the brain.

It’s also true that, without brain and sensory organs, the spirit or pure consciousness cannot experience life, but unless you realize the subtle strings of the spirit and the subtle clothing, you only live the partial truth and with partial truth, it’s not possible to understand and realize the whole truth of life.

The first impressions or experience you registered with life comes from outside. The individual personality begins to develop when you register the first impression and later the chain of impressions and experience follows.

You recognize yourself as physical appearance and the physical appearance creates the personality around it. The experiences and impressions from the external world and later the stretching of the experiences in the internal world, simply flow in the moment, but when you are attached with both of your external and internal world, you develop the personality out of it.

Your personality of the mind is like a castle of sand around the sea. The time you begin to disassociate yourself with different experiences and impressions of both the external and internal world, you won’t find anything inside.

In the present moment, no personality of yours exists, but a plain experience. If you look at the experience, by being attached to the personality of your mind, your perception in relation to the experience, remains limited to the personality of your mind. You will not be able to perceive the experience with clarity and you only perceive, the idea that you hold in your mind.

The personality is like the accumulation of sands. If you begin to clear the sands, you won’t find anything inside of you, as a personality. The experiences and impressions of life simply float within the mind, and as you come across the similar experience in the external world, you experience the similar experience in your mind and when you consciously direct the mind, into a specific direction, then too, the mind brings all the similar experience, into the present consciousness.

You don’t need any personality to hold upon, to experience life and if you drop your accumulated personality, that you hold into your mind, slowly the magic of life, begin to reveal to you.


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