Hold Yourself for a Day, before Executing an Idea



Patience is the greatest virtue of all, and this you have heard it several times, but you might never have known that the patience with the idea and its execution can change the  entire course of life.

Whenever you get a thought or idea in your mind, the first thing you want is to execute and make the most out of it. Everyone wants to create but nobody is interested in knowing the process of creation. The patience is the virtue that allows you to understand the patterns of creation.

The mind has its own way to function and when you learn to hold yourself back, and simply observe, you learn the mechanism of mind & how it functions with the outside life.

The execution with life doesn’t only include the idea or thoughts but feelings or emotions too. It’s not the idea or thought that you jump upon, but with the feelings and emotions too. Allow the life to grow in full shape rather plowing the sour fruits.

Patience with life includes all. All the wisdom and bliss of life comes out of patience. Just with the Idea and execution, you cannot achieve everything in life. The time comes when you hold yourself and wait for the result.

When you move deep within, you realize that all the ideas, imagination, and deep intuition originate out of nothingness or emptiness.

Only actions out of thoughts or emotions, cannot help you to understand the patterns of life, but in those moments if you observe the flow of thoughts and try to understand the different signs of life, you come closer to the natural process of life, with the action.

Not all the thoughts and ideas of mind are made for action, as it only reflects the part of the experience and impression from the past. Thus it gets difficult to pick the right thoughts, ideas, feelings or emotions for execution.

When you learn the art of patience between idea and execution, you learn which ideas or emotions are really important to take you forward, and which ones are necessary to drop in the moment.

When you simply jump to an idea or thought of mind, you don’t give it proper time to manifest within yourself and commit a blunder with your life.

The nature of the mind is such that ample of thoughts and idea’s passes through the mind every moment. The only reason you fail or commit an error with life is when you don’t allow the idea or thoughts to flourish in a natural way up to his mark.

The life is all about the process of evolution, and the mind and heart expand with the experiences of life. When you allow the idea or thought to flourish, you get clarity with it, as the time moves by.

Any choice or decision made, by following the momentary senses, will always deceive you in the moment, but if you hold yourself back and give some time, you allow the natural process to take over and receive the best response from life.

The life is changing every moment, but if you allow the idea to grow and flourish out of its nature, you create the effortless execution out of it.

“Either it’s your personal decision or any professional matter when you think to make a fresh move, give yourself some time. Observe life and see where the things are moving. Rather acting on life, prefer to allow the things to happen.”

You may not receive what you want out of life, the way you have imagined in your mind, but you always receive what you have asked from life. Life has different ways to serve, provided you trust life and follow its rules.

When you hold onto your personal ideas and your own ways of life, you negate the different possibilities, through which the life can happen to you.

When you learn the art of patience, you connect with the natural process of life. The idea’s and imagination of the mind doesn’t expand only with an action, but it needs a little patience, to flourish both inside as well as outside.

The mind of an individual can perceive life through only one perspective, but life holds many perspectives to see the situation or different experiences of life, in a moment.

If you want something out of life, you may know only one way to fulfill your desires, but if you surrender yourself to life and simply observe life, you allow the life to bring to you, what you want, going from various perspective.

Life itself is flexible and works in a strange way to fulfill the dreams and desires of a person. If you trust yourself more than life, your idea’s of life always remain short against the different probabilities, through which the life takes place. You can never match your perspective with the wide perspective through which the life takes place.

If the idea comes to you, allow it to flourish, don’t simply jump to it. If you feel something, allow your feeling or emotions to grow. If the thought or emotions are part of your life, it will stay and if it’s not going to be a part of your life, you save yourself from unnecessary hassles of life.

“With mind and life, only the absolute openness towards the path can serve. Be prepared for the unknown every moment and follow life rather expecting life to follow your plan.”

It’s easier to jump to an action, and nobody stops you from falling into the hell, but then stay prepared for the consequence.

“The hell is not at all a problem of life, but the problem is when you think that the hell comes from outside, because of someone else and not because of the consequences of your own action.”

When you wait and observe the things, you understand the nature of the things and act accordingly. Patience with life allows you to put yourself aside, and follow the natural patterns of life.

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