Hold onto the Highest Thoughts, to Manifest into Your Life


The thoughts get created from the images of the mind, and the images get developed, either from the past experiences and impressions or from the prolonged thinking over the subject or object.

The life can be understood, either in the form of images, sensation, feelings or emotions, or thoughts, energy, and vibrations. The more you dive deep into the subtle life inside, the more you begin to understand the space, where life initiates.

Every day of your life, you receive the thoughts to move forward and to serve your process of evolution. Either you pick those thoughts and hold onto them, or let them go to repeat the same process of life.

To hold  onto your thoughts, you don’t have to struggle with yourself, but simply have to remember what you wish to manifest into your life. Simply knowing what you want, all your energy, thoughts and emotions simply begin to flow in that direction.

The process of manifesting life is magnificent and it counts many factors, initiating the process of higher vibrations, to the flow of energy, thoughts, emotions and later on everything culminates in turning into an action.

Your life reflects your dominant thoughts. Life has less to do with good or bad things, and more to do with the natural process of life. Whatever you sow you reap and this simply proves that nothing happens in your life, by luck, chance or fate but your inner most vibrations, energy, subtle thoughts and emotions attracts life, that you are in now.

“The truth or natural process of life can only be yours, once you understand it, accept it and become more than willing to make it a part of your life.”

Many carry the beliefs with their life, that too many thoughts allow them to manifest more into their life, but this is not the truth.

Out of the natural laws, when your mind is focused on one thing excessively, it pulls out more energy from the inner reservoir, and with the right thoughts, emotions and actions, it creates its desired reality, into his life.

The chaos in life occurs, when you think too much without action, and simply blocks the energy that flows naturally from within, which can be useful for the action.

You cannot think too much and take lesser action, and expect the desired result, and neither if you simply act without understanding, can lead you anywhere. You only manifest the desired life, if you learn to create a fine balance between your thoughts, emotions, energy and actions.

“Only when your actions are out of understanding, and carries the right amount of energy, thoughts and emotions into the moment, will allow you to manifest life, of your desires.”

“When you observe your life deeply, you realize that life happens to you, according to your inner energy and vibrations, and you only have a choice to accept or negate life. Understanding in the moment, allows you to choose what to accept and what to negate out of what you receive.”

Many thinks that they only do the right things and still life doesn’t play fair with them. Life plays fair only with those, who understands life and simply becomes one with it. There is no other law exists other than the natural laws of life, according to which the life of existence takes place, and the best and the only way to connect with the natural laws of life is to connect within.

It may be possible that you carry an idea, that you have the right intentions behind the action, but you don’t have the necessary energy and the right frame of mind along with the right emotions, to carry out the task, then it will not be possible, to manifest the desired result out of the action.

Life moves in synchronization, and the same life flows through every individual. Your life reflects your inner world. If you are out-of-balance from the inside, the same will reflect in your actions, and eventually in your result.

You can only create the inner synchronization between the mind, heart, energy and actions if your journey of life flows from inside out. Unless you connect from inside, your attention will always be shifted outside, and it’s not possible to be, one with the natural process of life, with the attention, shifted outside.

When the mind is shifted outside, it’s more inclined towards the fruit of the action and when the same attention is shifted inward, your interest remains onto the efforts, out of the natural process of life.

Your each action can come out of the natural process of life if you begin to live inside out. All the struggle with life is, when the mind wants to achieve most, out of his every thought and thinks its possible out of action.

The thoughts and actions are not the only things that manifest life, but there are even subtle factors that give rise to the quality of thoughts and further the emotions and energy to create actions out of it.

All the ideas with life flourish with the right energy. Once you connect within, you can figure out the right moment for every action, and once you are sure about the action, you become more than satisfied with your actions, and all the concerns for the result of the action, gets vanished from the mind.

It’s not the thinking that leads to the result, but the action with the right energy, right thoughts, and right emotions leads to the desired result out of actions.

All the fear and insecurity with life arise when the mind and heart are locked into the past and the future. The past is the result that you have already realized, from your actions and the future again, is the result that you expect from the present actions.

Unless you connect yourself from within, you cannot release yourself from the past or the future or from the result of your actions. Only when you move inside, you can connect yourself with the present moment awareness to become free from the past and future.

The beauty of life lies in the process. if you learn to enjoy the process of life, you connect with the eternal life, while staying into your body.

To experience the eternal life, you don’t have to be immortal, but as you move deeper and begin to realize the subtle aspect of life, and live from that space, you come closer to the experience of eternity every moment.

To manifest life out of the natural process needs a right flow. As you move into life, different situations, events, and experiences of life are already waiting for you, to distract you from the main purpose.

“No one can divulge you from your path if you can hold yourself onto it. It’s always you, who forgets what you are looking for, with life and gets carried away by different situations and events of life.”

When you can hold onto yourself, with one thing, it allows you drop everything that doesn’t serve the purpose of your dominant thoughts, and this allows you to remove the chaos from your mind. The chaos of outside life has to be the first drop from inside and then slowly it sheds away from the outside life.

The journey of life is not to reach at one destination but always stay on the path. It’s a continuous process. It doesn’t matter either, you are into your personal or professional life, from inside you are always on the path.

The people those who gets lost in the attraction of the outside world can never come closer to their true authentic life, and even on a straight path, they can be easily distracted from one situation or the other.

The game of life is a straight path. It’s like climbing the mountain, backward, i.e. inside,  but if your interest lies lesser in knowing yourself and more in others, than it may happen that you get lost in the chaos of life.

The natural process of life is to take you forward, and thus it’s not possible to turn backward for any individual. It all depends on upon you, how you wish to proceed with your life. If your interest lies, simply in repeating the process of life, no outside force will stop you, and if you really wish to live an eternal life, going through the experiences of life, not getting possessed by it, than that too is possible for you.


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