Heal your Body, Mind, and Heart with the Attention on Breath



Breathe is the natural source of energy that heals the body, mind, and heart. All it requires is the attention from your end. If you are attentive with your breath and direct it in the direction of your body, that needs to be healed, the healing process starts for that part of your body. You learn the natural way of healing.

The disease or ailment in any part of the body, mind, and heart is the accumulations of the negative toxins within that part of your body. If every day, you follow the routine to remove them, you don’t accumulate much of it.

Healing is not something only for the people, who are into the ailment or diagnosed with the disease, but like the massage therapy, healing is for everyone who wishes to live fully with the body, mind, and heart.

You too need a healing and you don’t have to go anywhere, but get your mind, in tune with your breath. The attention is the tipping point of the mind, from which you can view everything that is happening within you and in your outside world.

You can heal any part of your body by focusing on your breath. Breathe is the natural source of energy, that is directly connected with the life energy within.

The movement of breath is possible only because of inner life energy. The breath is the subtle force that allows the negative energy within to get dissolve and replace it with the positive energy. Life is, after all, an energy, and breathe is the purest form of energy.

The attention and breath have to be in tune with each other, and the process has to be followed every day. The nature of the mind itself is volatile, and so it’s hard to place it in one place. It requires practice to put the mind on the breath, and direct it in the desired direction. This requires control over the mind and it can only be developed with the practice.

You can start the process with the body. When you start the process, slowly with the time, you realize the difference between the body, mind, and heart. These three are three separate body, which works in alignment with each other.

You can develop better focus if you work on one part of your body, and once the healing gets completed on one part, by the natural process the breathing energy shifts upward to take care of the subtle body, i.e. heart.

All the fear, anxiety, lust and undesired pleasures of life, lies below the navel region into your body. The kind of thoughts and emotions you create depends on the position of the spiritual energy or inner energy.

Within you, at the bottom of your backbone lies the spiritual energy. The placement of the energy decides your thoughts and emotions. If the energy is placed below the navel region, you feel fear, anxiety, lust and all sorts of negative thoughts and emotions within you.

When the same energy is lifted up and moves at the heart region, you feel emotionally strong and love & joy flows through the heart. When the same energy moves higher into the mind, you feel strong, powerful and confident about life.

The spiritual energy that exists within you, moves within a circle inside your body. Wherever it’s placed in the moment, your thoughts and emotions move in that direction.

If it’s in the region of your heart, you feel more emotional & intuitive, and if it’s into the mind, you are more powerful with the imagination and spontaneous in the moment with the wisdom of life.

It’s no mystery that your mood swings every now and then, as you are not aware of your inner energy. It’s the shift with your inner energy, that allows you to experience the mood swing.

Your mood is the thoughts and emotions you carry into the moment.The outside situation has no relevance on your inner energy. It’s your inner energy that decides the outside situation or circumstances of your life. The way you perceive the world in the moment is developed out of your inner state of energy.

When you develop a connection between the attention of the mind and the breath, you remove all the waste from your body. The process starts from below the navel region.

All you have to do is place sometime for yourself every day and work into that direction. With the devoted hours each day, you improve your focus and attention with the mind, along with the healing process. The spiritual energy does move freely within your body and gives you the sense of awe and amazement with your life.

It’s the breath that heals the body, and your role remains the observer of the breath. Your attention on the desired part of the body with the breath starts the process of healing.

When you replace the negative energy with the positive one’s, you feel pain in that region, but you have to hold onto it. It requires time and patience. Your part is to hold your attention, and the breathing energy will do its job.

Don’t try to use any type of force, but be attentive of your breath. When the specific region is healed, the breath knows where to move. You might not know, the region of your ailment, but the breath knows, where you need healing and all the blockages within your body.

The final destination of the breath is to be one with the place of attention, and in between wherever it finds the blockage it removes them and moves forward. Don’t lose patience.

Be with yourself. You don’t have to achieve the perfection with others, but the state of perfection is when your breath and the part of the mind, that is attentive about the breath becomes one.

Only then you are absolutely healed. Till that time, the healing process continues. By Reading it may sound easy, but it takes the lifetime for the sages to make the breath one with the mind.

In between the process comes the entire life.  It includes all. It covers all the part of the body, heart, and mind.

The part of the mind, i.e. attentive resides at the highest, while the breath you experience moves in and out. The breath is the easiest way to connect with your inner self.

The self-realization can be attained, when the breath gets one with the attentive part of the mind.The life is divided into two-phase. Active phase and passive phase. Breathe is active, takes the round within your body, while the focused mind or the attentive mind is passive. All the struggle with life is to make this active and passive phase one with each other.

All the problems arise when your mind is distracted from oneself, and the attention is divided into all different sorts of things.

You may not be certain about anything else on this earth, but you are always sure of your attention on the breath. Anything else can be true or false, but this moment and the breath cannot be denied by anyone, as it exists in the moment. Every moment of life is eternal, and you need to know how to connect with the moment.

In today’s time, people have relationships issues, and incapability to handle the situations of life. The basic problem is with the mind and heart. All the problems of life exist within you, and you look for the solution outside.

When you don’t solve the problem within and bring the solution from outside, it remains temporary. The root cause of the problem lies within you, and all the correction has to be made inside and not outside.

The correction with the body, mind, and heart also has to be out of a natural process, and not out of force. When you allow the healing to take place naturally with your body, mind, and heart, just by observing the process, you develop the way for it for the future. In the first place, you don’t allow the problem to emerge and even if it does, you already know the solution.

Don’t hurry with life. This moment is eternal and it holds the solution for everything. The more you are relaxed, the quicker the healing takes place within your body.

When you hurry with life, the process of mind and heart accelerates and rather than the healing process, you start to accumulate more stress and emotional debris into your life.

Healing is possible when you allow the things to happen and develop an understanding out of each experience, so that when you move into the next day, you get better with it. The improvement happens both with the attention as well as the healing process.

The healing takes place, just by your attention, but when you observe closely, you will notice that many times, your attention shifts from the place of healing, to the place somewhere in future or the past. You improve, when you hold the intention to improve. When your inner energy heals a spot and rises higher, you can observe all the movement inside and note your progress within.

No one else can do for you, but it requires your own attention. Take your life in your hand, and start the inner process by following your breath.


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